We learn the truth about Benjy’s death in the season finale while the door is left open to more questions.

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We learn the truth about Benjy’s death in the season finale while the door is left open to more questions.

Aired 11/20/2021
Network Tinder
Directed By Sasie Sealy
Written By Julie Sharbutt, Kristen Buckels, Lacey Jeka


Aimes noting the game is over

So in our playthrough, we’re in a trunk, and that’s when the first decision hits on whether to yell and scream or kick the trunk open. We kick the trunk and then find Francisco in front of us, holding his head and questioning what happened. This probably leads to you asking the same thing as it becomes clear Reese is dead, but just as Francisco asks for your trust, Aimes knocks him out.

This leads to your best friend asking you to help her investigate who did it, all the while hiding the truth that it was Otis… and HER!

Long story short, as hinted in the first episode, Aimes did have a thing for Benjy, but between Tex and Phoebe, it seemed whatever happened between them wasn’t recognized once he moved on. So, she used Otis’ feelings for Phoebe to pin everything on him and assumed no one would think she was the mastermind.

Yet, if you choose her for the final decision, everything unfurls. In fact, just to be transparent, Otis was my first choice, and you are told you are half right. However, with him pointing the finger at Aimes as the cops take him away, you pretty much are given the actual answer right then and there and just have to wait to be able to replay the episode.

Though just to really show how they wanted to keep you on your toes, in the wrong ending, Aimes buries you alive, but in the perfect ending, Reese hits Aimes with a car before she can kill you. Which makes it seem either she faked being dead when Aimes lifted her head, and it hit the steering wheel, or the poison was enough to knock someone out, put them in a near-death state, but not enough to get the job done.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I wonder if the friend group survived with Aimes and Otis going to jail and Benjy not bringing everyone together?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Considering Benjy was the tie that bonded everyone, and your character seemingly not the most active, I’d say this story is done.



It Seemed So Obvious Until The Show Made It Clear You Made A Mistake

I’ll admit I changed who I thought it was nearly every episode but, it’s only because it was really painted that it could be anyone. Benjy was cheating on Tex with Phoebe, and Francisco was new and could have found out. Otis was being made fun of by Benjy, with Phoebe, his crush, so the only one who wasn’t really presented with a motive was Reese, and considering how often Aimes was with or hanging around you, she didn’t seem obvious.

Yet, ultimately it was her which, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have picked up on if it wasn’t for Otis.

On The Fence

Not Really Being Interested In A Replay

Outside of wanting to know Reese’s story, since her being alive in the end seems off, and her comment on the drink doesn’t really answer any questions, I wouldn’t say this has replay value. It was fun, for sure, but I wouldn’t start episode one and do a new playthrough. Though, considering this is a time-limited event, I can see the fun in doing so with friends who aren’t on Tinder.

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Aimes noting the game is over
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It Seemed So Obvious Until The Show Made It Clear You Made A Mistake
Not Really Being Interested In A Replay

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