Abe learns it isn’t only Miriam with a secret and Joel joins Miriam in beginning to move on.

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Abe learns it isn’t only Miriam with a secret and Joel joins Miriam in beginning to move on.

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Director(s) Daniel Palladino
Writer(s) Daniel Palladino
Air Date 12/4/2018
Introduced This Episode
Leah Molly Brown

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We Need To Talk: Abe, Miriam

As you can imagine, for someone who likes routine and a sense of control over his life, Miriam’s surprise rocks Abe’s world. I’m talking no sleeping throughout the night. Yet, he isn’t as mad as you may think. Yes, he thinks the whole thing is absurd and doesn’t get it but he isn’t demanding Miriam stops. Granted, he isn’t trying to take over as her manager either but, considering how Rose acted when he didn’t listen and let her be her own person, he’s learning.

With that said, he doesn’t want Rose to find out until after Hanukkah. Meaning Miriam is supposed to keep her secret at least for 3 to 4 months.

Do I Know My Children At All?: Rose, Abe, Astrid, Noah, Miriam

Abe upset he didn't know Noah had higher government clearance than he had.
Abe: We think we know Son-X

While Abe loves his children, it seems Noah has always been the favorite. Hence why he, all over Bell Labs, made it a point to talk about his MIT graduating, top of his class, son. Thing is, Abe boasting about Noah is becoming a problem. Why? Well, apparently Noah is with the CIA and really can’t afford his name being out there.

Now, as for what he does in the CIA? Who knows? Just to find out he works for the CIA required Rose taking advantage of Astrid who, for Tisha B’Av is fasting – and delirious. Yet, there is some good which comes from Noah having a secret. With realizing both kids have secret lives, it seems Abe lets up on Miriam a bit. Even asks if she is funnier than a comic that the resort hired.

From Lovers To Friends/ Ready To Move On: Joel, Leah, Benjamin, Miriam

Miriam pays back Joel making things less awkward, at the beginning of the vacation, by saving him from the people who dumped Miriam for Joel. With that, he buys her an ice cream and they talk. About what exactly? Well, about Abe catching her at her gig, how it went and… well, it is a bit awkward. Nice in a way, but with them not having a separation and divorce like most people, it is weird.

Joel and Leah (Molly Brown) having a conversation.

What doesn’t help is Joel finds someone to swoon over, Leah, after his dad pushes him to get out there. Now, it should be noted Leah and Joel don’t make as much headway as Miriam and Benjamin but baby steps. Lest we forget, Miriam was the aggressive one of the relationship. Joel is just now starting to really catch up with her.

Speaking of Benjamin, he shows up at the resort again and while not made into a big deal, you know it is a big deal. After all, he noted he hated it and his mom made it seem he doesn’t stay longer than it takes to finish a cereal box. However, for another opportunity to see Miriam? He’ll make exceptions. Especially since he doesn’t have her number, doesn’t know where she lives or when she works so, the resort is the only way to get in contact with her. Well, outside of going through his mom and Benjamin isn’t that kind of guy. Something Miriam appreciates and you can tell is smitten by.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It seems Shirley has a gambling problem. Making you wonder, did she ever gamble company money away?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering the way Rose seems to feel about Abe, sexually anyway, when was the last time they… you know? Because, looking at the way Moishe and Shirley are, it’s hard to not wanna compare.
  2. Are they ever going to do anything with Chester or will he just be this weirdo who teases Susie about knowing her secret?


Healing The Relationship

This is really the season of Joel and Abe in my mind. Gone are the selfish men we used to know and here are two guys who realize they can’t control everything. So, instead, they communicate. Take Abe. It’s clear he’d like to control the direction Miriam is going in but he realizes he can’t do that. By suppressing what makes her happy, in terms of stopping her from performing, she’d end up like Rose. Someone miserable, feeling out of control and having to do something drastic to regain a sense of autonomy.

Abe asking Miriam if she is as funny as a comic on stage?
Abe: Are you as funny as him?

Bad enough his wife went through that, he doesn’t want his daughter to do so as well. Especially considering, like with Rose, he would have a strong part in why things ended up that way. So, with Noah having a secret, it seems Abe realizes he needs to see his children as adults who make their own decisions. Yet, even with them utilizing their autonomy, what do they call him? Dad and Papa. Why? Because he still maintains some kind of reverence and they do love him. It’s just they know how he is.

So, with that in mind, it seems Abe asking if Miriam was as good as the comic was him prepping to understand her. Maybe even prepping so that when it comes time to tell Rose, after she gets over the shock, and Abe knowing, he can help her understand. For if Abe can get it, Rose should be easy.

Joel & Miriam Moving On

Joel and Miriam looking at one another after dancing.

You also have to love Joel and Miriam healing their relationship and essentially moving on. Joel has found a nice girl in Leah, assumingly, and Benjamin is really stepping up when it comes to Miriam. Yet, rather than just maintain a cordial relationship, for the sake of the kids, it seems there is a desire for friendship. Something you have to appreciate Joel is pushing for since he is the one who messed up their friendship in the first place. So him stepping up to defend Miriam, publicly, and asking about the thing she loves, outside their kids, is commendable.

Granted, it doesn’t mean Noah overreacts when it comes to his displeasure of Joel. However, I’d argue Miriam has made her peace with the past. Yes, she and Joel do look at each other and remember what was, but I don’t think they are considering what could be, romantically, anymore.

A Reminder of Susie’s Family Life

One of the things which comes from Susie being up at the resort is a reminder of how different her life is from the rest of the show. Something noted before, but it becomes real clear this episode. Take there being a mass search for her, just because she wasn’t back in bed by the morning. Also, when she lost her plunger, despite there being no record of her being an employee, they got her a new one. Something which isn’t lost on her by the way. Rather than hem and haw, curse people out, or disappear when it comes to an employee talent show – she participates. Yes, with a look of aggravation, but she still does it with panache.

Leading you to wonder, will we get to see her family in action? I feel like a real emotional episode is around the corner for some reason.

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