Becca crying and Leigh holding her hand.

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As Leigh meets another young widow, and her best friend gets engaged, she finds herself digging more into the blemishes of her marriage.

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Director(s) Jessica Yu
Writer(s) Lizzy Weiss
Air Date 9/18/2018
Characters Introduced
Becca Lauren Robertson
Richard Don McManus
Mia Maddie McGuire
Zack Zack Robidas

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The End Inspires Something New: Zack, Leigh, Richard

With Leigh wrestling with trying to figure out Matt’s passcode, it comes as a surprise that Zack is getting engaged. For one, Leigh didn’t know but with Zack inspired to get engaged, around June, by Matt’s death, it seemed like bad timing to tell. However, with Leigh knowing Zack’s fiancée cheated about 9 months ago, she questions Zack’s decision. Maybe out of her own insecurity. Something she doesn’t say so Zack just gets offended that Leigh can’t be happy for him and not throw that issue, which he says they worked through, into his face.

And with the idea of Matt cheating starting to really get to her, she sees her dad – who cheated on her mom. Why? Well, he got fired, felt inadequate, and seemingly cheating was his method of lashing out. But things are better now. He seemingly has a new wife, maybe a second, or third, depending on if he adopted Jules, daughter, and is in therapy.


Leigh after insulting Zack and reminiscing about Matt.

With each passing episode, we see a darker side to Matt. Secrets, feelings, maybe even desires, which fester. This episode had him revealing how uncomfortable he was in an interracial relationship sometimes. Also, him still wrapping his mind around the idea of being with one woman the rest of his life. The little things a person says which reminds you of the stuff swept under the rug.

Take Zack and the whole texting thing. I’m sure, while a noticeable lump under the rug, he has tried to move on, put the thought towards the back of his head, and pretend it isn’t there. However, it being pointed out is a red flag. It breaks the joy and brings about distrust. For who knows what may or may not have happened with that pastry chef. It could just have been two men being friendly and Zack was being insecure. Who knows?

However, it is saying something if someone else’s death is required for you to make a leap forward in a relationship. For maybe the whole losing thing isn’t just about Zack’s fiancée dying but maybe leaving him. Thinking they could die at any time so why stick with Zack? Though maybe I’m just finding myself drift to a Leigh mindset.

A Bad Review: Amy, Leigh, Jules, Mia

Amy is trying to eventually own the whole building for Beautiful Beast and has initiated a class pass offer. Problem is, Leigh has a very strenuous class that makes a woman, Mia, puke. This leads to what Amy sees as a bad review, for it makes Leigh seem way too intense, but then Jules makes it worse by stalking and threatening Mia. Thus bringing out a lot of Jules issues with the family from being seen as the f*** up and with Amy bringing up rehab and Jules getting too old for some of her antics, it really hits home. For Jules really is just trying and trying in that family is hard.

Yet, with explaining to Mia about Matt’s death and how he kept them together and now, without him, they all are spiraling, she says she’ll take down the review.


Jules trying to justify her actions to Amy.
Jules: I was trying to fix Leigh’s mess.

Why did Amy adopt Jules? I don’t say that in an “I hate Jules” kind of way, but I genuinely wonder why. For a little bit, I thought maybe Jules was a friend of Leigh’s that Amy adopted after something happened, but I think it is beyond that. Mostly since I can’t picture Leigh being that close to Jules for Amy to be inspired to do that. Especially since we are constantly reminded that getting Leigh to be social and friendly? It required Matt to be there to give her some kind of motivation.

Leading to the thought, considering Jules’ party ways and being down for some stalking, what has she done over the last ten years? Was she working with Amy during this time or just floating about? Also, why did Amy decide to open a gym?

I Really Am Jackie O.: Becca, Leigh

One of the things Leigh clearly wants is for her grief to be unique, without comparison, and for people to recognize that. However, with the arrival of Becca, the young widow of a soldier, Leigh is a bit frustrated and uncomfortable. For as the show dances around how Matt died, Becca’s husband died a hero doesn’t make Leigh feel all that good. But, luckily for her, not so much for Becca, it seems Becca is giving people what they want to hear.

Rather than talk about how lonely she was, missing another person’s touch, to the point of wanting a divorce, she plays the poor widow. Makes other people comfortable while she suffers, and in revealing this to Leigh, it seems she may have made a friend. For if there is one thing Leigh seems to value, it is when there is no BS between her and the person she is around. It may frustrate her and sometimes be a bit much to handle, but at least she knows where you stand.


Leigh apologizing to Becca.
Leigh: I’m just mad all the time.

I keep finding myself wondering what was it about Leigh that attracted Matt and vice versa? She is a bit intense and he seems very calm, cool and collected. Is it simply opposites attracting? Also, is the Leigh we see now just a more raw form of the Leigh from before Matt came into her life? Because the way Leigh is talked about, while dependable, she doesn’t seem to be the approachable type.

But, I guess it could be she was the type who wanted to be but, as Matt says, had these standards and tests people had to pass. One of the first being that they had to approach her. Something maybe not a lot of guys did but Matt was one of them. Maybe that is also why we don’t see Leigh with a bunch of girlfriends chatting with her. She needs them to be like Becca and approach her, show effort, so that she knows its real. For it is clear Richard leaving, and seemingly not doing so on good terms, that rocked Leigh a bit. Hence the noting of Leigh not liking BS because she needs straight answers and probably wants to be able to shield herself from the worse.

Leigh aside, Becca had me in my feelings. Her crying over not being touched in months, the need for human contact, friendship even, oh that nearly had me crying. Making me think, if this show was a full hour, I’d be bawling tears. Yet, rather consistently, at least with this episode and episode 1, it seems just before I’d end up needing a tissue, so rolls the credits.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Sometimes when a person drowns, they thrash around so much, they bring down anyone trying to rescue ‘em. Even if they don’t mean to.
— Richard


  1. Becca presenting the Jackie O to Leigh’s Courtney Love and reminding us, as pious as Becca may seem, there is darkness there. She just doesn’t seem to be as able to express it as Leigh.
  2. Jules’ struggle to win her family’s trust back and receive praise.
  3. I kind of like how rude Leigh is to everyone. Not as a means of expression but there is this weird comedic tinge to it. Not during the scenes but afterwards when you think about her actions.
  4. Meeting Richard and how he can play a role in the future.

On The Fence

  1. The whole, “How did Matt die?” thing is getting frustrating. I want answers.

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