The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 2/ Episode 9 “Vote For Kennedy, Vote For Kennedy” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Sophie Lennon returns and she is in the same place as Miriam. Will they reconcile or will there be some fuel added to their feud?

Sophie Lennon returns and she is in the same place as Miriam. Will they reconcile or will there be some fuel added to their feud?

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Director(s) Daniel Palladino
Writer(s) Daniel Palladino
Air Date 12/4/2018
Introduced This Episode
Shy Baldwin Leroy McClain

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Get Your Own Dream, Have Your Own Life: Moishe, Joel

Moishe trying to persuade Joel to take an adventurous life path.
Moishe: So you don’t get stuck.

Joel is staying at work until 11:45 PM, by owning the building, and hiring a good building manager, they are making more money than ever, and it seems to be time. At least Moishe sees it to be and that is why he pays Joel to walk away – $60K to be specific. Not just to send him off but also to apologize in a way.

For what you may ask? Well, it seems any money that was ever left to Joel, anything of value, Moishe pawned it. He took his Bat Mitzvah money, things bequiffed to Joel from family, and now his guilt, with interest, led to this final figure. Something Joel accepts but has no idea what to do with.

Friends & Enemies In High Places: Susie, Sophie, Miriam, Shy

Miriam is gonna be on TV! Not the tonight show, or anything like that. Rather she’ll be on a telethon. Originally, it was supposed to be sometime on during the 10 o’clock hour. However, with the noted arrival of Sophie Lennon, magically Miriam ends up getting the last slot. Meanwhile, Sophie is putting on her act, gets a second segment where she interviews people with arthritis, and produces fake tears.

Don’t feel bad for Miriam though. This guy named Shy Baldwin, who could be a mix of various popular acts at the time, and is big time, takes a liking to Miriam when they meet in the bathroom – the women’s bathroom. Also, he isn’t fond of Sophie either, and her tired act, so they bond over that. All while Susie gets all up in Sophie’s face and threatens her for threatening Miriam’s career.

The Late Show With Miriam Maisel: Susie, Miriam, Abe, Rose, Joel

Abe realizing Miriam is getting famous.
Abe: So this is really happening.

Despite an 11:55 PM set, Miriam kills! She takes advantage of how awkward her whole day has been, from being sat off camera during the main telethon, to having the last set, and even them blowing out the confetti before she got on stage. In fact, she kills so good that Joel is watching, Rose and Abe’s neighbors are watching, and they are forced to realize Miriam is the real deal.

But, in this excitement, Miriam starts to realize that too. Which could be a problem for Susie for while she got the gig, her threatening Sophie is seen as a problem. Perhaps just another in a set of problems which may think Susie can only get her so far. Though let’s not put the carriage before the horse.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Abe and Noah reconcile after Abe learns he will be coerced to take a sabbatical and his project at Bell Labs is over. Partly because of Miriam telling jokes about it in DC.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So was it perhaps Sophie who sent the goons more so than her manager?


Seeing Midge Reach This Point May Get You Strangely Emotional

It has been only a little more than a year since Miriam started doing stand up, and look at her now. Note: it was a rather quick journey, yet you still get that “I’ve been there since the beginning” vibe. As if we’re in season 3 or 4 and she is just now starting to make it. But, regardless of how quick her rise is, it is hard to not get a little teary eyed. She is on the same program as Sophie Lennon and this Sam Cooke/ Sammy Davis Jr. hybrid looking dude. Yes, way after their set, but this is a HUGE deal.

On The Fence

The Men’s Storylines Are Starting To Falter But Are Holding Steady

Joel’s storyline and Abe’s are reaching a point where they can start to be annoying. Well, Abe’s anyway. For whether it is him flipping out on his students, the way he is handling his relationships with his kids, it is hard to not wish he would just go away and focus on making sure his relationship with his wife is okay. Focus on the stuff which is working in his life.

As for Joel? Well, while you have to appreciate his trajectory over the season, the series even, you can sense he is starting to stall a bit. Be it because the finale is going to hit, so the writers wanted to leave something big for him to end with or because he isn’t the main character. So, with that in mind, there isn’t a need to keep him at the pace of Miriam and just let him live his day to day without the same benchmarks.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Too Big For Susie

Susie reminding Miriam she is her manager.
Susie: That’s the point. I’m your manager.

While everyone has to start somewhere, there is a serious need to question if Miriam is hitting a point where Susie may not be able to keep up. Yes, she understands the clubs, works her ass off, and can kind of network. However, she still has this street thing going and threatening Sophie Lennon could be a red flag. The kind where, instead of punishing Miriam, they may just punish Susie and push the idea Susie is holding her back. Something Miriam can’t deal with for the second year in a row.

Lest we forget, something big should have came for opening for Lenny Bruce – but the Sophie Lennon thing tanked Miriam. So now, after being on TV, again she should be popping. Add in Miriam surely has some connects through her community and it makes you wonder if loyalty might be enough.

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