In this episode, we finally learn the fate of Jeevan once he and Kirsten separated.

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In this episode, we finally learn the fate of Jeevan once he and Kirsten separated.

Aired 1/6/2022
Network HBO Max
Directed By Jeremy Podeswa
Written By Will Weggel, Patrick Somerville
Introduced This Episode
Terry Tara Nicodemo
Lara Tattiawna Jones


Is It Me, Or Are We A Terrible Team? – Kirsten, Jeevan, Lara

It is a difficult task to treat a nine-year-old as a kid and give them life or death responsibility. Yet, Jeevan doesn’t have much of a choice. He and Kirsten lucked into a cabin on a lake that has electricity and is insolated enough not to freeze, but one thing Jeevan doesn’t like is how isolated it is.

In Jeevan’s mind, they need to find a community because they’ve met almost half a dozen people, and most only brought on a sense of discomfort. However, what really pushes the idea Jeevan needs to find a community is that, despite how good Kirsten has gotten with a knife and gun, she is inconsistent on having his back. Because of her Station Eleven book, she doesn’t keep watch as he needs or is as responsive as his life depends on. He even gets nearly knocked out by a woman named Lara due to Kirsten focusing on the book she has read countless times vs. watching Jeevan as he searches for food and other items in a house.

Because of this, when he gets the chance, he snatches the book and throws it off the side of the road. This action, when discovered, leads to Kirsten flipping out and guilt driving Jeevan to, in the middle of the night, get the graphic novel and get attacked by a wolf in the process. Which, luckily for him, doesn’t kill him, and he even makes it to the vicinity of the house with the comic. However, Lara takes another attempt at taking him, and he is unable to fight back this time.

But I’m Not A Doctor – Jeevan, Lara, Terry, Kirsten

So why is it Lara has such an interest in Jeevan? Alongside talking to himself, rather figments of his sister and brother, Jeevan has been using the radio and lies about being a doctor. So with Lara one of maybe half a dozen or more women giving birth at a local mall, she kidnaps him and gets his wounds treated by a woman who introduces herself as Terry. Someone who is ecstatic to meet a fellow doctor since, thanks to Day Zero, medical professionals are in short supply.

Now, let it be known, as when Arthur was dying on stage, Jeevan can be helpful. He knows some terms and understands some procedures, but he is no doctor nor has the aptitude to be a nurse. In fact, with having to have part of his foot cut off after his injuries, he isn’t really in the mood to be helpful either.

However, as the days wear on and he gets to know Terry, Lara, and the others, he starts to bond with them. He even decides to be helpful, and this allows every woman there to give birth to a healthy baby. Which may lead you to wonder, what about Kirsten? Well, Lara went on her own, and also with Jeevan, to check the cabin, but Kirsten was gone.

Year 20 – Jeevan, Lara

What happened to Jeevan ultimately? Well, despite what we were led to believe in episode 4, he is alive and well. In fact, he didn’t just bond with Lara in the birthing center but became friends, lovers, the father of her kids, and more. Jeevan became a local doctor who, potentially under Terry’s tutelage, it isn’t clear, treats people local to his home on the lake. Something his daughter isn’t necessarily fond of, but his father is living the dream.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • There is a Tyler appearance in this episode. So, at this point, Jeevan has entered Sarah’s apartment since she lived in the same building, maybe the same floor, as Frank, and he encountered Tyler.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. While Kirsten had become proficient in knife throwing and a gun, how did Tyler survive?
  2. Did Alex come from the birthing center Terry ran?
  3. Does Terry still run the birthing center, and did she train new doctors?

What Could Happen Next

  1. We can only hope for a Kirsten and Jeevan reunion after this episode.
  2. Maybe getting to see why Tyler decided to become “The Prophet” and collect children

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I love goodbyes. Death’s worse.
— Terry



Getting To Know What Happened To Jeevan

With the events of episode 4, you could be led to believe all kinds of terrible things happened to Jeevan. Between the Bandanas, wolves, and the various groups we probably don’t even know about, between being in a ditch, skinned, and other gruesome acts, it’s easy for the mind to begin racing. Yet, the truth was, he moved on.

Jeevan in year 20

Despite the idea that, if you find a kid, it is more than a reason or season, it is a lifetime commitment, that wasn’t the case for Jeevan. Rather, he was meant to see Kirsten through her first year, perhaps instill some level of being aware of her surroundings and the unpredictable, and get her to learn the consequences of being self-absorbed. You know, the basics to survive in a post-pandemic world where, according to Terry, 9 billion people died. Especially as a little white girl.

And considering he doesn’t seem worried or even responsible for finding Kirsten and reuniting, I think Jeevan made his peace with the role he was meant to play. Especially since you could say, once Kirsten didn’t need him anymore, life found a way to deliver him to someone who did.

Understanding How Jeevan Not Coming Back Affected Kirsten

It would be one thing if Jeevan died, and that was the end of his time with Kirsten. However, it seemed Jeevan, tired of being responsible for another person, being teased about the “Leavin’ Jeevan” nickname Frank gave him and told Kirsten, he abandoned her. Can you imagine, as a 9-year-old, feeling abandoned because you felt like too much of a responsibility or were too annoying? That, because of a book, that could be the final straw for someone to leave you with no sign of return?

Lest we forget, Kirsten’s relationship with adults at this point isn’t all that good. Based on how Arthur talks in the past episode, Tanya made it seem her parents really weren’t invested much in Kirsten’s life. Then, even with Arthur, while he adored Kirsten, they were co-workers, he a mentor of sorts, and she didn’t get to see his bad side. All she saw was the jovial man who charmed nearly everyone.

So with Jeevan playing the role of father, perhaps better than her own, it helps you understand why she gripped so tightly to Station Eleven. I remember damage, talk of there not being a before – these are means to remind you to move on from the past. Which for kids like Tyler, Kirsten, and more, are the only way to cope with the adults in your life disappointing you, abandoning you, and reminding you that without societal obligation, they are under no promise to see you through to adulthood. The relationship is based purely on convenience, and when it is no longer so, you might end up on your own.

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Jeevan's story feels long overdue, and I'm happy for the penultimate episode of the series, we got to learn what happened and that it was a good story.
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Understanding How Jeevan Not Coming Back Affected Kirsten
Getting To Know What Happened To Jeevan

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    1. So, Jeevan was actually able to make it fairly close to the house. However, because of his injuries, he passes out and that is when he is taken to the birthing center, and the book left behind.

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