Benjy is down on the ground, people are freaking out, the power is out, and you have some important decisions to make.

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Benjy is down on the ground, people are freaking out, the power is out, and you have some important decisions to make.

Aired 11/13/2021
Network Tinder
Directed By Sasie Sealy
Written By Julie Sharbutt, Kristen Buckels, Lacey Jeka


With Benjy dead on the ground, the power out, and Francisco missing, of course, everyone is freaked out. However, you have options. Most of which involve Aimes, strangely enough, but between finding Francisco, saying “f*** this!” to getting the power on, you can do anything! But, with discovering a knocked out Reese and Francisco, which looks very suspicious, you get knocked out!

Well, at least if you follow my path.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • One decision is missing, decision 3, in which you can decide to console Tex about his relationship or not, but I didn’t hit the screenshot button quick enough.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Okay, are we all just Benjy’s friends, or do some of us actually work for him? Like, Reese is his manager, though he says intern, but what about Aimes and the rest of us?
  2. If your character a completely blank slate or do you have a past of your own?
  3. Considering the choices shown on your Tinder profile, are those the ones that ultimately matter, or do they all matter in the long run?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With seeing Reese and Francisco in the car, I would bet they had something going on, and I think Benjy and Phoebe did too, with Aimes being a side piece. Tex doesn’t seem like the murdering type, but in a fit of rage, since he is financing Benjy’s life, it would make sense. And while Otis was seemingly with you around the time of the murder, who is to say after seeing Benjy trash his music that he didn’t do it? Which is all to say, I am not sure who the killer is, but I do wonder if Benjy could be faking it?
  2. Considering the cops are on their way, how much you wanna bet you’re evidence, or lack thereof, plays a notable role in things?



Lost & Confused

I barely know who did what, and unlike episode 1, there are so many more branching storylines now. As screenshot above, those are just the ones with my choices so imagine the many different avenues if you picked other options. Which leads me to wonder, does your choices change the killer, or is that pre-set? Also, will there be a good ending, a bad one, and a middle road ending?

On The Fence

Questions That Have Nothing To Deal With The Murder

While a part of me appreciates you being a blank slate, at times, it does make me wonder who are you really to these people? Tex says you are the only nice one to him, and Aimes seems to have a notable attachment to you. But, I do wonder why?

Also, the way Otis talked to you when introducing Reese makes it seem like you are out of the loop, so are you just rejoining the group? Could it be you have your own thing going on? Heck, even in terms of time frame, how long has Benjy been famous if you are considered his day one and Reese is included in that conversation, despite Otis making it appear she just got here?

Are Multiple Playthroughs Required

When I tried to record playing through episode 1, it took less than ten minutes to play through everything. But that was when things were simpler. Now it seems like we’re getting branching storylines, and even if just the three noted on your profile matter, I don’t know about you, but never mind Telltale Games, I’m getting LA Noire flashbacks and am wondering do I need to be meticulous to get the truth?

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