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The Good Doctor: Season 2/ Episode 1 “Hello” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Amari Allah

I started Wherever I Look back in 2011 and have aimed to be that friend who loves watching various forms of media and talking about it. So, from bias, strong opinions, and a perspective you may not have thought about, you'll find that in our reviews.


  1. Just curious… since the original Korean version of this show is now on Netflix, would you be interested in recapping that to see how it compares to this American remake?

    As always, your review provided some interesting food for thought. I do hope your “ghost” theory turns out to be false though… as it is, this show often exaggerates symptoms of autism for dramatic effect, although it usually doesn’t cross the line into bad taste. But adding in delusional episodes would be crossing a line that’d probably stop me from watching.

    1. I’m so glad you’re recapping season 2!! I thoroughly enjoyed your recaps of season 1, and of course this recap as well!!! I smiled when I read “there is no need to remember it nor break it down” when you were describing the woman’s heart surgery. I feel that way with almost every patient they have because I tune in for everything BUT the medical mumbo-jumbo!

      @Benjamin – This show does NOT, I repeat, does NOT “exaggerate symptoms of autism”. My daughter has autism, plus I know others with autism. Everything Shaun has done I have seen either my daughter or someone else with autism do. In fact, I am very impressed with how the writers are spot-on with their depiction of someone with autism. However, having delusions and Lea being a ghost is not a symptom of autism, and I totally agree with you that it would be in very bad taste and go way overboard! I hope that is not a future story line!

      I will miss Jared, but I really enjoyed this episode! I think Freddie Highmore did an amazing job writing (and of course acting) it!!!

    2. Probably not. Outside of reading a book and then seeing its adaptation, it is rare for me to consume two versions of the same thing. I tried to do that with this show Erased, which went from animated to live action, and I just didn’t find much enjoyment in the translation.

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