The time has come for Vought to face a congressional hearing, but will it go through as planned, or will it be the bloody mess you expect it to be?

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The time has come for Vought to face a congressional hearing, but will it go through as planned, or will it be the bloody mess you expect it to be?

Director(s) Stefan Schwartz
Writer(s) Craig Roseberg
Aired (Amazon) 10/2/2020
Introduced This Episode
Connie Lesley Nicol
Sam John Noble

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker” Recap

Your New Mommy – Becca, Ryan, Stormfront, Homelander

After someone inundated with Stormfront and Homelander’s messages about terrorism kills someone, they hold a rally. One with the usual thoughts and prayers, and meek condemnation, but the big to-do is exposing Starlight as a mole, and with Homelander feeling closer to Stormfront than ever, he has her meet Ryan.

This, as you can imagine, was unannounced, and that naturally annoys Becca since she likes being prepped and ready when it comes to Homelander. However, he shows up with Stormfront, who is ready to turn Ryan against Becca, and with revealing the truth about their home, Ryan does just that. Leaving Becca in the bubble made for Ryan, and Stormfront claiming she’ll be Ryan’s new mom. A gift from Homelander since Stormfront continues to mourn her own child.

The Vulnerability Parents Present & Hughie’s Big Rescue – Donna, Connie, Homelander, Stormfront, Annie, Sam, Billy, Hughie, Meave, Black Noir, Elena, Lamplighter, Frenchie, Kimiko, Victoria, Mallory, Dr. Vogelbaum

So, the original idea was to have Lamplighter testify to congress, and him be the ace in the hole. However, Kimiko and Frenchie get tasked to watch over Victoria before the hearing. Also, Mother’s Milk and Mallory try to convince Dr. Vogelbaum to testify, and Billy goes to see his parents. Thus Hughie is left to babysit Lamplighter, who decides to watch hero inspired porn.

Breaking that down, Kimiko and Frenchie, as they watch Victoria with her daughter, bond, and after Frenchie talks about his mother and how she would cook with him, he asks Kimiko about her relationship with her mom. Leading to them having a breakthrough in terms of Kimiko teaching one of the signs she and her brother did. Granted, it is a gun, but progress is progress.

Switching to Mother’s Milk and Mallory, their journey boils down to realizing when to get out. Mallory wants to take down Vought and is willing to risk it all since she has little left to risk. However, with Mother’s Milk, he still has a wife and kid, and Mallory advocates him taking those kids and hiding out in a foreign country. This fight will mean nothing but sacrifice if he continues on.

As for Billy? Well, in meeting his mother, Connie, and father Sam, we learn of the family dynamic beyond Judy and the deceased Lenny. Which, to make a long story short, Sam, Billy’s dad, is an utter ass who likely played a factor in Lenny’s death since he was so abusive and hard on his sons. This means of parenting made Billy the hardened bastard we know but can be seen as one of the reasons Lenny isn’t with us, alongside Billy getting the hell out of his father’s house. Pushing the idea of why this reunion, right? Well, Connie wanted to, before Sam died, push the idea he no longer had power over Billy so he could let whatever feelings he had go. For the idea is, it is easier to move on when they are alive, and you confront them than when talking with a corpse.

Speaking of a corpse, Hughie, while babysitting Lamplighter, learns of Annie being called out as a mole, and with Lamplighter revealing she is likely being held in Vought Towers, he pushes him to do a rescue mission. One which goes awry for with Lamplighter seeing his statue replaced, he decides to kill himself. But, luckily for Hughie, Lamplighter’s hand allows him access to multiple rooms, and while Annie ends up rescuing herself, after Lamplighter’s self-immolation sets off alarms, Hughie does get to save Donna – the reason Vought found out where Annie was.

However, it should be noted, before Annie, Hughie, and Donna were reunited, Black Noir was an issue. Was, being the keyword, for after whooping Annie’s ass, Maeve steps in and possibly kills him using his peanut allergy. Now, as for why she is doing this? Well, Vought did ruin her relationship, and Maeve has a soft spot for Annie. There is no other way to put it.

Time To Face The Blood Splatter – Alastair, A-Train, Eagle the Archer, Kevin, Mallory, Victoria, Dr. Vogelbaum, Billy

Which leaves the question, how did the hearing go? Well, After Billy threatens his family, Dr. Vogelbaum shows up despite telling Mallory he wasn’t going to go. But considering his, and many others, find their heads exploding, maybe he should have stayed home.

Now, as for who caused this? Our bets are on a member of Alastair’s church. After all, considering their church has all these superheroes and the ability to blackmail them, like they do with A-Train, who is to say they wouldn’t have someone to handle those who don’t heel? Even beyond what other churches allegedly do to their members beyond ex-communication and the possibility of exposure?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Homelander took Ryan, what does this mean for Becca’s future? Is she going to leave in search of getting him back? Perhaps try to use what she knows of Homelander, the rape and all, to help the hearings against them?
  2. Eagle the Archer says he left Alastair’s church due to them wanting him to abandon his mother, for reasons not revealed. Thus he is no more, and despite his outreached hand to Kevin, he decides to betray him.
  3. Is Black Noir dead?



The Vought Congressional Hearing

Alastair’s church has meant nothing to us since introduction but considering Alastair has a meeting with Mr. Edgar and taking note of how they get information, who is to say the church doesn’t have muscle as well? Never mind, considering churches and corporations both have immense power, that there isn’t someone acting as an enforcer or killer amongst Alastair’s flock?

Not that Cindy couldn’t have done this all, but considering she was locked up until fairly recently unless Stormfront has her on a leash, I don’t see who else but Alastair’s church could accomplish these feats.

Kimiko & Frenchie Connecting

With Frenchie and Kimiko’s relationship becoming more balanced, it makes their alone time together back to being adorable than lopsided. But, with her finally showing Frenchie some signs, it could mean their relationship will finally be developed rather than a means to consolidate two characters who aren’t central to the main plot.

The Commentary on Society

Stormfront pressuring Homelander.

While we don’t highlight it often, we do appreciate how “The Boys” notes and pushes its point of view to present social commentary. For example, the beginning of the episode presents to us how a simple, average person can become a murderer due to the influence of the media. One can push that though and also remind you of, considering Disney and other companies are just now diversifying their lineup, how kids may have felt like they couldn’t have been heroes because the people who produced such films didn’t make any that looked like them. A la Vought barely having Compound V distributed to people of color.

But it goes even further with the nationalism, the commercialization of sexuality, and even Sam’s toxic parenting. I’d say that holds up a mirror to society about the toughest bastards are really just people who have dealt with immense trauma, and so they hardened. At least if they found a way to for, otherwise, if they can’t cope, they die like Lenny.

Which doesn’t make Lenny weak, but shows that humanity really doesn’t know how to raise children and often seems like they weren’t prepared or wanted them.

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