The Mandalorian decides not to slow things down, and we end up at Tyhton, hoping for a Jedi to appear. However, instead, Moff Gideon finally makes use of that tracker on the Razor Crest.

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The Mandalorian decides not to slow things down, and we end up at Tyhton, hoping for a Jedi to appear. However, instead, Moff Gideon finally makes use of that tracker on the Razor Crest.

Director(s) Robert Rodriguez
Writer(s) Jon Favreau
Aired (Disney+) 12/4/2020

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Welcome To Tython – Boba Fett, Fennec, Din, Grogu

Rather than slow things down and stretch out the trip to Tyhton, we arrive there this episode, and while Grogu is connecting with the force, Boba Fett and Fennec appear. Why? It was not because of the bounty on Grogu, but because Din picked up Boba Fett’s family armor, and he wanted it back. Which, at first, Din says no, since he does not see a Mandalorian, and Boba Fett claims loyalty to no one.

However, with Fennec talking about having their sights on Grogu wit ha sniper and then stormtroopers coming down, it is decided it is better to join forces than fight against one another. With the deal being, Din will return Boba Fett’s family armor, that of his father, Jango Fett, in exchange for protecting the child.

Grogu meditating

The Fallen Crest – Din, Grogu, Moff Gideon

Initially, this goes well as stormtroopers are universal idiots who are only strong when they have insurmountable numbers. However, Moff Gideon sends Dark Troopers who swoop in, snatch Grogu, and top it off, Moff Gideon destroys the Razor Crest, so now Din is stranded.

A Debt Is Owed – Boba Fett, Fennec, Din, Grogu, Cara

Thus, it seems Din is screwed but, luckily for him, Boba Fett feels like he didn’t honor his word so he decides to, alongside Fennec, help Din. Someone who, with going against Moff Gideon, decides to recruit Cara, who now works for the New Republic, and seek out an old friend: Migs Mayfeld. Who, with them being in prison, isn’t going to be easy to break out.



A Rather Cool Gun Fight

The weird thing about how Star Wars operates as a franchise is, it’s very violent, yet because almost everything is laser beams, it is not gory. If anything, even though it was made after the original Star Wars, you get an almost Power Rangers vibe. People get shot, they just fall over, without a mark on them. And even for those without the armor Din has, they get hit on the chest and you don’t see a single mark.

You’d think that would make nearly every action scene corny, but it doesn’t. Mind you, we’ll say that we get tired of this show having a monster or big fight of the week in no time, but when it comes to Fennec vs. the Stormtroopers, that was awesome! Maybe because it was a different style, and she came off smart more than someone borderline immortal. For we know Din isn’t going to die to a Stormtrooper or some monster of the week. He may be vulnerable, but rarely is he presented as a mere mortal.

Fennec looking into the distance

So in focusing on someone else in combat and showing how she has likely survived all these years, it was a nice shake-up to what has less and less been a highlight for the show. The battles that is.

The Razor Crest Being Gone

Every show needs to shake things up. Many shows wait until their third or fourth season to do so, as storylines have long grown stale, and you can see the various crutches characters use that have made their development lazy or uninspiring. One of Din’s was the Razor Crest since it allowed him to move anonymously and allowed him some sort of comfort zone.

Thankfully, after it breaking down and being shot up dozens of times, it’s gone – completely obliterated, and now he is forced to work with others, not be in full control, and with him being the type of Mandalorian he is, it means change. He isn’t going to just work with someone for a day or two, but to get Grogu from Moff Gideon, it will take multiple episodes for Grogu to be saved unless the pace keeps up.

Mind you, with Grogu embracing the force, it could mean us meeting more Jedi and them joining the fight. Which, in the long run, sets up multiple benefits to what Favreau is doing here. For we’ve been with Din for so long that his presence is no longer special. Yet, with Boba Fett, characters from the cartoon coming to life, we’re getting that Star Wars people wanted and not what some would submit felt like an exploitation of the franchise.

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A Rather Cool Gun Fight - 83%
The Razor Crest Being Gone - 84%


As Din is pushed out of his comfort zone and directly challenged by Moff Gideon, season two officially blows the first one out of the water.

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