Sorry For Your Loss: Season 2, Episode 7 “Thirty Years” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Danny and Leigh being intimate.

Danny and Leigh try to see if what they have is real, or Leigh trying to tap into Matt, and we learn Matt told Danny a major secret regarding his marriage.

Danny and Leigh try to see if what they have is real, or Leigh trying to tap into Matt, and we learn Matt told Danny a major secret regarding his marriage.

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Director(s) Jenée LaMarque
Writer(s) Kimberly Ndombe
Air Date 10/29/2019

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The Possibility of Danny and Leigh: Danny, Leigh

Leigh and Danny checking into a hotel.

Danny and Leigh, after having sex, seem like they really want to go for it and have a relationship. However, Matt still existed, and it triggers consistent issues for both of them. For Leigh, with talking with a couple who have been together 30 years and sees her and Danny capable of the same, that puts things into perspective. Such as, was Matt supposed to die so that she’d end up with his brother? Someone who, for a long time, hated her?

Then, on the flip side, Danny has his own insecurities. Take Leigh mentioning, during their trip, she was thinking about Matt. That makes him wonder, when they were having sex, was she using him to vicariously have sex with his brother?

Yeah, things are that complicated between them, and while they are willing to talk about it, there is guilt murking up the process. Yet, they get through it. For example, for Leigh, it isn’t that she is thinking about Matt when they have sex, but it is through Matt, who she met right out of college, she learned what she likes in sex.

Then, when it comes to the long term potential, it is the issue that you would expect. What will these two do when their relationship isn’t in a cocoon and is open to judgement? Are they solid enough to withstand that, or will whatever they are building break under pressure?

Did You Know About Matt and Nina?: Matt, Nina, Danny

Matt in his classroom.

Remember Nina? She was Matt’s co-worker who started after him, and he acted as a mentor to. Well, it seems there was the possibility of them becoming more. Why? Well, with them both being awkward kids, and an offhand comment she made about him being her type when he was younger, it sparked ideas. Not the kind which led to an affair, but Danny was spoken to about Matt’s thoughts. Leading you to wonder, was Matt planning on leaving Leigh?



On The Fence

Dragging Matt’s Name In The Dirt

Matt confessing feelings for Nina to Danny.

Here is the thing, I said season 2 couldn’t discard Matt yet I wasn’t sure what they could really do with him? Thus far, he has mostly been used to further what we saw in season 1 – which is show how his loss left a gap in people’s lives. However, with people moving on, it makes seeing Danny’s perspective of him noteworthy yet a little cringey.

Maybe it is because we’re seeing Matt deconstructed after him being treated like a saint in season 1? Perhaps it is due to the fact Matt can’t explain things, so we’re reliant on Danny, who has a negative history with Matt, so we don’t know how much of what is said or done is spin? Either way, things are really complicated, especially when you add this Nina situation, and with seeing Matt as a to have sex with his brother vicariously figure, it is a bit jarring – but in a good way.


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