Nell Tiger Free as Leanne telling a baby to shush
"Nell Tiger Free as Leanne telling a baby to shush," Servant, "Zoo," directed by Celine Held and Logan George, 2023, (Apple TV Plus)

Leanne is attacked multiple times, and it seems to stop her, you’ll have to be as powerful, if not more, than her.

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Leanne is attacked multiple times, and it seems to stop her, you’ll have to be as powerful, if not more, than her.

Aired (Apple TV Plus) February 17, 2023
Director(s) Celine Held, Logan George
Writer(s) Devin Conroy, Ishana Night Shyamalan
Previously Noted Characters
Dorothy Lauren Ambrose
Leanne Nell Tiger Free
Sean Toby Kebbell
Julian Rupert Grint
Roberta Barbara Kingsley
Beverly Denny Dillon


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You Do This To Hurt Me – Dorothy, Leanne, Sean, Julian

Leanne decides to throw Jericho a one-and-a-half birthday party, which is a hot mess. There is an animal trainer there whose animals attack and nip at Leanne. There is a Dorothy, who represents Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, who is getting drunk and vomits at the party. Also, because the party is last minute and there is a sinkhole outside, no one that Dorothy knows and likes, beyond her father and his girlfriend, come. It’s just a bunch of random moms, and honestly, Dorothy is as annoyed as she is embarrassed, but she is also too tired to cause a fuss.

Sean, on the other hand, is not. He confronts Julian, who is helping Leanne like she domesticated him, and it comes to a point where Sean tries to issue a wake-up call. He reminds Julian about Jericho dying and neither one of them being there when Dorothy needed them. Sean also brings up Julian’s addictions and just goes for the jugular, leading to the two coming to blows.

But that’s not the only violence that happens. After being attacked the first time by the animals for Jericho’s birthday, Leanne goes to her room, and members of the CLS, three of them, attack and try to kill her. Luckily, she finds them off, might have even killed one, and then she has her people drag them away before anyone can be the wiser.

Do You Need A Reminder? – Sean, Julian, Dorothy, Leanne, Beverly, Roberta

However, that isn’t the only time an animal or human attacks Leanne. Dorothy, Wizard of Oz Dorothy, has a dog who bites Leanne, and Beverly takes her to her apartment to treat the wound. At least, that was originally the assumption until it is revealed that she is a CLS member. But, unlike the kids who attacked her earlier, Beverly takes her time, and due to doing so, Leanne is not only able to create a means for someone to be drawn to the basement, specifically Julian, but she is able to kill Beverly herself.

Which, for Sean, becomes yet another example of why Leanne is dangerous and has to go, but Julian doesn’t care. It isn’t clear if he is in love, fear, or what, but Julian is Leanne’s Juju, and he is satisfied with that. Sean and Dorothy, however, are not, and with another failed attempt for her to be killed or taken, they are devastated, an add-in Roberta believes her time has come to leave, it means one less advocate in the house for Dorothy to lean on.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. CLS is going to bring out the big guns and have someone with power go after Leanne


Notable Performances or Moments

Leanne Is Dangerous

Leanne has fought back many times before in an effort to protect the Turners or herself, but that was before she apparently snapped. Now, with her talking about liking to harm people and what she did to Beverly? She has escalated things to being notably dangerous. She can kill people by concentrating on them, and while the guy had her pinned down, she took out three people on her own in time.

Note, we have four episodes after this one, and at this rate, Leanne being able to rival some of the biggest Marvel and DC villains seems to be a possibility.

Sean Calling Out Julian

Julian has been strange recently, but it is understandable. As Sean laid out, Julian has gone through a lot, and despite all that, Leanne loves him, seemingly without any condition beyond being helpful. This is in comparison to the outright manipulation of his sibling or Sean digging up old bones and forces Julian to smell what’s going on.

Also, lest we forget, yes, Julian is an addict, and like many, when he doesn’t pursue a substance, he does a feeling. So while he may not be love-bombing Leanne, he is getting to experience some kind of joy in being by her side. Hence him doing way more for her than he ever did for anyone else, at least in the time we’ve known him, and even running to Leanne’s aid. Hell, he even puts himself in harm’s way for her.

This leads to the question, should we see this as growth rather than his newest addiction?

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Nell Tiger Free as Leanne telling a baby to shush
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Sean Calling Out Julian
Leanne Is Dangerous

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