With Ann’s bike being found, Richard digging into Camille’s past, and Camille haunted by every dead girl she knows, we draw closer and closer to getting pertinent answers. Network HBO Director(s) Jean-Marc Vallée Writer(s) Dawn Kamoche, Ariella Blejer Air Date 8/12/2018 Actors Introduced Becca Hilary Ward Katie Reagan Pasternak Going Everywhere But The Horse’s Mouth:…

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With Ann’s bike being found, Richard digging into Camille’s past, and Camille haunted by every dead girl she knows, we draw closer and closer to getting pertinent answers.

Director(s) Jean-Marc Vallée
Writer(s) Dawn Kamoche, Ariella Blejer
Air Date 8/12/2018
Actors Introduced
Becca Hilary Ward
Katie Reagan Pasternak

Going Everywhere But The Horse’s Mouth: Richard, Jackie

While Camille wasn’t around during the time of the murders, assumingly, it doesn’t mean she isn’t of interest. Especially since she is rather private which, of course, makes her all the more interesting to someone like Richard. So, after finding Jackie replacing flowers at the site Natalie was at, he tries to use her to dig up some answers on Camille. However, even when they meet up later, and she has been drinking, she doesn’t give him much. Confirms she was in a hospital for some of her issues, notes she is delicate, but that’s about it. Outside of that, she shares that most of Camille’s issues started when Marian dies and that is about as much as she can give.


Jackie saying she isn't going to say much about Camille, especially when sober.
Jackie: I’m not one to talk about people’s touchy areas.

Taking note Camille is an odd duck, could she be the killer? She is well versed in the killings of Wind Gap and it keeps getting pushed how a woman could be the killer. Not to forget, with Ashley mentioning the reason anyone does anything is to be famous, you never know right? Heck, Jackie could be the killer for what we know. It would explain how come she seems to play such a small role on this show yet always finds herself not too far separated from the drama. As if she is just waiting to get caught and become talk of the town.

Evidence & A Confession: Adora, Chief Vickery, Richard, Alan, Camille

Yet, it seems Jackie and Camille might be off the hook. Reason being, a bike is found on Adora’s pig slaughter property, where the pig crap is specifically, and there Ann’s bike is found. Later on, John gets fingered and it seems he is going down. Though, we’re jumping ahead of ourselves. There is the need to ask the same questions Camille did when she interrogates Adora: Was she called before the cops and also Bob’s reaction.

Now, we know about Bob’s reaction, but whether Adora was called first is a different story. Though, taking note Adora barely seems willing to kick Camille out of her house, and rather Alan take on such unpleasantries, could she really have done something? Well, if we are to believe Alan about the abuse Adora experienced because of her mom, Joya, maybe. After all, Adora pretty much runs the town and is its biggest employer. She is the unofficial mayor. So her threatening a job or someone’s comfort in Wind Gap would mean the end of them, would it not?


Let’s explore this idea of Adora being the killer. Who is to say Joya didn’t mess her up to the point where she may be picked with and used people’s daughter’s as playthings? Her “mentoring” them could have been something much more sinister. What could or would they say? Remember, these aren’t city kids – this is southern culture. So secrets are closely held and occasionally spoken in whispers. So who is to say Adora didn’t do some unbecoming things and when these kids stepped out of line, maybe threatened her, one of the many people at her farm might have been used. Because, while it may have taken a man’s strength to do something like pulling all those teeth out, who is to say a woman didn’t plan it all? Be it Adora, Amma, or maybe even Alan.

After all, just because he usually doesn’t get focused on much, like Jackie, he is still around enough to be taken note of. Also, let’s not forget he has shown himself to be a bit of the jealous type. Add on Adora emasculating him a bit, alongside Amma not paying him much mind and you got a man who certainly has issues.

Girls Night Out: Camille, Amma, Becca, Angie, Ashley, John

Amma, after convincing Camille to party with her and her friends, trying to keep her feeling comfortable.
Amma: Camille’s my guest and my sister.

