Susie shows she is ready for the big leagues as Miriam shows she may need to be carefully watched, for she isn’t ready to be truly on her own.

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Susie shows she is ready for the big leagues as Miriam shows she may need to be carefully watched, for she isn’t ready to be truly on her own.

Network Amazon Prime
Directed By Daniel Palladino
Written By Daniel Palladino
Air Date 12/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Gavin Cary Elwes
Angie Lenny Venito


The Inlaws: Moishe, Shirley, Abe, Rose

Between getting up around 5AM to how particular they are, Moishe and Shirley are driving Abe and Rose insane. To the point that it seems they are having more trouble with their former inlaws than Miriam ever did.

Setting Up The Next Chapter: Mei, Joel, Susie, Gavin, Sophie

It seems Joel has decided Mei is to be more than someone he is trying to be cordial with, and the two of them are actually in the process of dating. Something that comes into play later when Joel decides to visit Miriam in Vegas.

As for Susie, who just left Vegas, despite the doubt people may have in her, or Sophie Lennon being any sort of serious actress, Susie is making major moves. By researching the right producers, she gets them to commit if she can get Gavin Hawk – a famous and eccentric actor. Someone who doesn’t look down on Sophie so it seemed like he was the perfect fit. Well, at least until Sophie made it seem that she is willing to derail things if she isn’t sexually attracted to this dude.

Gavin (Cary Elwes) talking to Susie.
Gavin (Cary Elwes)

What Happens When I’m On My Own: Susie, Angie, Miriam, Joel

Joel comes out to Vegas, and experiences Miriam’s hit show and meets Shy. But the big deal is that he and Miriam get married again after a drunken night. Further pushing the idea these two are likely endgame, but both refuse to acknowledge it.

But the bigger issue, mostly because it deals with money, is Susie trying to work with Angie, who owns the club Miriam and Shy are performing at, when a check is short. Now, as noted, Susie generally is good with confrontation, if she is in the power position. However, with seeing Angie beat a guy up before seeing her, she is a blubbering mess filled with fear and unable to process what’s going on.

Luckily, despite Susie being fearful, Angie admits his bookkeeper has been messing up and fixes the check.

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Susie Making Progress With Sophie

Right now, Miriam is sort of in this loop, between Joel and still being in Vegas, so Susie is the one pushing the show forward and making it seem something is going on. And being that Alex Bornstein is masterful, she takes on playing an active lead like no other. Easily jumping from fearful scenes with Angie, comical ones when dealing with Sophie, and giving us a layered human being who truly feels like a co-lead more than a supporting actress.

Low Point

Abe & Rose’s Storyline

To say things are sputtering with Abe and Rose would not only be an understatement but also drives the need for a good thesaurus since the two are truly floundering right now. Which, granted, could just be I don’t find them or Joel’s parents funny. After all, comedy is subjective. However, the madness of Shirley and Moishe truly feels more like nails on a chalkboard more than just jokes that don’t tickle my funny bone.

On The Fence

Joel In A Love Triangle

Miriam getting to experience what it is like to be the other woman is a strange idea. Plus, as much as we love Mei, it seems she is written to be Joel’s love interest in the lazy way most women are made into a love interest to justify them being attached to a male lead. But, one benefit of this is we are getting some sense of Chinese culture. It will suck if and when Mei learns Joel cheated on her, but with them, Mei and Joel, not defining the relationship to the audience, maybe she may let this past?

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Joel In A Love Triangle - 70%
Abe & Rose’s Storyline - 65%
Susie Making Progress With Sophie - 85%


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