The Chi: Season 4/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Imani talking to her friends about wanting to help a girl trapped in sex work.

An example of how community policing works is exhibited as Tiff decides the future of her marriage, Dre tries to keep Jada’s secret, and Jemma grows closer to Jake.

An example of how community policing works is exhibited as Tiff decides the future of her marriage, Dre tries to keep Jada’s secret, and Jemma grows closer to Jake.

Episode Name Native Son
Aired 6/6/2021
Network Showtime
Directed By Samir Rehem
Written By Patrik-Ian Polk
Newly Noted Characters
                                       Nuck Cortez Smith

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Someone To Hold Me Down – Suede, Jada, Dre, Nina, Kevin, Jemma, Jake

With Jada going through an aggressive form of cancer and not wanting to worry too many people, she keeps the diagnosis on a need-to-know basis. Because of that, only Suede and Dre know, and Dre is pushed to secrecy because Nina would tell everyone/ make a big deal out of it. Also, once Kiesha knows Emmett would know, so Dre has to sneak around like she is cheating to keep Jada’s secret. Which Dre already knows is going to get Nina upset.

Nina watching Dre and Kevin leave in the morning
Nina watching Dre and Kevin leave in the morning

But while the parents have pending drama, the kids are already in progress. Kevin and Jake both have in-school suspension, but while Kevin does for his antics during the college tour, Jake does for having sex with that white girl – and getting caught. This is weird to get suspended for, but let’s assume it was after the college tour those two got caught. Also, let’s assume her being white is why she wasn’t in in-school suspension with the boys. That or she was held in another room.

That aside, being that Kevin is still avoiding talking about what is going on with himself, he continues to push Jemma away and really not put in the effort he used to. He decides to even skip going on her morning show, just for a 5-minute interview. However, Jake does go on, and this might explain why, at the dance, those two were making out in the stairway. At least, explain how things began between those two.

Community Policing & Community D*** – Otis, Roselyn, Marcus, Tracy, Trig

After Otis decided to announce he is defunding the police, the police decide to omit Black neighborhoods from their patrols and apparently even ignore their 911 calls. Because of this, Marcus and Roselyn are flipping out because all they care about is the Olympics. On the other hand, Trig and Tracy care about the people, and with Otis trying to be about the people, he sides and invests in them. He is even talking about directing $5 million to Tracy’s organization.

Which ends up showing us what community policing looks like. A neighbor calls Tracy’s organization, and she joins Trig to handle a domestic violence dispute. Trig handles the dude, who decks him before Trig’s man pulls a gun on him, and those two talk downstairs. Meanwhile, Tracy talks to the woman and her adopted daughter with her man. In doing so, things deescalate, and while both the man and woman question who the hell are Tracy and Trig, it seems deescalating things through talking might keep the peace. However, Tracy plans to do a follow-up just for peace of mind.

All of this, aligning with what Otis’ goals are, it intrigues him, attracts him, and despite meeting his wife, being earned by his wife, and Roselyn clearly being an active partner in Otis’ life, Tracy invites herself to Otis’ place. On top of that, she decides to have sex with him, and the real kicker is, even after Roselyn catches them, with her noting she likes to watch, Otis and Tracy continue to go at it.

Bunch of freaks.

Relationships Are Hard – Emmett, Tiffany, Dom, Imani, Trig, Shaad, Nuck, Dante

While Emmett and Tiffany are far from being over, learning Emmett cheated on her has put things in perspective. One, she has been with Emmett, off and on, for most of her life, and hasn’t really gotten to mess around with too many other people. Which, with Dante giving head better than Emmett, and making her cum multiple times, now she has the idea of having an open marriage.

This is not something Emmett necessarily wants, even though it could allow him to have sex with other people. For, like most of us, the idea is that when you get married, you’re done messing around with other people. However, if this is what Tiff wants? Emmett says okay – but not with any kind of enthusiasm.

Oh, and as for Dom? Tiff and she are cool since they got a business together, and Tiff blamed Emmett more than Dom. But with that said, she tells her to not have sex with Emmett again, which Dom won’t since she got his daddy.

