Lou’s desperation reaches its peak the Swimming With Sharks finale as she scrambles to find someone she can align with and who won’t abandon her.

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Lou’s desperation reaches its peak the Swimming With Sharks finale as she scrambles to find someone she can align with and who won’t abandon her.

Aired 4/15/2022
Network Roku
Directed By Tucker Gates
Written By Kathleen Robertson

Introduced This Episode

Olive Mace  Kathleen Robertson


This is the end. With no one to turn to, Lou hopes that Redmond would have mercy on her and was even willing to do a sexual favor to secure a deal. However, he instead insults Joyce and says for Lou to blow him and go away. The insult and rejection lead her to kill him, and with her being caught on camera and leaving the murder weapon, she digs a deeper grave for herself.

Yet, despite being messy thus far, she doesn’t leave anything which would make it seem she acted for Joyce’s benefit. Yes, Detective Witter questions Joyce and notes Redmond’s demise is rather convenient. However, Joyce is able to manage the detective and the press to the point that, within three months, everything has died down, and she can enjoy her pregnancy and the premiere of Meredith’s movie.

Though it should be noted, she enjoyed the night up until Lou showed up, gun in hand, making threats. Being the idiot he is, Miles decides to antagonize Lou and gets shot in the hand for his efforts, and Joyce? Well, while she tends to Miles, she also figures a way to calm Lou so that more damage isn’t done. After all, while she had to separate herself from her, she is essentially about to raise Lou’s child. Information that Miles now knows which surely will complicate his daughter’s life.

But Lou is let go in the end, and we last see her on the Hollywood hills sign, not sure if she may jump. At this point, she has lost everything. She and Joyce could never be. Her mom committed suicide, dad is who knows where, and while she hasn’t reached out to Marty or gone after Travis, let’s not forget those first two minutes of episode 1. What we saw could have very well been Lou’s body.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Violence (self-inflicted wound and so much blood)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Olive Mace (Kathleen Robertson) saying to Lou that this is her moment, and she deserves to be part of it
Olive Mace (Kathleen Robertson)
  1. So what happened to Travis after all that happened?
  2. How did Lou stay in hiding for 3 months with nothing but her car and a few dresses she was able to save? Is she a sex worker now?
  3. While I get seeing her mom kill herself and no one shielding her eyes is part of her trauma, what was the thing that led her to be in an environment that made it seem she was committed?

What Could Happen Next

  1. What comes next depends on whether Lou killed herself and if this was meant for a second season. Outside of starting over with a new identity, it’s hard to imagine Lou getting back to where she was. Though, as Joyce said, Blumhouse could be a place for Lou to go?



The Ending

Usually, when someone like Lou takes things as far as she did, the only way for things to end is for her to die. Now, again, I’m not 100% sure if the body we see in the beginning is hers or not. She does have Joyce’s signature scorpion in resin, so it is likely. However, considering Joyce was able to allude the LAPD in modern times and trick a multi-billion dollar studio, who is to say that body was hers? Yes, the first episode had a flash-forward montage of moments that we have seen, but maybe Lou decided to change her fate (I’m clearly in denial).

Low Points

Travis Wasn’t Harmed

Is it wrong I wanted Lou to kill one more person, and that person be Travis? He was bitchy, annoying, vindictive, and even if he pursued getting justice for Alex, I feel like Travis’ death would have been more satisfying than Redmond’s. Redmond was basic in his insults and didn’t get much of a reaction from me anyway. Travis? His actions made him feel more like a villain, maybe because he wasn’t primarily bedridden, and that made me want to see him get a comeuppance beyond being fired.

On The Fence

Marty Didn’t Confront Lou

A part of me gets why Marty didn’t seek out or confront Lou, never mind why she didn’t seek him out either. Marty tries to operate on the impression that he is a nice guy. Someone who, if he bides his time, remains consistent could potentially have had Lou come onto him and had something happen. But, as Lou showed, Marty was a backup plan, a free meal, and PG entertainment.

Also, regarding her being on the run, it seemed clear that, despite their brother/sister routine, he’d turn her in to save himself. Yet, considering their chemistry was one of the few hooks on the show, watching their relationship dissolve was a missed opportunity.

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Lou crying
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The Ending
Travis Wasn't Harmed
Marty Didn't Confront Lou

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