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Taboo Tattoo: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Tattoo" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


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A new action anime, with comedic moments, and some ecchi, is born! Though does it stand out when there are so many already in existence, and who knows how many coming out this season? Well…

Stick Around

Trigger Warning(s):

Main Storyline (with Commentary)

Seigi, as he likes to go by, is a fatherless child who, like many a kind, gung-ho justice protagonist, has a young lady who is dedicated to him. Her name is Touko and basically, she is Seigi’s wife. They aren’t dating, are in middle school, but she cooks for him, tries to claim the majority of his time, and pretty much seem like a couple. Yet, then a new girl enters Seigi’s life.

However, before we can bring her up we have to go into the culture. Now, from what it seems, their world isn’t largely different from ours. The only difference is that this Kingdom named Selinstan exists somewhere in South Asia, and its GDP is only second to the United States of America. Which, because America doesn’t like any type of threats, means this country and America aren’t cool. In fact, America is developing tattoo like weapons which, once imprinted, drastically increase a person’s physical abilities.

Leading to Lieutenant Izzy. She is someone tasked with hunting down the leaked tattoos and she just so happens to cross Seigi’s path and discover he has a tattoo. Something he got from helping someone who seemed like a bum. I know what you’re thinking, so many similarities to other shows right? Well, you would be correct.

Which is the problem here. Seigi, even with his dead dad, he doesn’t inspire much of a reaction out of you. Add on his bouncy eventual girlfriend, Izzy who is a bad ass, who has these random kawaii moments, and the expected slew of people they are going to fight – you just get what there are already a ton of animes focused on.

Yet I’m labeling this a “Stick Around” type of anime since, while it doesn’t have much of any original content, the cast seems likable enough. Plus, you may have seen the shows similar to this to your hearts content so why not add another into the pile? It doesn’t seem like it will be something which rises to the top, but I don’t think it is going to be something which gets crushed underneath the weight of its predecessors either.

With that said, though, it seems like something which will be forgotten by the winter.


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