Queen Latifah as Robyn trying to reassure Dante
"Queen Latifah as Robyn trying to reassure Dante," The Equalizer, "Second Chance," directed by Paul Holahan, 2023, (CBS)

We meet Dante’s Mason Quinn and watch as Robyn goes deeper into a spiral that makes it clear her sense of control is loosening.

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We meet Dante’s Mason Quinn and watch as Robyn goes deeper into a spiral that makes it clear her sense of control is loosening.

Aired (CBS) February 26, 2023
Director(s) Paul Holahan
Writer(s) Christopher B. Derrick
Newly Noted Characters
Tim Patrick Cage
Shawn Jevon Donaldson
Randall Grayle Berto Colon
Previously Noted Characters
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Cecil Nathan Hinton
Kat Veralyn Jones
Dante Tory Kittles
Robyn Queen Latifah
Mel Liza Lapira
Harry Adam Goldberg


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Friends In Varied Places – Aunt Vi, Cecil, Kat

Cecil and Kat, who we met in season 2, episode 12, and play card games with Aunt Vi, plan to move to Florida to be closer to family. However, one complication to their move is their house was appraised way too low. Aunt Vi, who knows people, decides to have her own home checked twice. One by the guy who lowballed Cecil and Kat, then by someone who appears to be higher up. So when Aunt Vi gets lowballed by Cecil and Kat’s appraiser, and his supervisor, who appraised the house earlier, comes in with a much higher number, she deems it to be racial discrimination and fires him on the spot.

Dante’s White Whale – Dante, Tim, Shawn, Robyn, Mel, Harry, Randall

Just as Robyn had Mason Quinn, Dante has Randall, a cop killer and infamous thief, who unfortunately coerces Tim into joining his latest heist. How? By kidnapping and threatening the life of Tim’s estranged brother, Shawn. Hence Robyn, Mel, and Harry’s involvement.

But things are complicated. Tim is Robyn’s client, and she wants to help him, but Dante is willing to take anyone down in order to get Randall, and if Tim ends up collateral damage, so be it. Plus, with the way the plan devolves to save Shawn and Tim, Dante may have no choice. If Tim is actively committing a crime, specifically to steal gold coins from the era of Napoleon, then he is voiding his parole. Mind you, under duress, but Dante is pressed to make a move as Robyn, Mel, and Harry struggle to find Shawn, and Randall moves up his timeline.

Now, Mel does find a way to infiltrate Randall’s group, but, unfortunately, she is caught after Tim breaks open the safe, and while Tim tries to defend her, he isn’t a fighter. Thus leading to him getting knocked out, Mel put into a life-or-death situation and Dante? He got the chance to potentially take down Randall, but with worrying about Mel’s mortality, he doubles back for her and lets Randall getaway.

However, while Randall gets away, luckily, Robyn was able to save Shawn, who was in desperate need of insulin medication, and the brothers reunite in bliss.

Licking My Wounds – Robyn, Aunt Vi, Delilah, Dante

Failing Harry is a major loss for Robyn, and when you consider she hasn’t been in a great mood lately? It is another rock on her back. For whether it is losing control of the narrative regarding her life, having to deal with her professional life spilling into her personal, her relationship with Mel being complicated, and now this? There is too much going on, and her one outlet, Dante, is now upset with her.

So while Delilah and Aunt Vi try to check in and make sure she’s good, unfortunately, she doesn’t let them in.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Hold up, so does Robyn live in Aunt Vi’s house, Aunt Vi in Robyn’s, or do they share it?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Randall potentially becoming the new Mason Quinn, even if he isn’t as high profile


Notable Performances or Moments

Addressing Racism In Appraisals

Alongside loving whenever “The Equalizer” makes Robyn’s client Black because you see her take it to a different level, there is also when it brings up Black issues, usually through Aunt Vi. In the case of this episode, it is the presentation of redlining, appraisers lowballing homes occupied by Black people, and more.


A New Long-Term Villain

Does Randall compare to Mason Quinn or seem as formidable as Colton Fisk? Absolutely not. However, a long-term villain in a procedural show ls invaluable. So let’s hope Randall doesn’t become a ghost and reappears as Robyn suspected.

Robyn Losing Her Ability To Be Superwoman

Robyn has long had the ability to be a superwoman/ supermom, an excellent niece, and handle things locally as The Equalizer. However, there is a shift in Robyn’s life. Delilah being trained by Mel and just growing up means Robyn isn’t as needed in the same capacity anymore. Aunt Vi is developing a life where she doesn’t need Robyn to play cards or fix issues for her. Which doesn’t mean Robyn is any less loved by her aunt or daughter, but it does mean what drove her, allowed her to operate at top capacity, and push aside feelings of burning out; it is no longer there.

Then, you have to add in the strength which came from having dual lives has gone, her failing Dante and not being able to take things with him to the next level, and perhaps form a new relationship that can compensate for the ebbs and flows of Robyn’s old ones. All of this, combined with aging, and storylines like Colton Fisk thinking he owns Robyn, are wearing on her, and she is making mistakes. Which leaves you to wonder if she may ever come to the point of making a mistake that’s deadly and has consequences that, at one time, you couldn’t fathom her making.

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Queen Latifah as Robyn trying to reassure Dante
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 9 “Second Chance” – Recap/ Review
Alongside a new chapter for Dante, thanks to a potential long-term adversary, it is a new chapter for Robyn as she faces a world outside of her control, and it clearly wears her down.
Addressing Racism In Appraisals
A New Long-Term Villain
Robyn Losing Her Ability To Be Superwoman

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