The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 18 “Eye for an Eye” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers) | Finale

Robyn (Queen Latifah)

In the finale, Robyn meets an overdue worthy adversary who threatens the lives of her entire team for revenge.

In the finale, Robyn meets an overdue worthy adversary who threatens the lives of her entire team for revenge.

Release Date (CBS)

May 21, 2023


Eric Laneuville


Joseph C. Wilson, Adam Glass

Newly Noted Characters and Cast


P.J. Sosko


Joseph Melendez


Steve Rosen


Ilfenesh Hadera

Previously Noted Characters and Cast

Aunt Vi

Lorraine Toussaint


Laya DeLeon Hayes


Queen Latifah


Liza Lapira


Adam Goldberg


Tory Kittles


Donal Logue

Plot Recap

Robyn (Queen Latifah)
“Robyn (Queen Latifah) ,” The Equalizer, “Eye For An Eye,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2023, (CBS)

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Aunt Vi and Delilah Caught In A Robbery – Drake, Aunt Vi, Delilah

Originally, Aunt Vi and Delilah were supposed to hang out, go to a movie, and meet up with Robyn later for dinner. That doesn’t end up happening in this episode. While getting snacks to sneak into the movie, Delilah peeps a potential robber named Drake, who is likely to rob the place. She tries to get her and Aunt Vi out, but the only exit there is locked beyond the front entrance.

Drake (P.J. Sosko)
“Drake (P.J. Sosko),” The Equalizer, “Eye For An Eye,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2023, (CBS)

So, they find themselves held captive until Aunt Vi can relate to Drake, who is dealing with being laid off, losing his significant other, and homelessness, and Delilah can take him down. Mind you, only because she recognized Drake’s gun was without bullets but thanks to her actions, the man doesn’t end up shot by the cops, and he gets to live to see another day.

Fisk Sets Robyn, Mel, Dante, and Harry Up To Get Kidnapped – Jakob, Robyn, Mel, Dante, Harry, Fisk, Enrique

After an attempted kidnapping of each member of her team, including herself, Robyn, Harry, and Mel find Fisk sitting in Harry’s lair, to the chagrin of all. But what would make more sense behind randomly being attacked than Fisk being involved? He, cagey as usual, says he doesn’t know the why behind what happened, and even with a syringe Robyn got from the men who attacked her, he doesn’t provide much information beyond a chemical name.

This leads to the team splitting up, with Harry on recon to trace a vehicle that was following Robyn, with Dante coming along at Mel’s urging, as Robyn and Mel hit up a chemist named Jakob. Someone who does provide answers, but not until he is threatened and led to believe he was injected with a serum that not only forces you to tell the truth but also will overwhelm and shut down your system within 90 minutes.

This information is good to know since Dante, as he and Harry track down the vehicle that was following Robyn, gets injected. Now, the good news is Robyn and Mel have the antidote, and before Dante was injected, Harry saw an emblem that is associated with the Venezuelan Freedom Fighters, which Robyn believes is a major clue. But the bad news is Mel and Robyn are more than 90 minutes away and are meeting up with Fisk, so they task Harry and Dante to see Jakob, who has been killed. Luckily, when Dante seemingly dies, a defibrillator brings him back to life and seemingly handles the issue of what he was injected with. However, he and Harry get captured no sooner than Dante is brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Fisk reveals his personal server was hit, which likely led to all of the trouble Robyn is going through, and before we know it, Fisk is kidnapped, and despite their relationship, Robyn is chasing after his kidnappers. Mind you, there is a need to question if this is a setup, but in the end, it is, but it isn’t.  

At least, not by Fisk. Enrique set Fisk up for his part in the CIA withdrawing support from his Freedom Fighters and getting his family and comrades killed. But Robyn and Mel? Someone else wanted them.

Robyn Is Reacquainted With Her Old Protégé – Michelle, Robyn, Mel, Dante, Harry

While Robyn and Mel were following Fisk, they got ambushed, knocked out, and tied up. This was all done by Robyn’s former protégé, the Robyn to her Bishop, Michelle. It was long assumed that Michelle, and a man named Ed, died in Venezuela, thus triggering Robyn wanting to leave the CIA due to their lack of loyalty and protection. However, while Ed died a horrible death, Michelle lived, and now she wants revenge. So, with the captured Mel, Dante, and Harry, she plans to have Robyn watch all three burn alive before being killed herself.

