The Good Doctor: Season 1/ Episode 15 “Heartfelt” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Shaun gains invaluable lessons from Morgan, unexpected kindness from Dr. Andrews, and poor Claire experiences a moment she didn’t see coming.

Director(s) Regina King
Writer(s) Johanna Lee, Thomas L. Moran
Air Date 2/26/18
Characters Introduced
Dr. Alex Park Will Yun Lee
Boris Joris Jarsky
Eric Nicholas Sean Johnny
Star Lexi Underwood
Aiden Kelly Blatz

All Work And No Play, And Taking Initiative To Change That: Allegra

Kelly Blatz as Aiden, a possibly love interest for Allegra.The rarely seen, thus far barely developed, Allegra may have something going for her in the future. If just in the form of having a boyfriend. Well, maybe we’re jumping the broom too soon, but it does seem a potential big donor named Aiden could perhaps have an interest in Allegra beyond the hospital she works at. However, with it seemingly being a while since she dipped her toe in the dating pool, and this man being someone who makes her feel insecure about her age, there are some fears. The kind Dr. Andrews doesn’t help with by implying her being with him, dating even, could imply she sleeps with people for donations.

Expect The Unexpected: Jared, Claire

Cutting the fat and getting to the point, because Claire doesn’t remember a song that played when she and Jared first kissed, he dumps her. He thinks she doesn’t love him and decides to leave her standing in the middle of the dance floor during this big fundraiser. Which isn’t the only shock of Claire’s night. Brand new doctor, and former cop, Dr. Alex Park, convinced, if not allowed, an organ donor, Boris, who was convicted of at least 7 murders, to kill himself so a kid, Eric, could get his liver.

So, needless to say, shock and bewildered are apt adjectives to describe Claire’s day. Leading you to wonder, with Jared out of her life, and Shaun someone she doesn’t necessarily confide in, who will help her keep sane?

In Need Of A Helping Hand From A Friend: Shaun, Dr. Andrews, Morgan

As she did with Claire, Morgan decides to mess with Shaun in more ways than one. First by implying he uses his autism as a crutch which she doesn’t really respect. Also, she makes him question who to believe when it comes to getting advice on what to wear for the mandatory fundraiser. Of which Morgan is talking about a $2,000 suit and Dr. Andrews, who Shaun also goes to, says to just rent one and have the manager help fit him for a few hundred bucks.

But, thanks to Morgan’s mind games, Shaun ends up with a suit well over $2,000, $2368 to be exact, but he doesn’t put it to much use. Being someone with high functioning autism in a crowd of strangers does nothing for him. Luckily though, Dr. Andrews, when he sees Shaun at least trying, assists him in schmoozing at one table and proving that whatever animosity Dr. Andrews may have for Dr. Glassman, he has long since moved past using Shaun as a pawn in his game.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Alex Park is 45 and was a cop for 15 years before becoming a doctor.
  • Lea is still in contact with Shaun.


Allegra Matters Now

Allegra looking at Aiden.Allegra has been around when there has been a money or legal issue, but for nearly the entire season, we haven’t really learned much besides her name. But, seemingly, with Jared losing his lifeline to being significant in the main stories, Allegra is getting pushed up by having a love interest. One which, I can’t easily find how long he’ll last, but considering the actress playing Allegra is a series regular, no matter how you look at it, it is about damn time for her to have a storyline.

Low Points

Jared’s Sudden Breakup

Claire and Jared before Jared broke up with Claire.With how low-key Jared and Claire’s relationship has been, Jared’s suddenly breaking up with her doesn’t seem as shocking for us as it is for Claire. The writing is on the wall that, with Jessica being jealous of Dr. Melendez having interactions with other women, Claire moving in will be a major issue. Especially since Jessica has shown the potential to be petty, and considering the Dr. Coyle situation, we may see Jessica turn green with envy and poison whatever could happen there. Perhaps painting the picture Claire, sugar sweet as she is, will only ruin Dr. Melendez’s life and reputation.

On The Fence

But You Gotta Have Friends

What you have to appreciate about Star as a patient, as with most of Shaun’s patients, is that through people younger than him, often teenagers, you can see Shaun playing catch up. Yes, he has Lea, Dr. Glassman is an option, but Shaun is trying to figure out what works for him and to move forward, vicariously through his patients, he often looks back. Through them he sees what he needs to feel, not normal but at the very least some form of happy.

So with Star, it really hits home how much not having friends is leading to a less than fulfilling life for Shaun. Especially with Lea gone. For while Claire is around, she is there for support at work and, let’s be real, while Shaun likes being around Claire, he has yet to seek out her company just to be around her. It has always been work related.

Making it so, considering what Dr. Andrews did, and how much he has warmed up to Shaun, I fully expect Shaun to see if Dr. Andrews would be willing to be his friend. Especially since the Dr. Andrews vs. Dr. Glassman thing would definitely heat up if Shaun became Dr. Andrews’ mentee. Because you know, sooner or later, something or someone has to really threaten Dr. Glassman remaining president of the hospital.

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  1. When Morgan starts messing with Shaun (i.e. “autism is a crutch”), I like how the lead surgeon (can’t remember her name) in the o.r. started criticizing Morgan. It’s too bad Shaun didn’t catch on to this. But no sadness with me over Claire and Jared breaking up. I’d like to see Claire with someone that she really cares deeply about, not just a friends-with-benefits situation. I just hope Morgan doesn’t use Claire to ruin Dr. Melendez. And finally, I loved how Dr. Andrews stepped in to help Shaun at the end. I think it’s great that he’s moved past his original objections to Shaun!

    1. Dr. Lim I want to say is her name? She is used like the patients, to further someone else’s storyline, a lot, so I struggle with remembering her name as well a lot of times.

      But I think Shaun is catching on that he can turn to people, besides Dr. Glassman and Claire, for help. Be it work related or otherwise. Plus, let’s not discount him standing up to Morgan either. Questioning whether she really cares or not.

      As for Claire, it has been so long since they had her and Jared seem intimate, sexually or otherwise, that this just seemed long overdue, don’t you think? Especially since they have been flirting with the idea of her and Dr. Melendez. Who, after that whole having kids conversation, seemingly recognizes Claire is easy to talk to, but isn’t trying to cross any lines. And I’m sure that Dr. Coyle situation will weigh heavy on him either making a move or reciprocating feelings.

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