The Good Doctor: Season 5/ Episode 15 “My Way” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Dr. Andrews talking to his patient

As Dr. Andrews gets involved in a young man’s life, a patient’s niece tries to get Shaun and Lea’s permission to document theirs.

As Dr. Andrews gets involved in a young man’s life, a patient’s niece tries to get Shaun and Lea’s permission to document theirs.

Aired 4/18/2022
Network ABC
Directed By Aaron Rottinghaus
Written By Adam Scott Weissman and Tristan Thai
Introduced This Episode
Joan Lee Garlington
Sophie Hollis Jane Andrews
Kevin Marcus Gladney Jr.


The Next Step – Jordan, Morgan, Lea, Dr. Glassman

While Jordan is looking to lay the foundation down more, Lea is a bit more ahead of her with getting their product to market. This causes some issues, but what really blows things up is Jordan thinking Dr. Glassman should be approached for an endorsement and then him talking his way into becoming a partner.

At first, this is an issue because of splitting the money three ways, but then it evolves as Dr. Glassman starts making it sound like he plans a hostile takeover. With that, Jordan has to walk away, for she doesn’t have the clout she needs to say what she feels. Lea, on the other hand, lets Dr. Glassman know his mansplaining and sexism are not being masked at all.

As you can imagine, this offends Dr. Glassman, especially since Morgan co-signs Lea’s words and calls Dr. Glassman sexist. This, of course, leads him to get defensive as she mentions how his age and gender contributes to it. However, with Dr. Glassman having a better relationship with Morgan than Lea, he takes to what she says a bit easier than Lea and tries to do better. It begins with him saying he’ll step back to just being an endorser but then, upon Jordan getting past the way things were said, rather than what was, she notes she wants him to stay on. Thus leading to them and Lea talking about how their dynamic can evolve and the product.

A Boy Not Too Different From Me – Dr. Andrews, Kevin

Kevin (Marcus Gladney Jr.) talking to Dr. Andrews
Kevin (Marcus Gladney Jr.)

A young man in the foster care system, Kevin, ends up in the ER after being bullied to the point of broken and bruised bones. Dr. Andrews connects with him, and while it is noted Kevin brings some of the bullying on himself, overall he is a good kid.

One who Dr. Andrews goes the extra mile for since, alongside sympathy over Kevin’s injuries, learning Kevin is dyslexic like him too also pulls at his heartstrings. He even arranges for Kevin to move to a new foster home and holds him at the hospital for a week until the move can happen. Using his presidential status in ways that may not be fiscally sound but will surely show Dr. Andrews still has a flesh and blood heart.

A Dose Of Reality – Sophie, Lea, Shaun, Joan

What begins as Shaun taking care of a patient with an iron lung, Joan, becomes Joan’s niece Sophie approaching Shaun and Lea to show what it means to be in an atypical relationship. Originally, the idea doesn’t seem great because Shaun and Lea aren’t reality show people. However, between Sophie danging a $150,000 wedding and pushing how much representation matters, Shaun is for it.

Joan (Lee Garlington) in her iron lung
Joan (Lee Garlington)

After all, Shaun didn’t see people like him with women like Lea growing up. So while he has always had reservations about his ASD being put in front of all else that defines him, he agrees, and Lea does as well.

Things To Note

  • The Good Doctor returns on May 2nd

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I’m not the only one who thought Dr. Andrews would try to foster or adopt Kevin, right? I know, in real life, that would be irrational, but this is television.
  2. Is that poster of Shaun still up, or did Salen’s company take it with them? What would they even do with it?
  3. Considering how boastful he can be, was it surprising to anyone else that Dr. Andrews didn’t make him being the president of the hospital a thing? Specifically to Kevin?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Shaun being seen on television drawing people from his past out, if not Lea’s people out.
  2. Andrews thinking less about having a biological child and maybe adopting
  3. Andrews talking about investing in Jordan and Lea’s product to help up the hospital’s profile and maybe help fund the clinic



Dr. Andrews Doing The Carlton

Dr. Andrews is always so serious-faced that him dancing silly and let loose, it’s hard to not highlight that. Even if it isn’t something that alters the show or his character development.

Dr. Glassman Being Called Out

To further along the idea we are approaching the end of an era with Dr. Glassman, he gets called out multiple times for being sexist. Now, it should be noted that this wasn’t to the level when Clare alleged sexism back in the day, since Dr. Glassman isn’t being called out regarding his job as a doctor. However, this doesn’t discount how the ladies feel, Dr. Glassman’s knee-jerk reaction, or his wanting to improve.

The only question is, while open to change now, will he truly be okay with having to adjust? With Shaun, it took him almost 3 or so seasons to set aside being a parental role to him and discard the attitude of my way or the highway. So when it comes to the ladies, as business partners, and maybe as people in lower ranks, how long will it take for him to make the shift and have it part of his routine? Never mind, if continually called out, will this frustrate him to the point of doubling down on who he is?

The Importance Of Representation

Sophie (Hollis Jane Andrews) worried about their aunt
Sophie (Hollis Jane Andrews)

Whether it is Kevin seeing a Black doctor, Joan living with an iron lung, or the potential of Shaun, once again, becoming a beacon for atypical people, we’re reminded how much representation matters. Heck, even in terms of seeing someone of Sophie’s size having a role where they aren’t sickly, but are developed and noted to have a full life is a big deal. After all, how many little people do you see on television – especially outside of reality TV?

As noted when it came to The Kings of Napa, few little people are seen in reoccurring roles, never mind as leads. Then, when it comes to women? I can’t think of too many women, again outside of reality TV, that are seen besides Meredith Eaton in the MacGyver reboot.

So while we have become used to seeing Asian leads like Dr. Lim and Alex, Black doctors like Dr. Andrews and Jordan, and even gay characters like Asher, you have to appreciate The Good Doctor for finding ways to be diverse without making it a thing. And while we still have a long way to go for body diversity, there is progress.

I’d even say, especially with how Lea and others make it seem, Shaun’s ASD is a quirk, an eccentricity, which can get on your nerves, no doubt, but it is no different than Dr. Andrews’ tight shirts, Dr. Lim being a control freak, or Dr. Glassman’s occasional sexist comment or act. It’s something you can adapt to or address if you address it with respect. However, be it a quirk or how they look, it isn’t the sum of their person and all they are.

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