This is the episode where Miriam’s secret leaves being something just known by her comedy friends and enters her personal life.

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This is the episode where Miriam’s secret leaves being something just known by her comedy friends and enters her personal life.

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Director(s) Amy Sherman-Palladino
Writer(s) Amy Sherman-Palladino
Air Date 12/4/2018
Introduced This Episode
Chester Connor Ratliff

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You Gotta Move On: Moishe, Joel, Shirley

Shirley being worried for Joel.
Shirley: I just don’t want you waiting around for her, Joel.

It isn’t clear, despite Joel knowing he can’t be a bit in Miriam’s life, if he wants to, or is ready to, move on. Yet, with Moishe seeing Miriam get in a car with Benjamin and notice all these young women flirting with Joel – they are pushing him to at least think about it. Especially since he isn’t flirting back and kind of seems miserable. Add in they probably heard about his little outburst during orientation and you can understand their worry. Yes, he made a very bold decision to step out of his marriage but he is trying to turn it around. Life in general, not just his relationship.

Now Again, With Effort: Benjamin, Miriam, Mrs. O’Toole, Lenny

With Mrs. O’Toole noting there is a spot at the Revlon counter, Miriam needs a way to get back to the city – pronto! Leading to her riding with Benjamin who, at first, is his usual self. That is, kind of indifferent but easily mistakable for an ass. Yet, with him turning the radio off, and Miriam riffing, he sees some potential in her. I’m talking, taking her to a Broadway show, them having dinner, even seeing Lenny Bruce!

Someone who, I should add, approves of Miriam dating. In fact, despite all the assumptions of them doing something, he comes off like an older brother. The one who got kicked out of the house but is still fairly close to his sister. But, the real kicker here is that Miriam sees something could happen with Benjamin. How do we know? Well, she blurts out she is a comic. Just so that it is out of the way and their relationship won’t start with any secrets.

I Know What You Did At Midnight: Abe, Miriam, Susie

Abe driving Susie and Miriam to the resort.

Speaking of secrets, Abe learns Miriam’s. Long story short, Susie gets a gig at the Concord hotel for Miriam – big place. Now, she did have to lie about who Miriam was and what she looked like – but she kills. With that, all lies are forgiven and Miriam may have a consistent gig. Problem is, during her first night, a midnight showing, Abe is in the audience and while Miriam trips with him there, she only cleans up the cursing so that she can finish.

Leading to her being confronted when the show is over and us left wondering what will he say and, taking note of season 1, will Rose, once more, be kept in the dark?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Noah and Astrid appear this episode and it seems Astrid is trying to get pregnant.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Chester, someone who, like Susie, is pretending to work at the resort, dangerous?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs


Lenny and Miriam’s Relationship

Lenny teasing Miriam.
Lenny: Your parents must be kvelling.

There is something cute about the way Miriam and Lenny interact. Especially since we don’t see Noah around much and their relationship is, well constrained. Yet, with Lenny, it goes beyond a mentor and mentee role. He seems invested in Miriam the way Miriam wishes Susie was. He teases her about being with a doctor and she just smiles, giggles, and allows Lenny to just be a person. Not this big time comic, a scoundrel to some, but a guy who likes the occasional conversation. Even if it is small talk. It’s just, as long as the small talk is with people he wants to check in with, that’s all that matters.

Benjamin & Miriam’s Pending Relationship

While there is something about Benjamin which makes you want to roll your eyes, as he opens up and gives Miriam something to work with, they come off quite cute. Maybe it is because they can start fresh and without baggage? Something which has complicated most of Miriam’s relationship. Maybe it is because, unlike a lot of people in Miriam’s life, Benjamin seems to appreciate Miriam being her whole self and not just showing whatever side seems most appropriate and presenting that exclusively? Either way, it should be interesting to see how these two progress.

Miriam’s Secret is Out!

Miriam revealing she is a comedienne to Benjamin.

Benjamin was a baby step, yet you had to appreciate that she saw potential with him and decided to let one of the most important things, besides her children, be put out there during their first date. Yet, Abe finding out the truth? Whole different animal. But, with that rat out of the bag, it sets up a very eventful second half of the season. We’re going to get Abe’s reaction, seeing if he learned not to keep secrets from Rose, then her reaction when she finds out.

Following that, Moishe and Shirley may find out and imagine them in the audience! While we know it’ll all turn out fine in the long run, the journey to that point is going to be interesting.

Miriam Was Actually Funny

I recognize just because I don’t laugh or like something, that doesn’t mean it is bad. For example, I’m not fond of many rappers’ music, but I enjoy their personality. Same goes with Miriam. Most of her jokes don’t click for me but her personality keeps me watching and hoping for the best. However, when she was on that stage and Abe was in the front row? It made for the perfect storm and her stuttering and being a bit flabbergasted, probably the funniest thing Miriam has done in a long time.

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