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Home TV Series The Carmichael Show: Season 3/ Episode 12 “Three Year Anniversary” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Carmichael Show: Season 3/ Episode 12 “Three Year Anniversary” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Maxine and Jerrod have a threesome, which Jerrod’s family finds out about. Leading to casual sexism and Maxine questioning why does Jerrod always throw her to the wolves?

She Totally Wants To Do Us: Maxine, Jerrod

It’s the three year anniversary of Maxine and Jerrod and strangely, this attractive girl strikes up a conversation with them. A conversation which leads to her buying drinks, and eventually Maxine and Jerrod agreeing to a threesome. Which goes off well, everyone is happy but then the girl, Jessica (Tawny Newsome), overstays her welcome. Leading to Jerrod pushing her out and it being very awkward. Especially when she returns while Jerrod’s family is in the living room.


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Jessica (Tawny Newsome)

I’m separating this topic from the bigger ones only because it raises a few eyebrows. Mostly in the form of wondering, was Jerrod Carmichael, the person, not the character, just at this point milking this show for what it’s worth? I get crafting a larger conversation about double standards is the point but, as said numerous times, be it the half hour format or how the writers handle a serious topic with comedy, the show rarely hits it out of the park.

Leading to me wondering why did Jerrod agree to this – much less Maxine? For Jerrod, while I understand the fantasy, at the same time Maxine has a cheating past and this seems like a gateway for her to maybe fall for someone else and leave Jerrod. Then, when it comes to Maxine, while Jerrod isn’t a cheater, she says it herself he doesn’t convey emotions like a normal person. Who is to say this wouldn’t be a gateway for him? Maybe something he’d expect on the regular or something like that?

All of which doesn’t matter since the show is over, but I find myself wondering how much or little was planned to carry over from one episode to the next? Or was it just, let’s talk about this topic and move onto the next one, and next one?

Jerrod! You’re Married to a Lesbian?: Cynthia, Joe, Bobby, Jerrod, Maxine

With the Carmichael family entering Jerrod’s apartment not too long after Jessica leaves, and Jessica coming back to get her bra while wearing Jerrod’s shirt, some questions are asked. Questions which eventually lead to Bobby, of all people, realizing a threesome happened. This naturally leads the conservative Cynthia to go off and leads Joe to be proud of his boy and disappointed in Maxine. As for Bobby? Well, as usual, he is just jealous, though perhaps envious is the best word, of his little brother.

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Most of which is handled comically, but only for the viewer and Jerrod. Maxine, however, at this point is tired of Jerrod not sticking up for her. His family basically implies she is a whore and he is just silent and watching like he isn’t part of the situation. It hurts. For while Maxine is able and willing to defend herself, she also knows there are certain lines as an outsider she shouldn’t cross.

Leading to using the threesome as an example of looking out for her needs, which Jerrod runs with. In fact, it pushes him to finally get married to Maxine. So with that, he seemingly has committed to being a better partner and defending his woman.


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The Carmichael Show really is just a series of missed opportunities. It touches on topics and purely does just that. It grazes the surface and doesn’t deep dive. Like with this threesome thing, bi-phobia, much less the idea of sexual fluidity would have been such an interesting thing to dive into. Much less the 2x standard of Jerrod maybe being for two women and him, but not him, Maxine, and another guy.

Then when it came to Jerrod and Maxine finally getting married, there is another thing that could have been dug into. Be it the indoctrination of little girls into wanting big weddings, the history behind engagement rings, and so much more. Now, to give the show some credit, Maxine does explain why getting a ruby wing is better than a diamond. However, as usual, there isn’t that deep of a conversation as much as maybe just a little fact drop and then quickly followed comic relief.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why was Maxine so cool with doing a threesome and why did Jessica initiate it with this couple in particular?



  • Maxine addressed how she feels about Jerrod just letting his family pick her apart.

Low Points

  • More topics sped through just to say they did them.

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