The Good Doctor: Season 2/ Episode 1 “Hello” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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With Dr. Andrews taking over, he dishes out criticism to everyone and we see them meet the challenge he sets. Which helps them even outside of their professional lives.

Director(s) Mike Listo
Writer(s) Freddie Highmore
Air Date 9/24/2018
Characters Introduced
Edward Raphael Sbarge
Melanie Gabrielle Rose

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The Great Manipulator: Allegra, Dr. Andrews, Claire, Shaun, Morgan, Dr. Melendez

With Dr. Andrews trying to take the job of president and really make a name of himself, he is trying to push everyone to be better. He pushes Shawn to work on his communication, Claire to be assertive, Morgan to… well, be more a team player is what he says. However, being less Morgan is what we know he meant.

Dr. Melendez though is a completely different story. While the residents can be manipulated, Dr. Melendez isn’t so malleable. Hints of a promotion don’t do much for him. So that is when Allegra has to show herself as a grand manipulator and bring up Dr. Glassman. Which, even though the two don’t have beef, with Dr. Andrews wanting to build his own legacy, make a top of the line surgical center, and prove to the board that he should have long got this job, he makes something work. Especially since he has a big surgery for Melendez to do.


Allegra manipulating Dr. Andrews to step his game up.
Allegra: Don’t buy into his fuzzy warmth, Marcus.

How terrible is it that I have to repeatedly look up who Allegra is whenever she pops up? I wonder if she may actually get a storyline this season or remain someone who pops in and out, usually when things are getting bad. That thought aside, with Dr. Andrews’ promotion, it does lead me to wonder how will his relationships change? Not just with his wife, but the residents. For while never really close to any of them, though friendly on occasion, now he is the big man at the hospital. Likely he’ll begin working on the board and making it so his power can be absolute.

So, with that in mind, what will become of these reviews? Shaun still has his job, miraculously, but now his big-time ally is not able to fight battles for him. Claire still has Dr. Coyle hanging over her head and Morgan? Well, her attitude could bite her in the ass – book smart or not. Though let’s not let Dr. Melendez off the hook. Despite Dr. Andrews being his boss before this, nothing has changed when it comes to tension between them. Dr. Melendez still seems to toe the line before being considered insubordinate but still make his displeasure known.

Making you question, since we have seen Dr. Andrews make calculated and surgical decisions, will he fire anyone we know this season? Especially if they bring something to the hospital which could taint its reputation? Dr. Andrews reputation especially? Since I don’t know who he’d fight for and what he’d let someone take any and all blame for…

Being Taken To Task: Dr. Andrews, Dr. Melendez, Claire, Morgan, Melanie

The big surgery Dr. Andrews wants Dr. Melendez to do deals with giving a woman, Melanie, two hearts. It is supposed to help lower the stress on one and help with an aneurysm issue. It’s the kind of stuff which doesn’t require a medical degree but since it doesn’t have any long-term relevance, there is no need to remember it nor break it down.

Long story short, as usual, Morgan and Claire bicker and Morgan repeatedly rubs Claire the wrong way. Be it talking about the reviews or outing Claire to Dr. Andrews about a procedure she came up when there is a problem. Thus showing to Dr. Andrews that neither young lady seemingly has taken his criticism to heart yet.

That is, until Dr. Melendez and Dr. Andrews play chicken and Dr. Melendez decides to do the surgery, despite initial apprehension. And with Claire’s idea working, she decides to take some initiative and take Dr. Melendez on closing up Melanie’s chest cavity.


Claire being assertive and asking to finish Melanie's surgery.
Claire: The Teflon graft was my idea. I’d like to finish it.

Now, remember in the last season that Claire seemingly was getting close with Dr. Melendez. You remember, talking about having kids, personal stuff. So with Dr. Andrews pushing her to be more assertive, what are the chances of her asking Dr. Melendez out? Maybe that bringing up Dr. Coyle issues and complicating him possibly returning? Because, let’s be frank, Dr. Andrews may have played a part in him leaving, but he may bring him back if it is for the good of the hospital. There is, after all, only so much he can do and the board can outvote him. Especially since it isn’t clear how hush-hush this whole thing is.

With that said, what if Dr. Coyle isn’t brought back but instead Morgan reports Claire and Dr. Melendez and that becoming a thing? You know Morgan already feels at a disadvantage because Claire is sweet and Shaun has autism. So her thinking Claire is trying to gain an additional upper hand? She’ll probably run to Dr. Andrews’ office like a little sister who didn’t get her way.

