Lou laying on her bed, looking directly at the camera

Lou may have overextended herself and because of that, her world begins to come crashing down.

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Lou may have overextended herself and because of that, her world begins to come crashing down.

Aired 4/15/2022
Network Roku
Directed By Tucker Gates
Written By Kathleen Robertson
Introduced This Episode
Nick Leonardo Nam
Detective Witter Angel Laketa Moore


Lou has reached new highs! She has gotten Joyce to accept her eggs, to get pregnant, and the baby is forming! But, sadly, this is the beginning of the end for Lou. With the help of a hacker named Nick, Travis learns Lou is April Mace, who may have escaped from Aldridge Treatment Center and most definitely killed Alex.

Though, to make things worse, Travis doesn’t dangle this information in front of Lou and give her time to retaliate or make a plan. No. Instead, he goes to the cops, then informs Marty, and between Travis’ reveal and Meredith revealing Lou was sent to her to seal the deal? Within an afternoon, Travis has completely destroyed the persona Lou has worked so hard on and all she has built in a matter of months.

Thus leaving Lou on the run from Detective Witter, Joyce disowning her, and Lou unhinged.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Sexual Content (Fully nude woman)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was Miles ever faithful, or does he have sex with all the women he draws?
  2. Why did April end up at the Aldridge Treatment Center

What Could Happen Next

  1. Lou is going to kill somebody
  2. Lou is going to run to Marty or Redmond

Collected Quote(s)

My personal life is not for you to judge or for me to justify.
— Joyce


On The Fence

Lou’s Downfall Being So Swift

It’s a weird thing, isn’t it? A show can spend most of its season, or some shows its series, building up a character, yet everything they work for can be gone in a snap. For Lou, it just doesn’t seem right that her downfall be so swift. It takes away from us being in on the real story and wondering if the truth will come out or not. You know, the delicious feeling of being aware of things other characters don’t know, so when Lou looks at the camera, you get the sort of creep factor that she sees you just as you see her.

But, with 6 episodes less than a half-hour, I guess we can’t linger too long? Especially with it seemingly not being meant to be a multi-season series.

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Lou laying on her bed, looking directly at the camera
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Lou's peak feels short-lived, and their downfall way too quick. Which leaves us wishing she got to enjoy the spoils of her work and manipulation more.
Lou's Downfall Being So Swift

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