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Sorry For Your Loss: Season 1/ Episode 8 “A Widow Walks Into A Wedding” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

It seems everyone is tired of being single and that means desperate times may mean desperate solutions.

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Director(s)Hannah Fidell
Writer(s)Corina Maritescu
Air Date10/2/2018

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In The Lonely Hours: Amy, Jules, Richard

It isn’t clear how long Amy hasn’t had love, never mind sex, in her life, but it has definitely been too long. Hence her hooking up with Nick and now making out with Richard. Yeah, things have gotten to the point of making out with her ex-husband – WHO IS MARRIED! Though neither get into that. Mostly because Amy has a panic attack, during the kiss, and that scares her to the point of not even addressing Richard using her to cheat on his wife.


Amy looking at Richard.

It’s sad that Amy is struggling with not just finding a lover, but friends as well. Which seems kind of surprising for while she does seem like she could have Leigh’s temperament for people, especially those not part of a business transaction, I’d assume she would have at least a handful of people from high school, college, and beyond in her life. Rather than making it seem her kids are the sum of her friends. But, it is hard to find new people the older you get.

Though considering how big Amy is into women’s empowerment, you gotta admit it is kind of strange she didn’t meet any women as part of her advocacy. That is, unless she is the type where if she isn’t driving the ship, she isn’t getting on. Perhaps explaining why her kids are her best friends and perhaps her most active employees

The New Normal: Jules, Danny

With Jules not drinking for quite some time, and Danny single for a couple months now, both are kind of in the same lane as Amy. How do I meet someone new worth my time? For Danny, well his answer is a bit awkward and noted in the next topic. As for Jules? Well, just like she is taking steps towards sobriety, she is taking steps towards dating.

First just by finding out what she likes when sober. Second, by enjoying a quickie when sober. As for a third and beyond? Well, a girl can only accomplish so much in one day.


Jules sizing up a guy she is about to hook up with.

With it seeming that this will be a 10 episode season, I gotta admit, I am starting to feel like we’re waiting in vain for something to be done with Jules. For a hot second I thought maybe something between her and Danny might happen, but then she saw this guy who turned her all the way off. Following that, some frat dude got her hot and bothered and, well, she did what a grown woman does.

But, it feels like these situations aren’t necessarily providing her with a storyline. All we are getting is something for her to do. Heck, perhaps for Amy, we should see what she has been given as some kind of drama to keep her in mind. Making it seem, if you aren’t essential to Leigh’s investigation into what were Matt’s secrets, it seems like you get established just to be developed at a later time.

The Closer I Get To You: Danny, Leigh, Drew

It’s Drew’s wedding and this acts as a major trigger for Leigh. It makes her think of her wedding yet also Matt’s funeral. Leading to her wanting to leave but with Danny really stepping up in the brother department, he convinces her to stay. Which isn’t to say he isn’t going through something. As with Leigh, it seems once Matt left his life, all the people part of their friend group must have seemingly abandoned him to. So while he knows Drew, and likely people besides Leigh and Jules, he isn’t in the best of spirits either.

Yet, with him finding a way to keep Leigh there, she tries to make the best of it and not let him get into a funk. Even to the point of pushing him to dance a bit. Something which began as a good idea until Leigh loses the strength she thought she had and begins to breakdown. Leading to Danny, once again, trying to be there for her but then things get a bit too intimate and weird. As if he might kiss her, so she bails.


Leigh and Danny having a intimate moment.

I need them to not have Danny catch feelings for Leigh. I can barely deal with Richard cheating on his wife with Amy right now. Danny falling for his brother’s widow would make it so this show would feel like it is veering into the usual young adult drama that it has mostly avoided. Well, at least up to this point. For between Amy making bad decisions, Jules hopefully not swapping an addiction to alcohol with sex, and now this, the show has been careening off the road a little bit.

Which isn’t to say it can’t still correct itself, but after a certain point, Matt has to leave the backseat and end up in the rear view mirror. Making it so Danny and the rest have to move onto other things. The problem is, with this show having a closed ecosystem for a cast, does that mean we should expect them to stick to one another or will additional people be brought on board?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

When I was drinking, I had no problem meeting people. […] But now that I have standards, I think I’ll just stay single forever.
— Jules

The best people are broken.
— Danny

On The Fence

  1. The romantic entanglements of each character leads you to wonder if we may see some, like Jules, maybe even Amy as well, be a bit reckless or perhaps go with something safe. Like Amy and Richard making out and Danny, seemingly, being willing to make a move on his sister in law.

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