The Mandalorian: Season 1 Episode 8 “Chapter 8: Redemption” – Season Finale | Recap/ Review

With a second season confirmed, the season 1 finale of “The Mandalorian” reveals not just Mando’s real name and story, but where his journey is destined to go.

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A pile of Mandalorian helmets.

With a second season confirmed, the season 1 finale of “The Mandalorian” reveals not just Mando’s real name and story, but where his journey is destined to go.

Directed By Taika Waititi
Written By Jon Favreau
Aired (Disney+) 12/27/2019

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Breakdown (Recap)

A Warriors Death: Din, Cara, Moff Gideon, Greef Karga

With Moff Gideon, a war criminal, knowing Care, Greef, and the Mandalorian’s name and background, it becomes clear that the danger they are in is immense. Especially since, from your usual laser guns to a flame thrower, while it would be advantageous to keep everyone alive, killing them is certainly an option. One that almost comes to past for there was an opportunity to escape, but it is short-lived and nearly kills Din, the Mandalorian’s birth name, in the process.

#NotAllDroids: Din, Cara, Moff Gideon, Greef Karga, IG-11

Baby Din losing his parents.

Din’s relationship with droids has been toxic since they massacred his village, killed his parents, and nearly him as a child. So while IG-11 saves the day and protects him, nurses him to health, and sacrifices himself so Din and the rest can escape, they are but one droid.

Yet, it only takes one. Mandalorians are famous bounty hunters who often are peered at but rarely engaged. However, they took in Din and look at him now. Greef Karga, for a good amount of time, seemed like an enemy, thanks to Din’s own actions, yet he has returned to the state of being an ally.

Heck, considering how Din’s relationships with allies have been, Cara could easily flip on him in the future or put him in a position to be hurt or maimed. Not to set him up, but maybe after being captured or by accident. After all, while Moff Gideon isn’t a force user, who is to say he isn’t aware or has a member of his forces who isn’t a sith? Beings who could easily be introduced in the second season.

A New Hope: The Armorer, Din, Cara, Moff Gideon, Greef Karga

It is decided as Din tries to plan his next move, and finish healing, that he is to see The Child as his own until it is of age or reunited with its people. So, due to Din not necessarily wanting to play father to a being which will likely not become a teenager by the time he is an old man and dies, it appears he is to reunite The Child with its people.

Said mission, unfortunately for him, will be a solo one at first. For with Cara really wanting to retire and find peace, and Greef Karga having no desire to go anywhere, once Moff Gideon is defeated, they both wish to return to their old lives. IF not, better said, their lives before Din upended them.

So, with his allies staying on Nevarro and the only other Mandalorian, the Armorer, defending what remains of their covert, Din is off to do as he did before but, rather than wander the galaxy, running from bounty hunters, he has a goal. One that will be beyond surviving but learning the background and homeworld of The Child.

Main Things to Remember (Plot Synopsis)

  1. Moff Gideon is alive at the end of the episode
  2. Din’s mission now is to reunite The Child with its people
  3. Cara is staying with Greef Karga on Nevarro
  4. Din’s issue with droids comes from the Empire using them to massacre his village
  5. Din’s covert on Nevarro are either dead or have went to other worlds. Meaning the Heavy Infantry member he butted heads with might be alive. As for The Armorer? It seems she planned to die where the covert once called home.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Taking note the lasers likely cauterize the wounds they cause, was anyone else surprised to see blood in a “Star Wars” production? Granted, it was from Din hitting his head, not a weapon, but I feel like the franchise takes full advantage of the laser thing to stay in a safe rating so acknowledging people bleed was a surprise. Review


Din Djarin’s Origin Story Is Complete

Din aka The Mandalorian, without his helmet.

While meandering at times, season 1 was built to e Din’s origin story. One that would allow us to get into who he is as an individual and understand the people who built him up from a vulnerable child to a capable warrior. Certainly not the best, by any means, and as The Armorer hints. However, someone who, when they fully finish their training, can become a legend.

It Sets Up A Second Season Perfectly

One of the supposed taboos of “Star Wars” is never revealing what Yoda and their people are. With that in mind, season 2 breaking that rule is ace. For when it comes to “Star Wars,” the pillars are the Skywalkers, Yoda, and the handful of villains. But, while we got 9 movies focused on the Skywalkers, and learn a bit about the villains through films and TV spin-offs, Yoda and their people remain a mystery. Mind you, not so much a mystery that you can’t find multiple videos on YouTube breaking down the kind of details that give you some idea of who Yoda’s people are, but even in 15+ minute videos, you don’t get much.

In my research, all we learn is that Yoda’s people are nearly all force-sensitive, and it is likely the force is the reason they live for centuries. Also, it is said they rarely, if ever, give in to the dark side – which would explain why the empire would want a baby version since the adults cannot be convinced. Lastly, we’re told there are male and female members of Yoda’s people and they have a well-protected homeworld. One that is a tightly held secret so Din finding it, never mind running into someone who has any information, is going to be difficult.

Yet, considering we never learned who got The Child to the place where Din found them, that could be a starting point.

The Trooper Conversation

Honestly, if Disney released a series of shorts about the life of Storm Troopers, I wouldn’t be mad. For whether we’re talking about the films or the troopers who took The Child, it seems clear, in short bursts, the troopers are a highlight. Especially since, thanks to the latest trilogy, we have a better idea of who is under those masks and while we don’t know if the troopers from this episode were children forced into working for the empire, you never know? Finn’s story wasn’t the central one in Rey’s saga, so there is still so much to dive into when it comes to these people we’re used to seeing being terrible soldiers who make up in quantity for what they lack in quality.

On The Fence

Will This Show Potentially Have A Villain Issue?

Moff Gideon after he emerges from his ship.

Most of the villains we’ve met have been episodic, but Moff Gideon is being touted as someone for the long haul. The problems that may come with that is Moff lost his first major battle with Din, and he had a town brimming with stormtroopers and a vehicle that was destroyed thanks to a well-placed bomb and jetpack. So with that in mind, does he really stand a chance?

Never mind “Star Wars” does most of its villains dirty and either have them become last-minute heroes or have it where they, despite their build, are embarrassingly defeated. So will Moff Gideon sidestep this, or will he, like The Client, find someone higher up killing him and stepping in?

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Din Djarin’s Origin Story Is Complete - 90%
It Sets Up A Second Season Perfectly - 91%
The Trooper Conversation - 89%
Does This Show Potentially Have A Villain Issue? - 75%


Trajectory – Upward: One of the issues with season 1 is it lacked direction. It was purely about survival, but now, with the show geared to possibly being focused on Yoda’s homeworld, it has created both a new icon in the “Star Wars” franchise and will explore one icon’s dearly held secret.

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