With Robyn coming face to face with the DA and Mallory, does this mean a new chapter has to begin for everyone’s favorite equalizer?

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With Robyn coming face to face with the DA and Mallory, does this mean a new chapter has to begin for everyone’s favorite equalizer?

Aired 10/31/2021
Network CBS
Directed By Randy Zisk
Written By Joseph C. Wilson
Introduced This Episode
Kisha Imani Lewis
ADA Ellis Armando Riesco


CYA – Mallory, Dante, Robyn, Grafton

With a client threatening DA Grafton, Robyn is trying to talk a man from messing up his life. But, in his defense, his son has been awaiting a trial for a crime he didn’t commit for two years, and the boy has come to the point of hurting himself. So, who else but the DA to put a target on?

So, to handle the situation, Robyn meets with Dante, and since Mallory is tracking Dante, Robyn has Dante arrest her to cover his a**. This, of course, Mallory finds suspicious, but a catch is a catch to Grafton, and while the warning is noted from Robyn, she is iffy on how believable it is. But, Robyn’s people work on it to get all the facts they need.

Somebody Is Worried About You – Kisha, Robyn, Vi, Delilah

Robyn being in jail and honest about it forces Delilah and Vi to be in the know and be helpless. Neither like this since the normal action after hearing a loved one is in jail is to get them out. However, Vi has them hold off, go about their lives, and struggle with not knowing what is going on.

Meanwhile, Robyn is trying to talk to this young girl named Kisha, who reminds her of herself, and tries to get her to take the easy way of going to counseling over doing a bid. It’s hard, though, since Kisha wants to seem hard and doesn’t have anyone in her corner. But Robyn extends a hand through the process, and Kisha sees Robyn’s process to get things done, so maybe she’ll end up on the right side of the law?

One Less Thing To Worry About – Delilah, Grafton, Mallory, Dante, Vi, Robyn, ADA Ellis

After all is said and done, it isn’t 100% clear why ADA Ellis and his mobster partner wanted DA Grafton dead, but we can recognize both would benefit from it. He’d pin all his wrongdoing on Grafton and get a political boost, and the gangster would get one less cop seeing him as a means to make their career.

ADA Ellis (Armando Riesco) calling his client
ADA Ellis (Armando Riesco)

However, Dante working with Robyn ends all that, combined with Grafton being able to defend herself. Thus leading to her life being saved and her deciding, while she can’t advocate for what Robyn does, as long as she stays in her lane, she’ll leave her alone. Which is a good deal to Robyn.

Now, as for Mallory? Well, he gets transferred and promoted, and he knows it is to cover up what happened. As for whether he is dumb enough to follow up on the situation? Who knows? Robyn did get under his skin, so there is always the possibility.

Which leaves Delilah and Vi. When Robyn comes home, they joke about her being locked up, but Delilah switches things up to make it clear they did worry and didn’t like how helpless they felt. Robyn receives this and seemingly will do better in trying to give more reassurance and plans for when things go left.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What are the chances Mallory truly keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t investigate Robyn to beat a dead horse?
  2. Even if Robyn’s calls to Harry aren’t traced, wouldn’t her calls to her house be traced?
  3. Since ADA Ellis was taken down, does this mean the mobster who was paying him off is next?

What Could Happen Next

Kisha (Imani Lewis) taking to Robyn
Kisha (Imani Lewis)
  1. I firmly feel Kisha is going to come back around.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“God wants you to walk, and the devil sends a limo.”
— Robyn



The Unfortunate Part Of Knowing The Truth

Watching Delilah and Robyn worry was probably the best part of the episode. Mainly since Robyn types, who are spies and do undercover work, they usually don’t have family ties or, if they do, the relationships are heavily strained. But with The Equalizer being lighter fair, yes, Delilah and Robyn don’t always see eye to eye, but there is a love there which makes it so you recognize Robyn has someone to live for. This makes it so, while some may see her as reckless, she is more calculated than given credit for.

Calling Out The Bail Bond System & Advocating Therapy

Lowkey, The Equalizer likes to talk about social issues and be a bit of an advocate. In the first season, and even this one, we mostly see Robyn help Black and Brown people and women, who are marginalized, oppressed, or are on the verge of being victims of the system. Not just in terms of some gangsters, but also the unfair bail bond system and sometimes trauma. This helps drive the idea the show can be more than a case of the week when it wants to.

Low Points

Goodbye Threats To Robyn’s Operation

So, Mallory is gone, and now the DA is no longer an issue? By doing that, there is no real threat to her person anymore, over the long term. This bugs us a bit since Robyn does far too much and gets involved in way too many people’s businesses to not have a reason to look over her shoulder. But I guess the writers don’t want a long-term villain and want to keep things purely episodic – for whatever reason.

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Robyn in a interrogation room
The Equalizer: Season 2/ Episode 4 “The People Aren’t Ready” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
There may always be a desire for Robyn to not always be able to handle things, alongside someone trying to hunt her down. From what it seems, the show doesn't want to provide this, but at the very least, through calling out the system, guest stars like Kisha and Robyn's personal life, The Equalizer makes up for its refusal to fully live up to its potential.
Calling Out The Bail Bond System & Advocating Therapy
The Unfortunate Part Of Knowing The Truth
Goodbye Threats To Robyn's Operation

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