With Lou getting a promotion comes Travis asking more questions about her background as Lou uses Miles to find stuff for her collection.

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With Lou getting a promotion comes Travis asking more questions about her background as Lou uses Miles to find stuff for her collection.

Aired 4/15/2022
Network Roku
Directed By Tucker Gates
Written By Kathleen Robertson


Alex’s death is seemingly going to be used to trigger Travis so that he looks into Lou, who, as you’d expect, lied on her resume and likely lies about what little we do know about her. But, while Lou isn’t aware of Travis coming for her, she is aware that she is growing in power as Joyce takes to her and with Marty in her back pocket. Hence her beginning to mouth off to Travis, like calling him a generic bitter twink.

Lou with a comeback towards Travis

But Travis is small fish to fry compared to everything else Lou has on her agenda. For example, she uses Miles’ interest in her to get into Joyce’s home and to get into Joyce’s bathroom. There she takes a few things, like Joyce’s underwear, but doesn’t do anything with Miles. Considering he is a whore, she could, but let’s not pretend Joyce doesn’t go under the bridge to find some young thing to eat her out.

Either way, while Miles is entertaining Lou, Joyce is trying to get pregnant and hoping that she will beat out the odds as she has done most of her life. Sadly though, in trying to support Miles’ gallery opening, she may have lost her last viable embryo due to not following her doctor’s orders. Well, and the stress which came from someone sending Miles a nude pic before they arrived at his gallery opening.

Which would be the second loss of her day. The first is Redmond not budging when it comes to Meredith’s project getting the budget Joyce and Meredith want. On top of that, she has to contend with Meredith wanting to write and direct, which surely will not help Joyce convince Redmond to budge.

Yet, who knows? Lou worked wonders on Meredith to get the book deal, so maybe it is time for her to work her charm on Redmond and see what she can do?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Lou LGBTQIA+ or does she just find Joyce, in particular, attractive?
  2. Did Lou really leave her computer unlocked? I get she is very careful, but that still seems dumb.
  3. What is Lou’s end game here? Does she want to be Joyce’s partner, to take over Joyce’s life without Miles, or what? Why the obsession?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Joyce miscarrying again, and this leading to her putting everything into her work – specifically Meredith’s project
  2. Lou killing Travis
  3. Marty being the first to discover Lou’s truth, but him not using that to get rid of her but rather grow closer

Collected Quote(s)

Finest trick of the devil is persuading you he doesn’t exist.
— Travis



Travis’ Investigation & Marty’s Hesitance In Knowing The Real Lou

Lou is an utter mystery, and I think Travis might be the only one interested in knowing who she is. Marty, mesmerized by a young woman’s attention, almost seems like he doesn’t want to mess things up by getting too personal. As if he’ll scare her aware by asking for vulnerability. Which is sad, but I think as Travis discovers things and decides to spread rumors, it’ll help Travis’ likely death to be more delicious. Never mind, make it so Marty can have a far more complicated relationship with Lou.

The Struggles Of Getting Pregnant

Joyce saying statistics don't apply to her

While not much can be conveyed in 23 some odd minutes, you do get enough to understand getting pregnant after a certain age is difficult. In fact, getting pregnant at any age can be, but the older you get, the more people may speak as if you are fighting probability, and in giving you the odds you are against, it doesn’t necessarily make the process easier. But, as Joyce noted, she does not live and die by probability, and though the show isn’t making this a heart-wrenching type of subplot, it is always nice to be reminded that some things money can’t buy for time is a limited resource.

Low Points

Alex’s Death Was Treated Like Nothing

Really? The sole Asian character on the show with lines is just killed off, Joyce does a quick verbal communication, and Travis automatically finds himself looking at Lou? So, was Alex’s sole purpose on this show to be a catalyst so Lou’s secret unravels? Really?

Redmond Being Offensive Without Layers

I don’t think there are layers to Redmond. Like so many on this show, he fits into a box. Marty is meant to be mostly likable, Travis a messy gay character, Miles a man whore, and Redmond a dirty, sexist, old man with a small mind. It’s unfortunate to see since you know the actor could do more, but I think it might be best to not take Swimming With Sharks seriously, even though it is a drama – for it lacks a desire to live up to what it could be.

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Lou's ode to Joyce featuring various pictures of Joyce
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Travis' Investigation & Marty's Hesitance In Knowing The Real Lou
The Struggles Of Getting Pregnant
Alex's Death Was Treated Like Nothing
Redmond Being Offensive Without Layers

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