Switching things up to another long-term couple, Imani is getting tired of Shaad. He doesn’t clean up after himself, catches an attitude with her when he works in her shop to maintain having a job, and then he gets real friendly with this dude who might be sex trafficking. Now, you already know, because of Imani’s past, that is something triggering to her and does get her in her emotions. However, she can’t go in guns blazing when it comes to the girl Nuck, Shaad’s friend, has. Unlike how he plopped the girl into Imani’s shop to get her hair done.

Nah, she can’t, so she pushes Trig who, despite his community policing role, ain’t trying to get involved. So, she kicks him out of their room. But don’t think that’ll be the only issue between the two for with Shaad knowing Imani is trans now, prep for that to add onto Trig’s issues.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Remember in episode 1, they said that everything we’re seeing only happened 1 month previously? Anyone else struggling to determine how much time is left before prom, Kiesha having her baby, and Otis getting shot?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Kiesha warning Emmett that when Black women get quiet, he should be scared
Kiesha warning Emmett that when Black women get quiet, he should be scared

Commentary/ Review


Community Policing Example

While there is a lot of conversation about defunding the police and diverting that money into other services, most are hard-pressed to present an example when in general discussion. Through Tracy and Trig’s efforts, now we have an example. Rather than call the cops, you call a community organization mainly focused on deescalating the situation. That is as opposed to cops who, with authority, a gun, and them being the beginning of legal proceedings, bring additional stress to a situation.

Now, whether this works out long-term or well on the show? It is too soon to tell. However, having an example to point to, a video that doesn’t come off like a corny looking after school special, helps immensely when it comes to the path forward for many communities.

New Generation Relationship Dynamics

Tiff didn’t get to the idea of an open marriage on the best of terms. Rather, it seems to be her way of still preserving a family for EJ, working on her relationship with Emmett, while getting to experience sex with people she has avoided due to her relationship. So in a way, there is a need to applause her for having the ability to communicate what she wants and needs from her relationship and marriage. Yet, at the same time, it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Not just due to Emmett not seeming down for it, but open marriages and relationships, while not new, aren’t often presented as a solution to an established young relationship.

If not, to put it a different way, usually, when open marriages and relationships are presented, they are already in place, or that is how the relationship starts. So how this shift works out will be like the community policing, in terms of proving whether or not a popularized idea can work.

The Show’s Investment In Imani

I really do love that Imani is evolving beyond being a surrogate mother to Jake and Trig’s lady. She has her own shop, a past that drives her character, and her own desires. Now, I am not looking forward to Shaad questioning her womanhood, but you knew it was bound to happen. While the show calmed down Trig’s issues with the LGBT+ community or at least being in queer spaces, that didn’t mean that would be the end.

So considering Shaad will confront Trig, or Imani, during PRIDE month? Let’s hope they keep things honest yet keep Imani strong and potentially have her act as a cathartic release for many trans people by slapping or punching Shaad to remind him that you better watch your mouth no matter what.

Low Points

Roselyn Getting Turned On Watching Tracy Have Sex With Her Man

Roselyn noting she likes watching Tracy and Otis having sex
Roselyn noting she likes watching Tracy and Otis having sex

Tracy increasingly feels like a floater in this series. One who has decent storylines and relationships, but then things go left, and you are just wondering if it might be time to write her off. Her storyline with Otis is pushing this because, as good as it is to show women who aren’t in their 20s getting it in, once you add Roselyn into the mix? It makes it seem like this whole scenario is built upon offering drama I can’t fathom anyone wanting, or that does anything beyond giving Roselyn something more to do and Tracy a new love interest.

On The Fence

Dre Has A Secret

We all saw Nina last season go through something and become real insecure in her relationship with Dre, right? So we can all agree Dre whispering about and sneaking around is going to bite her in the ass? Okay. Here is just hoping Jada fesses up before Nina starts picking up what Dre doesn’t properly hide, and she decides to go off.

Wanting More For Jemma

In either a flashforward or a dream of Kevin’s, we saw Jemma and Jake making out. Potentially, this is the episode that begins Jemma’s interest in Jake, after him primarily not liking her since she can come off very bougie. But here is my thing, considering all the dreams and interests Jemma has, can she not take a Tracy route? Can she not get into some dramatic three-way situation? Also, while Jake and Kevin aren’t consistently on good terms, what happened that would lead to him willingly making out with Jemma when he apparently got options?

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