Where I Wanna Be: Shaun, Dr. Glassman, Jared, Edward, Claire, Lea

Shaun isn’t comfortable with the idea of Dr. Glassman dying. After all, he still isn’t really over his brother’s death. Something which was an accident then but this time, it’s no accident. It’s life so he likely feels just as powerless. But, when it comes to Jared, he keeps pushing Shaun to be there for Dr. Glassman and eventually Shaun does.

Which leads him to help a homeless patient named Edward, originally called Harry. Someone with a brain tumor that only gets discovered as Shaun watches Dr. Glassman attempt to throw copies of his tests into a garbage bin. Something he can’t do well because of the pressure of the tumor. Thus leading to that man’s life being saved

Leading to some hard conversations. One being Claire, after avoiding Jared, taking note of her feelings and asking him to stay, which leads to a prompt no. Not because Jared is trying to be an ass but if there was a way or reason to stay, asking now just seems silly. Following that, Shaun commits to Dr. Glassman and his journey dealing with tests, surgeries, waiting, and hopefully his recovery. Which karma seemingly rewards Shaun with by Lea appearing at his door. Why? Well, we’ll have to wait to find out.


Shaun saying that he will join Dr. Glassman on this journey he is going on.
Shaun: I’m going with you.

Based off how Dr. Glassman treated that doctor, it seems the manipulator and man who held the president’s chair a very long time is going to come out. Which is quite exciting for seeing characters like him show their dark side is always fun. With that said, Lea’s timing is both good but also bad. Good since Shaun will definitely need a shoulder to cry or relax on and Lea is good for taking his mind off things. However, based off previews, it seems her return will flair up negative emotions, like abandonment issues.

Plus, there is a need to wonder why is she back? Also, is it weird to wonder if she might be a ghost? I mean, I know Shaun has autism and not schizophrenia, but after Lea leaving and him getting taken advantage of, Shaun could be fragile enough to the point of delusions. Of course, this theory isn’t that plausible but you never know. I just think there is going to be a lot to unpack and where the line might be for how Shaun handles this is unclear.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

It’s always your ass on the line but, ultimately, you’re just a bystander.
— Allegra

It’s hard saying goodbye. Doesn’t mean it is a mistake.
— Jared


  1. Andrews hitting the ground running and showing her should have long had this job.
  2. Melendez not changing a bit, despite Dr. Andrews being the big boss in the hospital.
  3. Jared leaving.
  4. Claire becoming more assertive. Which hopefully will spill into her personal life more.
  6. Shaun, despite how difficult it was, searching for Harry, real name Edward, as well as being there for Dr. Glassman.
  7. I must admit I got teary eyed when Edward and his daughter hugged. This reminds me of the first half of season 1 where I felt this show could make me cry every 15 to 20 minutes.

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  1. Just curious… since the original Korean version of this show is now on Netflix, would you be interested in recapping that to see how it compares to this American remake?

    As always, your review provided some interesting food for thought. I do hope your “ghost” theory turns out to be false though… as it is, this show often exaggerates symptoms of autism for dramatic effect, although it usually doesn’t cross the line into bad taste. But adding in delusional episodes would be crossing a line that’d probably stop me from watching.

    1. I’m so glad you’re recapping season 2!! I thoroughly enjoyed your recaps of season 1, and of course this recap as well!!! I smiled when I read “there is no need to remember it nor break it down” when you were describing the woman’s heart surgery. I feel that way with almost every patient they have because I tune in for everything BUT the medical mumbo-jumbo!

      @Benjamin – This show does NOT, I repeat, does NOT “exaggerate symptoms of autism”. My daughter has autism, plus I know others with autism. Everything Shaun has done I have seen either my daughter or someone else with autism do. In fact, I am very impressed with how the writers are spot-on with their depiction of someone with autism. However, having delusions and Lea being a ghost is not a symptom of autism, and I totally agree with you that it would be in very bad taste and go way overboard! I hope that is not a future story line!

      I will miss Jared, but I really enjoyed this episode! I think Freddie Highmore did an amazing job writing (and of course acting) it!!!

    2. Probably not. Outside of reading a book and then seeing its adaptation, it is rare for me to consume two versions of the same thing. I tried to do that with this show Erased, which went from animated to live action, and I just didn’t find much enjoyment in the translation.

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