We’re left with Robyn trying to save her allies, failing, and planning her next move.


Notable Performances or Moments

A True Adversary

Michelle (Ilfenesh Hadera)
“Michelle (Ilfenesh Hadera),” The Equalizer, “Eye For An Eye,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2023, (CBS)

Robyn has had multiple enemies over the past three seasons, but most of them have rarely gotten a serious upper hand. Mason Quinn did kill Bishop, but you and I both know that was more about writing off Chris Noth than it was promoting Mason Quinn. Never mind, Quinn met his end in the most embarrassing and bizarre ways for a villain built up as he was. Beyond him was DA Grafton, who backed down, Suri Nash, the head of the CIA who seemingly didn’t like Robyn being a freelancer – yet she too eventually backed down.

Robyn has dealt with so many powerful people that she shouldn’t have gotten the upper hand on, which is why Michelle is different. For one, thus far, Robyn’s adversaries haven’t been women of color, who are the most protected on this show. On top of that, Robyn trained Michelle, and Michelle did her research. She went after Robyn but also attacked her allies. Not only that, she came prepared to not only play the numbers game but also for a fight.

So, pair Michelle’s justifiable need for vengeance vs. Robyn being the protagonist, and while Michelle’s failure is inevitable, there is enough here to suspend your disbelief.


Delilah and Aunt Vi

Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) and Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint)
“Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) and Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint),” The Equalizer, “Eye For An Eye,” directed by Eric Laneuville, 2023, (CBS)

From the long unanswered question regarding why Aunt Vi and Robyn live together to giving an idea of Aunt Vi’s life before living in Robyn’s house, we got quite an unexpected treat. Add in Delilah showing her training has served her well, from an awareness that the man didn’t have bullets to taking him down? It feels like a tease for what’s to come.

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Answered Questions

For More Information, Check Out The Character Guide

Is The Equalizer Renewed For A Fourth Season?

Yes, according to multiple outlets, CBS has renewed “The Equalizer” for the 2023-2024 season.

Why Does Aunt Vi Live With Robyn?

Because there was a time she lost everything, and Robyn, needing someone to look after Delilah when she was away, offered Aunt Vi a safety net that allowed her to eventually get her life on track.

Who Is Michelle, And Why Did She Attack Robyn And Her Allies?

Michelle is Robyn’s former protégé that she left behind in Venezuela under the assumption she died during a unit extraction. Michelle didn’t die, but another member of her and Robyn’s team, Ed, did. Because Michelle felt abandoned by Robyn and the CIA, she swore vengeance. Thus, she joined the Venezuelan Freedom Fighters, and learning from Enrique that Robyn was working with Fisk was all the confirmation Michelle needed to know Robyn did abandon her. This leads to her setting up Robyn and her allies to get captured and Michelle setting up Dante, Mel, and Harry to die like Ed did, by a kerosine fire.

Did Fisk Really Put His Tongue To Something That Was Potentially Poisonous Without Any Sort Of Antidote?

Yes, because he is an idiot.

How Is Robyn Going To Save Harry, Mel, and Dante From Michelle’s Trap?

Don’t forget, before Michelle got the drop on Robyn and Mel, she did send her coordinates for backup. Now, as for who might show up? That is a completely different question to ask, to which there is no quick answer.

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  1. It was an interesting surprise for Ilfanesh Hadera to show up but her character felt like an Arkham Asylum villain, as her grudge against Robyn made little sense. While it’s justifiable that her anger at being left behind is plausible, her taking it out on Robyn, who wasn’t even aware that she was still alive was stupid. I mean wouldn’t Michelle be more angry at the people who gave the orders to Robyn and co rather than her former mentor? It would have been more plausible if Michelle was corrupt and Robyn had to take her down and presumed she had died all these years ago. Michelle always having an evil streak prior to the mission in South America would have been more believable than her having a grudge over something that wasn’t Robyn’s fault.

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