Robyn finds herself getting justice for a young woman with a #MeToo situation, as she also deals with Delilah making a friend from the juvenile detention center.

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Robyn finds herself getting justice for a young woman with a #MeToo situation, as she also deals with Delilah making a friend from the juvenile detention center.

Director(s) Stephanie Marquardt
Writer(s) Zoe Robyn
Aired (CBS) 4/4/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Nicki Kaci Walfall
Maya Ruiz Rockzana Flores
Sinead Keller Erinn Ruth
Elijah Reade David Furr
Patty Romero (Sarah) Sarah Baskin
Zev Petrus Kevin Chapman
Joseph Ruiz Luis Antonio Ramos

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Like Mother, Like Daughter – Robyn, Delilah, Aunt Vi, Nicki

After volunteering at Grandhaven Detention Center, Delilah finds herself making a friend out of a girl named Nicki, who was in due to having a pocket knife in a fight. Now, Robyn doesn’t like the girl from the get-go, but with being reminded she wasn’t a saint, she backs down.

Nicki (Kaci Walfall) appreciating Delilah sticking up for her
Nicki (Kaci Walfall) appreciating Delilah sticking up for her

However, when Nicki and Delilah get caught trespassing, Robyn gets mad at herself and Aunt Vi! Someone who is trying to defend Nicki and give Robyn the full story. Thus creating some tension, and an awkward moment, for Aunt Vi doesn’t appreciate the reminder she isn’t Delilah’s mother.

But, after it all goes down and Delilah explains herself, Nicki is kept in mind when Robyn finds herself working with Detective Dante, and she makes sure Nicki gets out and gets the item she was looking for. You see, long story short, Nicki wanted her necklace back from an ex who was making it so she either had sex with him or got back together. Thus, Delilah decided to do as her mother would, and that’s probably why Robyn isn’t all that mad at her.

Case Of The Week – Maya, Sinead Keller, Elijah Reade, Patty Romero, Robyn, Mel, Harry, Dante, Zev Petrus

In this week’s case, Robyn is called in to help a young intern named Maya, who is suicidal due to famous, so-called feminist campaign manager, Elijah Reade, is threatening her life and career. Because of this, Robyn is called in by Robyn’s father, Joseph, and Robyn learns Elijah has a 20-year history of raping girls, having them sign an NDA, get a settlement, and own their stories. But between Maya, Patty Romero, and even Elijah’s current client, his first victim, Sinead Keller, his reign is over.

Robyn even takes down Elijah’s enforcer, Zev Petrus, a former cop, thanks to Dante. Also, as an added bonus, Mel gets to join in, and while she didn’t get revenge on the man who assaulted her, Harry makes it clear he messes with the dude’s credit and finances from time to time.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Zev Petrus is a dirty cop, and Dante’s dad got taken down due to being dirty or framed, you think Zev and Dante’s dad are connected?
  2. Did Aunt Vi hang up on Robyn in the car, or did Robyn hang up on her?



Delilah Showing The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree

While Delilah got caught, it shows her mother’s sense of justice, and figuring out a way to get it, is hereditary. Granted, she got caught, which Robyn wouldn’t, but you have to start somewhere right? Though, am I the only one wondering if Delilah and Robyn may eventually become a mother/daughter duo when Delilah catches her mom? That could be in the cards, right?

Aunt Vi And The Awkward Position She Is In

It’s unfortunate Robyn decided to talk out the side of her neck like that against Aunt Vi, yet it does help further Aunt Vi’s storyline. She is a woman who put her life on hold for Robyn for a lie. So as much as we’re waiting on Delilah to learn the truth, imagine how Aunt Vi will react considering she is for peace and harmony and Robyn was traveling the world killing people, taking parts in coups, and who knows what else.

Who Robyn Often Gets Justice For

We continue to love that the main people Robyn ends up fighting for are Black and Latinx communities. That’s all.

The NDA Conversation

Have you ever thought about how, in these NDAs/ settlements, a person who could potentially be guilty yet has more money than the victim, they buy the truth and silence it? I don’t think the way it was put has ever come across my mind. And the fact it is legal too? Ain’t that something?

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Delilah Showing The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree - 83%
Aunt Vi And The Awkward Position She Is In - 81%
Who Robyn Often Gets Justice For - 84%
The NDA Conversation - 85%


As Delilah shows fighting for justice runs in the family, Robyn continues to prove herself as a champion for not just underdogs, but people of color in particular.

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