Sorry For Your Loss: Season 2, Episode 8 “Drumroll Please” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Danny and Leigh continue to hash out what their relationship means, and their different perspectives on Matt, as Jules and Tommy grow closer.

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Leigh asking Danny if he wants them to be over.

Danny and Leigh continue to hash out what their relationship means, and their different perspectives on Matt, as Jules and Tommy grow closer.

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Director(s) Millicent Shelton
Writer(s) Nathan Alan Davis
Air Date 11/5/2019

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Tommy Girl: Tommy, Jules

Tommy and Jules aren’t necessarily moving fast, but they are very much serious, and it shows through trust and vulnerability. For example, Tommy opens up about going to prison for assault.

The full story is, when Tommy was still wrestling with their sexuality conflicting with their religion, they were in a gay bar, and a straight man came in. He refused to leave, and due to the headspace Tommy was in, they hit the man with a beer bottle and put him in a coma. Thus, for an undisclosed amount of time, Timmy was in jail. Which, honestly, Jules doesn’t seem too phased by. Though, it should be noted, she originally thought it was a joke.

Sibling Relationships Are Complicated: Matt, Jules, Leigh, Danny

Danny saying Matt was a shitty person.

As Danny and Leigh grow closer, it forces them to understand how starkly different they saw Matt. When it comes to Leigh, she sees a saint. Someone who was her best friend and possibly the nicest person she has ever met. With Danny, he sees his brother. A person, not someone seen through rose-colored classes due to love, loss, or grief. If anything, Matt’s death amplified everything Danny ever thought, especially his negative emotions.

But, despite how much it annoys Danny to see Matt in such a light, he doesn’t reveal the truth about his brother. Specifically that there was a time he was thinking about divorce. That is, until Danny recommended Matt to take Leigh to New Orleans – one of her fondest memories of him.

Setting aside Danny for a bit, with Amy away and spending a good amount of time apart, it seems Jules and Leigh are back to a good place. One that allows Jules to talk about Tommy, even the fact Tommy has a record, and Leigh also opens up about her burgeoning relationship with Danny that she hasn’t necessarily defined just yet.

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  1. Do you think we’re going to learn Matt had an affair or was going beyond thinking about a divorce but actually looking into it? Also, when Leigh had Matt’s phone, did she see any texts to Nina or listened to any voice mails? Heck, did she notice calls to Nina or did Matt cover his tracks? What I guess I’m trying to say is, was any of this hinted to in season 1?

Should We End This?: Leigh, Danny

Danny’s issues with Matt trigger yet another discussion about what is the long term plan? Is Danny with Leigh to get back at his brother in a way? Also, with Leigh having a dream of Matt after spending a romantic vacation with Danny, is she using him to feel closer to Matt?

Needless to say, things are still complicated, and both are trying to figure out what is happening here? Not just in terms of their feelings but the other person. Yet, they recognize something is happening, and they don’t want it to end.



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Tommy & Jules

Jules and Tommy in bed.

There is something about seeing two queer women of color in love who are far from perfect but don’t seem messy. It reminds me of Vida, just without partial nudity.

Danny & Leigh Not Being An Easy Road

Insecurity and guilt plague this relationship, and it should. As we see over and over, Leigh and Danny sharing Matt is a crux that can’t easily be passed. After all, being with your brother’s wife, or husband’s brother, is a soap opera storyline that no one thinks they’ll ever be in. Yet, here these two are growing closer, having sex, and unsure what the long term is.

Which, in itself, is something for viewers to question as well. Are they just using each other to ease their grief in an unconventional, maybe even toxic way? Also, as they open up about what is going on, will they gain support or dismay? Jules seemed okay about it, but Danny’s mom? Can you imagine her reaction? Also, how will Amy react? She seemed to love Matt more than Danny and possibly Leigh.

Understanding Matt Was A Complicated Person

While a lot of what we’ve learned about Matt feels sudden, almost like the show wasn’t expecting a second season so now they are backdating a whole lot of information, I must admit I’m growing to enjoy seeing a new side to Matt. Now, do I like how sudden this feels? Not at all. However, with Matt being what binds so many people, he has to also be a strong force himself. So between wondering if there were signs in season 1, wondering if maybe there was more to his death than we know, and even question how far things went with Nina, it creates a renewed interest.

That, you have to admit, is something considering the character is dead and exist purely in flashbacks.

On The Fence

How Long Will Amy Be Away?

Does anyone else miss Amy? After her grand exit, while a reminder she is doing fine is nice, her presence is becoming sorely missed. Mind you, there is a serious need to question what could be next for her, but they can come up with something right? Which I say fully recognizing filming has likely long finished.


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How Long Will Amy Be Away? - 75%
Understanding Matt Was A Complicated Person - 80%
Danny & Leigh Not Being An Easy Road - 85%
Tommy & Jules - 89%


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