Time has flown right by as Sam hits six months! But, with being detoxed of alcohol, it makes her libido grow stronger.

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Time has flown right by as Sam hits six months! But, with being detoxed of alcohol, it makes her libido grow stronger.

Aired 2/10/2022
Network FreeForm
Directed By John Riggi
Written By Lauren Bans
Introduced This Episode
Chloe Jade Marie Fernandez


[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”eSwTFDMw” upload-date=”2022-03-25T04:57:59.000Z” name=”Single Drunk Female: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Sober for the D and V” – Video Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)” description=”Time has flown right by as Sam hits six months! But, with being detoxed of alcohol, it makes her libido grow stronger.” player-type=”static”]

Sober Thoughts Make Me Feel Lonely – Sam, Carol, Bob, Felicia, Olivia, James

At six months in, Olivia makes it seem your mind wanders to other needs now that alcohol isn’t top priority. For Sam, that’s her libido, and while Felicia tries to help, the apps aren’t kind to new Sam, and the struggle is real. This is why she tries to find alternative means to handle her desires, but with living in her mother’s home and hearing Carol and Bob have sex? Yeah, that isn’t the best place or way to figure things out.

So, the idea was to hook up with James since he is hot and has given good banter. But then he uses that whole, “Until it has been a year you are untouchable” thing while sending mixed signals. Of which Sam isn’t in the mood for, so they put that whole thing to bed, but neither Sam nor James’.

But Is He THE One? – Carol, Brit, Joel

On the way to who knows where, Carol and Brit happen to meet up at the train station, and this leads to an awkward chat. One in which Carol throws shade at Joel, accidentally, regarding his intelligence.

In planting this seed, Brit sees a new side to Joel, and for a little bit, it messes with their relationship. However, as Brit rids herself of Caro’s criticism of Joel’s intellect, she rediscovers why she loves him. For example, with all the work she does as a doctor, Joel picking up the slack, like with handling seating arrangements, helps immensely.

Taking The Edge Off – Olivia, James, Chloe, Sam, Felicia

Chloe (Jade Marie Fernandez) talking to Sam
Chloe (Jade Marie Fernandez)

With the apps failing Sam, she finds Olivia’s party, a sober party, perhaps the thing she needs. Now, it is awkward since James is there, waiting for her and asking to dance, but that situation is what it is. However, with Sam bumping into a stranger, who we learn is one of Olivia’s sponsees, Chloe, things change.

Sam, who is bi or pan, quickly connects with Chloe, and the two end up in the bathroom, with Felicia warding people off so Sam can get what she needs. But, whether or not Sam and Chloe are a one-time thing or will become a thing? We’ll have to wait and see.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…] don’t focus on who was in your vag. Focus on who’s gonna be in your vag, right?
— Felicia

You were always having a threesome with booze.
— Olivia

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is James more so worried about his sobriety if things go wrong than Sam’s? Hence his hesitation? Because, unless I missed something, we don’t necessarily know what James’ triggers were
  2. How did Olivia end up with Stefani, and what bonds them together? They seem like they are on different wavelengths.
  3. Will we meet all of Olivia’s sponsees? Never mind, meet her sponsor?

What Could Happen Next

  1. James confessing his feelings for Sam
  2. Sam dating Chloe for real when she realizes she may want more than sex?



Sam and Chloe

I think they’re cute, and it’s always nice to see a character who doesn’t approach their sexuality as a core part of their identity. Sam likes who likes and stimulates her, and that’s it. It’s not a big thing to her, Felicia, or anyone, really.

But, with that said, I am looking forward to seeing more of Chloe and maybe the show touching on why James was rightfully hesitant about dating Sam. Be it because of how alcohol addiction can become love addiction, how relationships could trigger drinking, or just an acknowledgment that this is time to work on yourself.

James Using Sobriety As A Reason To Not Be With Sam

James is a bit of a mystery to us. We know he works in tech, clearly has friends who don’t take his sobriety into account, and loves dogs. In fact, he loves them so much that when he would drink, he would steal them. However, as for his life outside of work and dogs? It’s a bit unclear where he is.

James realizing he missed his chance

For example, when it comes to Sam, may his fear be what being in a relationship could do to him? Not to say James lacks social skills, but he can be a little awkward, and it almost makes me wonder if he is as rusty as Sam. Maybe even worse since he could be the type who focused more so on becoming the next big tech guy that dating wasn’t his focus? If not, one of the reasons he formerly struggled with sobriety is a breakup and fears of rejection?

All of which I get is probably looking into things too deep, but you never know.

Carol Getting Into Brit’s Head

It’s nice to see Carol isn’t just this way with Sam. In terms of making people doubt themselves, feel insecure, and just having a negative experience, it’s basically a Carol thing. Now, as for whether the show will dive into why Carol is this way? Hard to say. The only thing we know for sure is that she does now feel comfortable enough to have her body exposed to Bob. But, beyond that? Similar to James, we know enough, but not the whole story.

On The Fence

So, James and Mindy Are Not Going To Be A Thing?

Did you know that the character is considered a guest star despite Mindy being part of the show’s promo? My feelings were hurt when I saw that since that really pushes the idea that the Mindy and James possibility is low. Never mind, in terms of getting to know more about Mindy, it makes it less likely.

But people get promoted to series regulars all the time so, we’ll just cross our fingers.

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Title Card - Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 5 “Sober for the D and V”
Single Drunk Female: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Sober for the D and V” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Step by step, Single Drunk Female explores sobriety through various topics, and with jumping to six months, so comes new issues and storylines to explore.
Sam and Chloe
James Using Sobriety As A Reason To Not Be With Sam
Carol Getting Into Brit's Head
So, James and Mindy Are Not Going To Be A Thing?

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