Some Girls Season 3/ Episode 4 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Topaz, Amber’s sister, gets properly introduced, we learn of Mr. Jefferies personal issues.

Topic 1: Mr. Jeffries’ Breakdown – Holli

Topic 2: Meet Topaz (Bekka Bowling) – Viva & Amber

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Mr. Jeffries’ Breakdown – Holli

Mr. Jeffries (Geoffrey McGivern), the school principal, has just lost his boyfriend and it couldn’t have been at the worse time. Channel 4 is scouting for a school to do a documentary on, and all the footage they get is of him talking about destroying his boyfriend’s things. Leading Holli to try to show the man who made a decent father figure for her by trying to show him as a counselor, or even him stopping a fake fight between her and Saz, but with his personal life consuming his every minute, he just ends up saying no to the documentary, which the school didn’t even win.


It’s always nice to be reminded that Holli, and on occasion Amber, aren’t as dense as they seem. Much less that they have feelings and can be just as complicated as Viva, if not also Saz. For while I have long forgotten who Mr. Jeffries was, and thought Anna long became the school principal, it is nice to see him back and for Holli to show us how he, in a way, stepped in as a sort of father figure. One which has not only helped her when it comes to school, but she wants to help in order to thank him for all he has done. Though, in the end, the only thing she ended up helping him with is destroying his boyfriend’s things.

Topic 2: Meet Topaz (Bekka Bowling) – Viva & Amber

Topaz, Amber’s sister who slept with Brandon, is introduced and Viva, at first, does her best to try to have the two sisters reconcile. Issue is, upon Topaz flirting with Rocky she is ready to curse the girl out. Especially since she shows her butt to Rocky and he wants to take a photo. The end result though is that all of Viva’s jealousy ends up being uncalled for. For despite Amber badly wanting free extensions from Topaz’s salon, she choosing friendship over them. As for Rocky? Well, he and Viva have a chat. For with Viva getting jealous, he realizes she isn’t comfortable with girls flirting with him and that she pretty much has to. He is attractive and Topaz maybe the first of many. However, despite what other girls say, do, or show, all he wants is Viva. Something she seems to realize once the episode is over.


I don’t know if Topaz is having a one episode feature, or if she may be seen again, but I must admit all this talk of Brandon has me wondering where is he? That aside, with Viva’s jealousy comes the question if she really loves Rocky, or if she just can’t stand the idea of someone else having him. Something I think can be considered two different things. After all, her jealousy seemingly was the driving force of them getting back together, and perhaps now staying together. Plus, outside of maybe sex, we don’t see them really smile and enjoy the idea of each other much. For just with the idea of Rocky getting a haircut from Topaz led to her wanting to break up with him. And really, if something that small makes her mind go there, it seems she is just waiting for a real justifiable reason which she can firmly stand on.

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