Taking a few steps back, before John was fingered for Ann Nash’s death, he was having just another day. One in which Amma and he were having an odd exchange, and Ashley was trying to coax her 15 minutes of fame out of Camille. However, she isn’t really for Ashley’s games. What she is interested in is Ashley’s right ear looking mangled a bit. Leading to the question of how that happened?

But, another thing to question is Camille’s reputation. Considering how long it has been since Camille was in town, why is it so many expected her to live some glamorous life. Is that what Adora tells everyone? Even though she can barely stand Camille? It’s hard to say.

What is clear though is Camille has been cutting since her teens. This is revealed to us by Becca, the sole Black girl on the cheer squad, who saw Camille cut “Cherry” into her leg while massaging her calf. Now, add in what I assume is Katie’s husband trying to apologize for the train ran on Camille, and it makes you wonder was it because of that she cut herself?

Though, as with most episodes, everything pretty much leads up to Amma freaking Camille out. What doesn’t help this time around is Camille finally gives into partying with Amma and she ends up consuming Oxy and also ecstasy. This is on top of Camille generally being a functioning alcoholic. Leading her to see every dead girl she knows throughout the day. All while Amma is in bliss because she is finally getting Camille’s attention all to herself. But with her noting she fears something bad is going to happen and Marian warning Camille at the end of the episode, so comes the need to ask is Amma truly going to be next?


If I am to be honest with you, I really don’t have a strong theory at this point. I do believe Amma is likely the next target and she compensates knowing that by being surrounded by people and probably getting wasted enough so she won’t feel it when it happens. Heck, maybe her love for Camille, and how dangerous she is, comes from thinking she is capable of protecting her? But, the question remains, who and what? Could one of Amma’s lackeys maybe try to kill her? Alan? Since often it is the weird dad who ends up being the one who did it. Then, what about women? Ashley got called a baby killer by Amma, or one of her people, so maybe her knowing about an abortion puts her on Ashley’s radar? I mean, who is to say Ashley doesn’t kill them and John covers her tracks? With her doing the same in return?

I feel like I’m missing something which is obvious, but this show has such a large cast. Making it where, technically, even Gayla should have an eye on her. Yet, why would she do it? Why would anyone we’ve met kill two girls and have it where one had their teeth pulled out? We know about what connected Ann and Natalie, which is Amma and Adora, so could it have been them? Someone who hates them but can’t touch them, so the other girls suffered? Or could it just be the two weird girls in town were targeted because they were the most isolated?

Truly, not since Hotel Sejour, have I enjoyed a murder mystery.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Has anyone else, besides Camille, ended up in that St. Louis rehab?
  2. How did they discover a bicycle in that shallow lake of pig mess again? It’s discovery just seemed too convenient.
  3. What exactly does Alan do besides listen to records and live off Adora’s money? Seemingly he doesn’t do anything at the pig farm so is he just a kept man?
  4. Taking note of her trauma, why would Adora call out Marian and Camille’s name while she sleeps?
  5. How did Jackie and Camille’s relationship get to where it is now? With her feeling compassion for the girl yet not so much she wouldn’t hit on the man she is messing with?
  6. Does Katie know what her husband did, well tried to do, with Camille in the woods?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You can live a shallow life without copping to being a shallow person.
— Camille


  1. New things to question, like Ashley’s mangled ear.
  2. Alan’s scenes with Camille and Adora which are so passive aggressive, sort of shady, that you can’t help but giggle.
  3. While you may still have no idea what is going on, between Amma and Camille’s hallucinations, you are pleasantly strung along.

Low Points

  1. I really hope we weren’t supposed to pay attention to Camille’s high school friends because they are the worse part of this show. While other characters are catty, and kind of cruel, they can’t hold a candle to neither Jackie’s crew nor Amma’s.

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