In its winter finale, “The Equalizer” teases Mel having a notable storyline when it returns, which sadly coincides with Robyn picking up on her and Delilah’s secret.

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In its winter finale, “The Equalizer” teases Mel having a notable storyline when it returns, which sadly coincides with Robyn picking up on her and Delilah’s secret.

Aired (CBS) 11/27/2022
Episode Title Paradise Lost
Director(s) Randy Zisk
Writer(s) Rashaan Dozier-Escalante
Introduced This Episode
Misty Kelly Rowland


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Just Due – Misty, Robyn

Misty (Kelly Rowland) announcing her retirement
“Misty (Kelly Rowland) announcing her retirement,” The Equalizer, “Paradise Lost,” directed by Randy Zisk, 2022, (CBS)

Robyn finds herself working for a celebrity, famous singer Misty, who appears to have a stalker, a disgruntled manager, a bodyguard who is in love with her, and a reputation for being a diva. The combination makes the bodyguard, who contacts Robyn, worried because Misty has recently been threatened with a note written in blood. Naturally, the cops were called, they said they were looking into it, but that was not enough for him.

So, Robyn is called in, and while the manager has debts and mob ties, and the stalker is weird but ultimately harmless, it ends up being a member of her band who is the real threat. His mother wrote Misty’s biggest hit but only got $500, and Misty’s manager stole her song credit. Because of this, her band member wanted revenge for his mother struggled financially, then with drugs, and ultimately died destitute.

But, thanks to Robyn making it clear Misty didn’t know before the band member tried to kill Misty, Misty lives. Also, thanks to Robyn having immense strength, when the band member tries to kill himself by jumping off a building, she is able to catch him. Leading to Misty not pressing charges and donating all future funds from the band member’s mother’s song to a foundation for music education.

I Did Not Change My Whole Life Around To Be Undermined – Mel, Robyn, Vi, Delilah

With Delilah doing a hip toss on a bully and potentially breaking his arm at school, the jig is up. Robyn knows Delilah has been training and using a hip toss Mel taught her. But, alongside being mad at Mel, she is mad at Vi for knowing too. However, as Vi makes clear, Delilah was shaken up, and as much as Robyn thinks she can handle it all, she can’t, and what everyone in the household wants, Vi as well, is peace of mind.

With Vi, she just wants to know what is going on and she’ll be alright. With Delilah, she wants to be able to help, defend herself, and simply not feel helpless. For while Robyn sees her as a kid, she is a teenager, and so much tragedy has come into her life that just being a witness is no longer an option. Though, in Robyn’s defense, she utterly changed her whole life to spend more time with Delilah and to be a parent. So other people making decisions, still, undermining her, and questioning her? It doesn’t settle right. So while Delilah might be forgiven, Mel won’t be immediately, which is unfortunate since Mel gets a tip on her brother that might need Robyn’s help.

Things To Note

  1. This is the winter finale, and “The Equalizer” will return on February 19th, 2023 according to TVLine

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened with Mel’s brother?
  2. Was Delilah’s dad called about the fight?
  3. When did Robyn start to consistently work for high-profile, wealthy, or middle-class people on a regular basis? Wasn’t the whole idea of going independent dealing with helping those who couldn’t afford help or who the police ignored?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Either Robyn takes on training Delilah or continues to let Mel do so, while they have a bit of an issue due to Mel allowing Delilah to go behind her back


Notable Performances or Moments

  1. Delilah hip tossing that boy like it was nothing


Robyn Going Off

At the heart of Robyn’s issue with Mel training Delilah is that Robyn is trying to lengthen Delilah’s childhood because she missed so much of it. So with that in mind, it’s easy to understand why she wants to coddle Delilah to a point, be her strength and protector, and give Delilah one less way to assert her independence. Robyn’s guilt isn’t often brought up, but you know it’s there. The only question is, will Robyn get to the point of expressing how she feels fully to Delilah, and even in her eventual apology to Mel, or will she stew in her feelings a bit and say just enough so everyone can move on?

Mel Getting A Multi-Episode Storyline

Mel asking a gangster where is her brother?
“Mel asking a gangster where is her brother?,” The Equalizer, “Paradise Lost,” directed by Randy Zisk, 2022, (CBS)

It isn’t often that anyone gets a multi-episode storyline since “The Equalizer” is mostly built so you can jump in at any time and catch on. Robyn whoops ass, thanks to CIA training, her team is Harry, a hacker, and his wife Mel, who also has military training. Aunt Vi handles the home, hence her rarely ever having a scene outside of it, and Delilah is the daughter who, in combination with Vi, gives Robyn a sense of family.

It’s a simple show, so when we get teased with something that can take multiple episodes, it is exciting. This case, especially since Mel has had her moments, like us meeting the man who trained her last season, but a lot of her storylines are in conjunction with Harry, or she is just reacting to what is happening in Robyn’s life. So, with this solo, notable storyline presented, paired with Robyn and her having beef, it could mean Mel getting a notable spotlight.

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Robyn processing Aunt Vi presenting why Delilah went behind her back to train with Mel
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 7 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With the show not having Delilah’s secret held too long, it coerces Robyn to deal with not only Delilah’s rebellion but Mel’s participation and Aunt Vi’s knowledge of what happened. Combine that with Mel having a brother who seems to be in serious trouble, and it creates a whole lot to look forward to when “The Equalizer” returns in February.
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Robyn Going Off
Mel Getting A Multi-Episode Storyline
Delilah hip tossing that boy like it was nothing

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