The Circle: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Last Rating” Recap/ Review

Joey trying to come to terms with his decision.

In “The Last Rating,” one more person is eliminated, and we get the final five – who are going to meet face to face.

In “The Last Rating,” one more person is eliminated, and we get the final five – who are going to meet face to face.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/15/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Most Likely To…: Shubham, Joey, Chris, Sammie, Rebecca, Ed

Games on this show are always meant to stir the pot and push people to express what they honestly think. However, all things usually start off soft like “Most Likely To Die In A Zombie Apocalypse.” But, sometimes, you get to learn things like Shubham running for California Governor in 2018, which he did – with no party preference and over 4,000 votes! Also, in the exchange, Ed pokes the bear when voting for “Most likely to hold a grudge,” and with him naming Sammie, we learn she is Italian and Puerto Rican.

The Beginning of Endgame: Ed, Sammie

But, despite Ed’s ability to fit in and joke with the original crew, he still ends up at the bottom and gets eliminated. Thus leading to him having a rather uneventful chat with Sammie. For one, his mom comes in, so what could go down and two, Sammie has a boyfriend, and she flirts to win. It has nothing to do with any interest in these dudes.

Face To Face: Shubham, Seaburn

Seaburn dealing with the idea of meeting everyone.
Seaburn: Wow! This is the moment that I feared.

After Ed’s elimination, it is revealed the winner will be announced in the “Inner Circle.” Meaning everyone will be coming face to face, and with Shubham and Seaburn being the first two in there, it means we’re going to see how Shubham reacts to his sister being a brother-brother.

Plot Synopsis (A Quick Recap)

  1. Ed gets eliminated and decides to go see Sammie.
  2. We get to see Shubham’s father, Seaburn’s girlfriend Sammie, whose name is not Rebecca, and Chris’ mom.
  3. The ratings were done before the final meeting, so Seaburn could win as a catfish.

Review/ Commentary


The Video Packages

Between Shubham’s dad and us seeing, ever so clearly, how he became who he is; Chris’ mom, who, again, is a clear influence on who he is; or finally seeing Rebecca, I mean Sammie, and it being hinted at how strong and beautiful their relationship is, it really complicated having any sort of final pick. For you can see how everyone has a great reason to win, in one way or another.

Shubham Meeting Seaburn

It doesn’t happen this episode, but when I tell you I’m hitting that play button so fast after this is posted! I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a finale for a Netflix show in ages.

We Learn A Good Bit This Episode

Sammie, Seaburn's girlfriend.
Sammie, Seaburn’s girlfriend.

One of the things which remains so strange to me about “The Circle” is we don’t learn a whole lot about anyone. Sammie, probably because of how marketable she is, feels like the only one we got a constant stream of information about. As for everyone else? Who really evolved beyond their initial profile? Did Joey become more than what we were told earlier on? Did Seaburn help us get to know Sammie what so ever? Has Chris done more than give a witty comeback and flirt? How about Shubham? Yes, he has been genuine and lovely, but outside of some trivia facts, can you really say we know these people like we would most on a reality show at this point?

Which is why I’m glad for Shubham’s humblebrag, us learning a tidbit about Sammie, and it feeling like multiple people revealed something about themselves. Here is hoping the finale, during the sit down dinner, people really start to get talking.

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