Delilah’s training gets a renewed focus as Robyn’s team deal with an amnesiac who may or may not be a criminal.

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Delilah’s training gets a renewed focus as Robyn’s team deal with an amnesiac who may or may not be a criminal.

Aired (CBS) March 19, 2023
Director(s) Tamika Miller
Writer(s) Joe Gazzam
Newly Noted Characters
Roy/Eric Corey Cott
Rodolfo A.J. Hierro
Jackson Maliq Johnson
Previously Noted Characters
Manny Malik Yoba
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Robyn Queen Latifah
Harry Adam Goldberg
Mel Liza Lapira
Dante Tory Kittles


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The New Man In My Life – Manny, Jackson, Delilah, Robyn

Malik Yoba as Manny handling Jackson's issue
“Malik Yoba as Manny handling Jackson’s issue,” The Equalizer, “Lost and Found,” directed by Tamika Miller, 2023, (CBS)

While Robyn doesn’t discount how Mel is training Delilah, she thinks her fundamentals need strengthening, and in order to get her to where she wants, she chats up Dante about hooking Delilah up with Manny. Manny, who we met in a past season, is a former pro boxer who runs a gym, and while Delilah feels like “fundamentals” means heading back to the beginning, she comes to like Manny’s gym.

Though, it more so might be a boy there named Jackson. He is in training for the Junior Olympics, is sweet, and seems smart to Delilah, though he was hanging around a drug dealer. But Delilah does get him to talk to Manny about it, and it seems maybe Jackson may no longer be dealing with that dude, to make some money.

But, being that Manny had to get rough with the kid to keep him away from his gym, and Jackson, Delilah may have meant well, but she may also be part of things becoming complicated.

Am I A Criminal? – Roy/Eric, Robyn, Harry, Mel, Dante

Corey Cott as Eric aka Roy asking Robyn for help
“Corey Cott as Eric aka Roy asking Robyn for help,” The Equalizer, “Lost and Found,” directed by Tamika Miller, 2023, (CBS)

In this week’s case, Harry and Mel bring Robyn a man who they assume is named Roy. He claims amnesia to the point of forgetting his entire life story, and through tracing his steps, fingerprints, and more, they at least get his name. It is hard to say, though, whether, between the gun, the motel room with blood on it, and seeing him with someone in a trunk if he is a good guy or not.

Add in people shooting at Robyn and Roy, him going to a club where known gangsters go, and a few more eyebrow-raising things, and it appears Robyn and her team may have been duped.

To Be A Father, You Have To Be There – Roy/Eric, Robyn, Harry, Mel, Dante, Rodolfo

A.J. Hierro as Rodolfo trying to kill Eric
“A.J. Hierro as Rodolfo trying to kill Eric,” The Equalizer, “Lost and Found,” directed by Tamika Miller, 2023, (CBS)

Luckily, that isn’t the case. We learn Roy is Eric, and he was in WITSEC. He testified against a man named Rodolfo, and in revenge, Rodolfo killed Eric’s father once he got out of prison early. Eric, who moved halfway across the country, returned to the Tri-State area in hopes of getting a confession out of Rodolfo to put him away again. Hence the gun, and the blood is from Rodolfo’s brother, and while he did lose his memories, Robyn, Harry, and Mel allow him to get all the information he needed, as well as Dante to seal Rodolfo’s fate.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Delilah’s first case as a mini-Equalizer will be getting Jackson away from that drug-dealing guy.

Collected Quote(s)

You take shortcuts, you eventually are going to get cut short.
— Aunt Vi



May Delilah Get A Stable Love Interest?

Maliq Johnson as Jackson, checking out Delilah
“Maliq Johnson as Jackson, checking out Delilah,” The Equalizer, “Lost and Found,” directed by Tamika Miller, 2023, (CBS)

Every now and then, a boy is introduced to be in Delilah’s life, and as quickly as they come they go, and while that’s fine, this isn’t a teen drama after all, I must admit, it is always nice to see the world doesn’t revolve around Robyn. But, what makes Jackson different from the other boys is that he has a potential Equalizer case coming, he is involved with Delilah’s growth in something long term, since they didn’t meet at school, and there is a build to her family meeting him.

Now, who knows if Delilah’s storyline about getting stronger and self-defense may get much attention since Aunt Vi has had many an episodic storyline that seemed to have long-term potential. But, even with that said, they are building towards something with Delilah and for that dream of Robyn’s to not come true, of her family getting attacked in their own home, it means Delilah needs to be her mother’s mini-me.

The “Is He A Villain Or Not” Regarding Roy/Eric

Eventually, it seems inevitable that Robyn and her team will get duped. They have an open forum for people to reach out and someone will have the right story that catches their attention, and they will lead the wrong person to the right thing. We almost saw that scenario in this episode. Imagine if Eric wasn’t stopped and did fire the gun. Robyn and her team would essentially be accessories to murder and as much good as Robyn has done, all it would take is one charge to undo all her good work.

Robyn and Dante Flirting Again

The “Will They Or Won’t They” of Robyn and Marcus Dante continues, and honestly, the slow burn works. Robyn has so much going on in her life that having a flirtatious relationship might be just what she needs, especially since a serious relationship might be too much to take on.

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Queen Latifah as Robyn
The Equalizer: Season 3 Episode 12 “Lost and Found” – Recap/ Review | Did Robyn Accidently Help A Criminal?
With a client whose innocence was in question and yet another tease of a supporting character developing a life and storyline outside of Robyn, while not an exemplary episode, it is one that stands out.
May Delilah Get A Stable Love Interest?
The “Is He A Villain Or Not” Regarding Roy/Eric
Robyn and Dante Flirting Again

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