With Mason Quinn capturing Robin and preparing to not only kill her but make her into a terrorist, what can be done by Robin’s crew and the NYPD?

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With Mason Quinn capturing Robin and preparing to not only kill her but make her into a terrorist, what can be done by Robin’s crew and the NYPD?

Aired (CBS) 10/2/2022
Director(s) Eric Laneuville
Writer(s) Joseph C. Wilson
Introduced This Episode
Captain McGuire Ed Moran

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


The Setup – Mason, Robyn

So the reason Mason kidnapped Robyn, rather than killed her or touch her family, is because he wanted to thoroughly punish her and everyone associated with her. The idea was to explode a dirty bomb in lower Manhattan, with Robyn’s body near it, and have a broadcast go international with her claiming the attack. Which would mean her being seen as a worldwide terrorist, thus plaguing her family and friends forever, and with Mason claiming the attack behind the scenes, he wouldn’t have to court any nation, they’d court him. Especially to not be on his bad side.

The Panic – Delilah, Miles, Vi, Mel, Harry, Dante, Omar, Carter

Robyn knocked out, and strapped down
“Robyn knocked out, and strapped down,” The Equalizer, “Boom,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2022, (CBS)

No one knowing where Robyn is or what happened to her naturally causes panic. Once again, Delilah finds herself traumatized and unable to move, and Vi? She is holding it together but is immensely frustrated. Then when you add in Mel, Harry, and Dante’s investigation, featuring Omar and Carter, and them learning about the dirty bombs, Delilah spirals a bit.

Now, she doesn’t learn that Omar got killed by Mason while in Carter’s custody. Also, she isn’t given the ins and outs of Mel and Dante breaking into Mason’s facility with Harry’s help. However, she does learn her mom is still missing, and she is expected to escape the area while others potentially parish.

This doesn’t sit right with Delilah, so she tries to stay in her home and never mind the warnings or Aunt Vi pushing her to pack a bag. Thus Miles gets involved, and his tone trumps Aunt Vi’s apparently, and off Delilah goes.

The Resolution – Delilah, Miles, Vi, Mel, Harry, Dante, Robyn, Mason, Captain McGuire, Carter

Thankfully, like all villains, Mason isn’t as smart as he thought, and Robyn is able to escape, link up with Harry, Mel, and Dante, and eventually find the dirty bomb. However, with doing so within a half hour of when Mason’s deep fake says it is supposed to go off, so comes the issue of how to disarm it? Captain McGuire of the NYPD bomb squad pushes the idea that takes hours, not minutes. Also, he notes there isn’t a timer, which means there is a remote detonator.

Captain McGuire (Ed Moran) noting more time would be needed to defuse Mason Quinn's bomb
“Captain McGuire (Ed Moran) noting more time would be needed to defuse Mason Quinn’s bomb,” The Equalizer, “Boom,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2022, (CBS)

With that information comes Robyn and Harry figuring out where Mason could see the bomb detonate and get out quickly, and Robyn confronts him and takes him down. But not before he can trigger the bomb, which doesn’t go off as expected. Harry and the Captain figure to separate the radiation canister from the bomb, which makes it a clean bomb that doesn’t do as much damage.

As this is revealed, Carter shows up and is expected to arrest Mason, despite Robyn wanting to finish him off once and for all. But with Mason grabbing Carter’s gun, Robyn open fires and sends Mason pummeling down to his death. Thus allowing Robyn a sigh of relief, as well as Vi and Delilah when they are reunited. However, Miles makes it clear that, with this incident, their issues, especially regarding custody of Delilah, are far from over.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With Mason Quinn unquestionably dead, who becomes the new big evil?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Probably a string of episodic rescues before a new baddie, likely connected to Robyn’s past, is introduced.



A Grand End For Mason Quinn

The end of Mason Quinn was epic. He took out Bishop, nearly exploded a dirty bomb, and all things considered, he could have still released that deep fake or one of his allies and changed the credit from Robyn doing a dirty bomb to testing having a bomb explode in lower Manhattan. Now, he didn’t do that, but one of the things which makes a good villain is understanding what they are capable of and how far they could go.

So, with him setting the tone and showing how imaginative he could be, imagine how “The Equalizer” could try to escalate things when his replacement is made. Never mind, with talking of deep fakes and things like that, how that person could be a cybercriminal that surpasses Harry and truly throws Robyn’s world upside down. For, and I swear by this, eventually Delilah and maybe Aunt Vi too will be taken captive and used to coerce Robyn to do someone’s will. It’s just a matter of time.

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Delilah worried about whether her mom will come home
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 1 “Boom” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Setting aside knowing nothing bad would happen to Robyn, there is no doubt in our minds that Mason Quinn got the final bow he deserved and sets a grand precedent for whatever series villain may follow.
A Grand End For Mason Quinn

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