The Equalizer: Season 2/ Episode 12 “Somewhere Over The Hudson” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Robyn adds to her list of mentees as Mel reconciles with an old friend who thought Harry has been dead.

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Robyn after the case is over

Robyn adds to her list of mentees as Mel reconciles with an old friend who thought Harry has been dead.

Aired 3/13/2022
Network CBS
Directed By John Krokidas
Written By Rob Hanning
Introduced This Episode
Shira Christina Brucato
Jackie Flower J.J. Wynder-Wilkins
Floyd Alphonso Walker Jr.
Bert Josh Cooke
Rae Louisa Krause


Follow The Money Trail – Bert, Robyn, Jackie, Floyd

Robyn’s client this week is Bert, who wishes to snitch on the mob using the ledger he managed as their accountant. Unfortunately for him, Jackie, a kid who jacks cars for a man named Floyd, stole Bert’s car with the ledger in it.

Floyd (Alphonso Walker Jr.) looking at Bert's ledger
Floyd (Alphonso Walker Jr.)

Thankfully, because of Robyn’s team and help, Jackie is tracked down, and they get to Floyd. However, Floyd decides he’d rather deal with the mob himself, see if he can make some cash, and with that he tries to get Jackie, Bert, and Robyn killed.

As to be expected, Robyn whoops the asses of Floyd’s men, and upon tracking Floyd down, they learn he has been killed for thinking he could negotiate with the mob, especially without backup.

No One Likes A Liar – Shira, Mel, Harry

Shira is Mel’s childhood best friend who didn’t know Harry fakes his death. So she has been acting as if he did die, and with Harry now coming back to life, Mel thinks it is time to tell the truth, and Shira is a bit pissed. But luckily, Harry convinces her to forgive Mel, and the two end up back to being best friends.

An Opportunity To Do Good – Bert, Robyn, Jackie, Rae

Bert (Josh Cooke) driving and avoiding the mafia's phone calls
Bert (Josh Cooke)

With Jackie betrayed, he helps Robyn and Bert to get the ledger back with the help of Floyd’s now ex-girlfriend Rae. Someone who is a bit timid and skittish, but between seeing Bert act bravely and Robyn seeming strong enough to defend them all, she gets the ledger from Floyd’s desk. This ultimately leads to a showdown with the mafia family Bert worked for, and while it seemed like they had him dead to rights, Robyn takes out all who was sent after him and allows Bert to have a second chance, with the now smitten Rae, and Jackie getting a do-over like Kisha.

Things To Note

  • Aunt Vi and Delilah bond over playing spades

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who else of Mel and Harry’s friends and family need to learn he is alive again?
  2. Are we going to meet any members of Robyn and Vi’s family? Heck, should we forget about meeting Delilah’s dad?
  3. Are we going to see Delilah’s little friend Cameron again or nah?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Expect Jackie to pop up sometime next season, potentially.


Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)


Robyn Not Writing Off Troubled Black Kids

Jackie (J.J. Wynder-Wilkins) talking to Robyn after helping her save Bert
Jackie (J.J. Wynder-Wilkins)

Being that Robyn was a bit of a hell-raiser before she went into the military, you have to appreciate the grace she gives to Black boys and girls who are into some mess. Not only that, I appreciate that when she offers to be a mentor or be there if they need her, it isn’t bull. As shown by Kisha, you call with enough notice, she’ll show up, and even when she doesn’t have time, she’ll make time.

So it should be interesting to see how Jackie uses this connection in the future.

The Importance Of Knowing How To Play Spades

Culture! Spades is such a big part of Black culture and can feel like a testament to what kind of family you have. If you have family reunions without a death or wedding causing them, spades is probably in your repertoire. Not only that, as noted by Vi, it is pretty much one of those things you either learn when you are young or not at all, and it’s always nice to see, even though Vi and Delilah have barely there storylines, they bring something to this show.

On The Fence

Shira and Mel’s Reconciliation

Shira (Christina Brucato) talking to Harry
Shira (Christina Brucato)

I like that they are trying to give Mel and Harry a life outside of working for Robyn. After all, it isn’t like Robyn and Mel, never mind Harry, were childhood friends who’ve been attached at the hip forever. They are co-workers with a good relationship, but it isn’t like Delilah and Vi are spending time with either of them, you know?

So with that said, I wished we got more out of Shira’s introduction. It’s good to know she is Mel’s friend, but her just now being introduced and talked about undercuts Mel’s big secret of Harry still being alive. We don’t know this woman, so why care about her feelings of betrayal? Also, this is one of the rare times Mel is shown to have a life outside of Harry, Robyn, and her military service. So much more should have been done to build up to this moment yet, instead, it feels episodic and like it doesn’t matter in the long run.

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Robyn after the case is over
The Equalizer: Season 2/ Episode 12 “Somewhere Over The Hudson” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
The Importance Of Knowing How To Play Spades
Robyn Not Writing Off Troubled Black Kids
Shira and Mel's Reconciliation

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