Robyn (Queen Latifah) getting tired of Colton Fisk
"Robyn (Queen Latifah) getting tired of Colton Fisk," The Equalizer, "Patriot Game," directed by Geoffrey Wing Shotz, 2023, (CBS)

The infamous Colton Fisk pops his head out of whatever hole he hid in, naturally leading to death and destruction.

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The infamous Colton Fisk pops his head out of whatever hole he hid in, naturally leading to death and destruction.

Aired (CBS) March 26th, 2023
Director(s) Geoffrey Wing Shotz
Writer(s) Joseph C. Wilson, Rob Hanning
Newly Noted Characters
Shawn Chakeefe Gordon
Previously Noted Characters
Robyn Queen Latifah
Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Colton Fisk Donal Logue
Mel Liza Lapira
Harry Adam Goldberg
Detective Dante Tory Kittles
Ben Danny Johnson
Manny Malik Yoba


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Reconcile While You Can – Ben, Dante, Manny, Shawn

With Ben getting out of jail not months or weeks away, but within a day or two, Detective Dante and Manny talk about it since they both have complicated relationships with their fathers. However, one difference between them is that Manny didn’t break the generational curse when raising his son Shawn, compared to Detective Dante and his kids.

Shawn (Chakeefe Gordon) making it clear he only checked to see if Manny was alive
“Shawn (Chakeefe Gordon) making it clear he only checked to see if Manny was alive,” The Equalizer, “Patriot Game,” directed by Geoffrey Wing Shotz, 2023, (CBS)

This is shown when, in retaliation for roughing up that drug dealer in the last episode, Manny is nearly gunned down in a drive-by, and when Shawn comes to the hospital, it is strictly to confirm Manny is still alive and that’s it. Det. Dante is a bit shocked by this, but Manny admits his faults. He put more time into the gym and the people who frequented it more than his kid and their mom. Luckily, there is still time to heal that old wound, but Manny wishes he could also heal the wounds between him and his father.

Taking note of Manny’s words, Det. Dante decides to pick up his father, who is surprised to see him, but after some hesitation, glad to take a ride to the halfway house.

I’m Easier To Truth When You Stay One Step Ahead – Mel, Harry, Colton, Robyn

After a professional assassin wipes out nearly an entire company and, within two hours, and stages it to make it look like nothing happened, Robyn finds herself getting involved when the lone survivor calls on her. Naturally, with the staging job done so quick and professionally, she and Mel think it was the CIA, but when Harry learns Colton Fisk is in town and Robyn sets a meet, he feigns innocence.

However, with each new bit of information, his ability to claim innocence is faulted. Project NOMAD, made to cause destabilization in global hotspots, was co-founded by Colton Fisk. Allegedly, also shut down by him, yet their MO is all over this current case, leading to the head of the CIA being questioned. A bad situation worsens, however, as Mel and Robyn find themselves convincing a general that he is being targeted to start a war between Nicaragua and Honduras. Within minutes of trying to convince the man, a huge shootout happens.

Luckily, Mel is able to save the General’s life, and a very late Colton, who was supposed to help convince the general, comes in with a flame thrower to even the odds. But, all this does is remind Robyn why she exited the CIA since the politics, the collateral damage, all that is involved with trying to do what appears to be the right thing, is not only a weight on your conscience but a consistent s*** show.

But, getting the last laugh, when it is discovered the CIA director was involved in all this, Robyn’s team leaks the information, and the director resigns. Albeit, it paves the way for someone Colton is close to for a promotion, but Robyn isn’t thinking about Colton and his next move all that much.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. With Delilah and Vi having a life, dating, and expanding as people, maybe Robyn may take that cue and put things in motion with Dante?
  2. As a new CIA director comes on board, Robyn having to deal with the politics of a new regime.



What’s To Come For Ben And Det. Dante

Ben (Danny Johnson) getting out of prison
“Ben (Danny Johnson) getting out of prison,” The Equalizer, “Patriot Game,” directed by Geoffrey Wing Shotz, 2023, (CBS)

One of the things “The Equalizer” has been rather consistent about is the display of parental and child relationships and exploring the levels of complication involved. We’ve seen it through Delilah and Robyn and even Aunt Vi and Delilah to a certain degree. Granted, that’s her aunt, not her mother, but you cannot deny with Robyn often traveling or working, Aunt Vi is a maternal figure in Delilah’s life.

But, that is the relationship between women and what Det. Dante is providing is the relationship between men. Sometimes men are touted to be simpler, with the idea being after a fist fight, everything can be cool. However, that isn’t always the case. As shown in “The Equalizer” and even the recently released “A Good Person,” relationships between men, Black men specifically, can create cold war environments similar to what we see between women.

However, with Detective Dante accepting his dad’s olive branch and letting his father into his kids’ life and making room for him in his own, we see the rare depiction of Black men reconciling. For, even with all the media we watch, it doesn’t seem like a norm.

Colton Fisk Bringing The Heat (No Pun Intended)

Colton Fisk (Donal Logue)
“Colton Fisk (Donal Logue),” The Equalizer, “Patriot Game,” directed by Geoffrey Wing Shotz, 2023, (CBS)

While Fisk would have made a more interesting adversary than frenemy, there is no doubt when his name is brought up, it seems we’re going to get an above-average episode. From spies with CIA-level skills, a near assassination of a military official, avoiding the start of a war – we got a lot for an hour. Add in Fisk not only works the violent angle but brings CIA politics into play, and we can only hope his next appearance will be less of him working with Robyn and him more so coercing Robyn to work for him.

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Robyn (Queen Latifah) getting tired of Colton Fisk
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 13 “Patriot Game” – Recap/ Review | Colton Fisk returns and arrives with as much chaos as last time
Colton Fisk gives “The Equalizer” a nice jolt to shake things up a bit, which makes up for the show not returning until April 16th.
Colton Fisk Bringing The Heat (No Pun Intended)
What’s To Come For Ben And Det. Dante

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