In the penultimate episode of the season, Becca’s fate is revealed, and you may end up getting a bit teary-eyed.

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In the penultimate episode of the season, Becca’s fate is revealed, and you may end up getting a bit teary-eyed.

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Director(s) Dan Attias
Writer(s) Craig Rosenberg, Ellie Monahan
Air Date 7/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Monique Alvina August
 Dr. Vogelbaum John Doman
Grace Mallory Laila Robins
Naqib Krishan Dutt
Hugh Sr. Simon Pegg

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Initiate The Contingency Plan: Annie, A-Train, Homelander, Meave, Hughie, Billy, M.M, Kimiko, Hugh Sr., Frenchie

After Homelander’s investigation, he reveals to Annie he knows about Billy, Hughie, M.M., and Frenchie. He even accuses her of being a traitor to which, if it wasn’t for Maeve, it seems like he’d kill her and then let Vought cover it up. But, she pleads innocence and is strangely believed.

But no sooner than Homelander’s reveal he knows everything, the team learns Frenchie isn’t the only one who is made – leading everyone hunkering down. However, before Hugh can do that, he has to deal with A-Train kidnapping his father and threatening his life. To which his only counter is offering Compound V. A substance he seemingly was going to trade for his dad but then Kimiko pops up and breaks A-Train’s leg.

Hugh Sr. (Simon Pegg) saying he won't leave his son with A-Train.
Hugh Sr. (Simon Pegg)

My Greatest Failure: Grace, Dr. Vogelbaum, Homelander, Madelyn, Becca, Billy

One of the great mysteries of the show is what happened to Becca? The answer is, in long-form, Becca formerly worked for Vought as a Senior Director For Digital Marketing. One of her first responsibilities were taking on Homelander’s social media, and she did a good job at it. But, one day, she seemingly was called into Madelyn’s office for a meeting, one assumingly Homelander was part of, and left disheveled. This is seen in a security cam video.

From there, she became pregnant. This is where Dr. Vogelbaum, who raised Homelander in a lab, comes in. For, based on his research, and what Homelander assumed, he should be sterile. However, Becca ended up pregnant with a super as a baby. One which grew faster than the normal rate and while clawing its way out, it made her bleed to death and the baby itself? Well, it drowned in her own blood.

All of that last paragraph, the pregnancy, and bleeding, Madelyn, in combination with Dr. Vogelbaum, kept from Homelander. Now, as for how Billy found out about the rape, at the very least, that was Grace Mallory. A CIA agent who approached Billy just as Billy approached Hughie. The only different being, it seems she didn’t operate out of vengeance but justice.

Too Big To Fail: Naqib, Madelyn, Monique, Annie, Hughie, Billy, M.M, Susan,

With Compound V in hand, M.M.’s wife Monique slapping the mess out of him, and seeing that everyone on the team has a lot to lose, Billy decides to set aside his hard-on for Homelander and gives Susan what she needs. However, before she can take down Vought and Madelyn, Naqib appears. A super who happens to be a terrorist and with that comes Madelyn in a power position despite all Susan has evidence of.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Generally speaking, can no super reproduce? If so, what is the cause of that?



The Truth About Becca & The Greatest Failure

Becca’s name has lingered throughout the season, and while there, luckily, isn’t a confirmation of whether Homelander did rape her or not, we do see her death. One which was devastating and a lot to watch. Also, strangely, despite the utter creep and messed up person Homelander is, somehow the callousness of Dr. Vogelbaum makes you feel bad for him. I don’t know-how, since we saw a woman die due to his alleged actions – and have seen over 123 people die due to his incompetence. Yet, while the adult Homelander has become may not deserve sympathy, the child raised in a lab does.

A Supervillain Is Born

While I hate the fact the villain is a middle eastern terrorist, especially without a notable motive, at least we got an actual villain now. That’s better than a bunch of supers who present the façade that they are good people but are anything but right?

Maeve Opening Up To Annie & Sticking Up For Her

While only for a moment, and more so a show of solidarity than anything else, you have to appreciate Maeve keeping Homelander from “handling” Annie and talking about Elena with her. Particularly since it isn’t like Maeve has friends or talks to anyone but Homelander. So for her to stand up to him either speaks to the role she plays in his life or how much she has grown to respect Annie yet still recognizes she is a kid.

On The Fence

Only A Smidge of Mallory

With Becca’s death played out in front of us, so leaves what happened to Mallory? We know, because of Lamplighter and Frenchie, her grandkids died. However, what about her? Were her grandkids just the first and the rest handled later? Considering she seems like an actual CIA agent, what happened after that? Did Billy, in his search for revenge, and after Frenchie screwed up, really destroy the government’s pursuit of monitoring supers altogether?

The End Of Annie & Hughie?

While we knew it couldn’t last forever, the fact it ended not too long after Annie and Hughie had their first time together sucked. Add in Billy shooting her, repeatedly, just when Hughie was getting to explain what was going on, and I don’t know whether to rage or just roll my eyes.

A-Train & His Brother

While A-Train’s brother has been around, seen sporadically throughout the season, it’s unfortunate their relationship never got the spotlight it deserves.

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