Sorry For Your Loss: Season 2, Episode 5 “Norway” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

There are two reveals this episode which we’re left to wonder, not the reaction of the person who receives the reveal, but what may come of it long term.

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Leigh looking towards the city.

There are two reveals this episode which we’re left to wonder, not the reaction of the person who receives the reveal, but what may come of it long term.

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Director(s) James Ponsoldt
Writer(s) Kit Steinkellner
Air Date 10/15/2019

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Things I’ve Wanted To Say, But I Worked Here: Lacey, Jules

Some time has passed, and Jules’ torturer, Lacey, has decided to quit. It isn’t clear what the last straw was, but let’s assume Amy’s extended absence definitely presented a clear sign it was time to move on. Which would lead you to believe, when it comes to saying goodbye to Jules, all that would happen is a snarky comment or two and her saying why she is glad she no longer works there.

Wrong. Instead, the two talk and Lacey realizes a lot of her assumptions about Jules, maybe Amy as well, were wrong. In fact, with her not working there, Lacey reveals how hot she thought many of the students are, the female ones especially. Then she starts talking about Jules and, eventually, one thing leads to another, and we’re left to assume Jules and Lacey had sex.

Now, as for whether things could be more than a hookup? Hard to tell.

Jules and Lacey getting flirty.

Abandonment Issues: Danny, Jules, Leigh

It has been at least a week since the memorial at Matt’s old school, and that is also how long Leigh has been in her room, not showering, and seemingly only eating cereal. Meanwhile, Jules has torn her MCL and is trying to hold things together at the studio and be there for when her sister decides to open up. Well, at least until Danny decides to tag in since, apparently, he’d rather be the one hard to get in contact with than let Leigh play that position.

So, he decides to coerce her to leave her room and join him on a suicide walk he discovered. This, as you can imagine, doesn’t sit well with Leigh, if only due to her still wanting the possibility that Matt didn’t kill himself. Yet, for Danny, and taking note of him going out of his way far more than normal, she proceeds with the nearly 16-mile walk.

One that nearly ends halfway, in terms of them walking together, for as Leigh shows signs she is better, Danny tries to slip back into being an ass. Mostly in the form of them calling each other selfish, using Matt as a prop, but things come to a head when Danny brings up he feels abandoned by Matt.

An idea which parlays into him talking about Leigh eventually abandoning him as well as she finds someone new, have kids, and would have no reason to be friends with her ex’s brother.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Matt sometimes didn’t want to hang out with Amy and had to be forced to? When and why?

I Think I Love You, And That’s What I’m Afraid Of: Leigh, Danny

By the time the 16-mile trek is over, Danny has become open and vulnerable, and Leigh thinks they have come to a good place together. Hence her surprise when he says they can’t see each other anymore. For, at this point, this back and forth is getting tiring, and just as much as he doesn’t want to feel abandoned, she’d like some consistency in her life.

But then Danny reveals he thinks he loves her, and then things click into place. Making Danny’s desire to walk away not only understandable but may be appropriate as well.



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Danny Feeling Abandoned

Danny noting he feels Matt abandoned him.

When it comes to Matt’s death, we’ve mainly focused on the why, how Leigh’s family felt, and while Danny’s feelings haven’t been ignored, he’s kept them close to the chest. Making it so you got he was hurting to, but to what extent wasn’t really dived into. This makes him talking about feeling abandoned seem like the final puzzle piece to understanding everything.

Think about it for a moment. Danny wasn’t Matt’s wife, girlfriend, or whatever. He was his brother who he has been with through breakups, issues with their dad, and so many other things. So for Matt to not come to him at a time he could be willing to kill himself means that either the relationship was one-sided or Matt found Danny to more so be a burden than an asset.

On top of that, like Leigh, Danny seems like he can be a bit selective when it comes to the people he surrounds himself with, family included. Which makes the person he was closest to just leaving, and then him possibly feeling that his wife is drawn to him for he makes a good placeholder for his brother, until she moves on, a lot to deal with. Especially since Danny seems like he could be fine with the idea and the guilt that comes with that seems hard for him to handle.

Could Jules Have Some Love In Her Life?

Jules has flirted slightly, shown she can still get the catch of the day, but we haven’t really seen her put herself out there since, post-sober, flirting has been hard. However, with this Lacey thing, have the tides changed? Could we see her having a little girlfriend and maybe do more than the nasty but have someone to hold hands with and help her understand and deal with this life she has?

Lacey smiling.

Stay tuned.


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