Servant: Season 3/ Episode 7 “Camp” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Dorothy noting she can't go through losing Jericho again

Dorothy decides it is time for Leanne to prep for her next venture, and it seems no one is on her side about that.

Dorothy decides it is time for Leanne to prep for her next venture, and it seems no one is on her side about that.

Aired 3/4/2022
Network Apple TV Plus
Directed By Celine Held, Logan George
Written By Kara Lee Corthron


I Forbid You – Milo, Leanne, Dorothy, Roscoe

Dorothy is uncomfortable and fearful of Milo and the rest of the homeless people in the park, especially because their numbers are rising. Yet, due to building a relationship with them, Leanne doesn’t feel the same way. If anything, she wants to be closer to them and even introduce Jericho.

Roscoe watching Leanne, trying to figure out why she is so beloved amongst these people

This confuses Roscoe, who for some reason is amongst the homeless, asking Milo questions about Leanne and all that is going on. But, before he can get notable answers or we can hear the people say more to Leanne beyond praise, Dorothy storms out there, snatches Jericho, orders Leanne back in the house, and reprimands her. In fact, she forbids Leanne to go to the park and interact with those people, especially since she sees Leanne as a beacon for cults and wants her child no part of that.

This Isn’t Up For Discussion – Leanne, Veera, Sean, Julian, Dorothy

But with Leanne playing down Dorothy’s concern, it seems Dorothy is done. Leanne won’t listen, Sean won’t support her, so she works with Veera to get Leanne into a two-month dance program. Leanne, shocked by it all, says nothing, and Sean doesn’t know until things are done and Julian when Leanne is supposed to be on a train heading to New Jersey.

Naturally, Julian protests, but Dorothy clarifies to him, as she did Sean, this isn’t up for discussion. For Dorothy, Leanne gives her too much anxiety to have her in the house and add in Leanne is drawing pictures of Dorothy’s most embarrassing moments and is picking at her? No. She can’t stay in the house and continue to present a threat to Jericho and Dorothy’s sanity.

My Presence Is A Gift And Absence A Curse – Leanne, Veera, Sean, Julian, Dorothy, Tobe

It should be noted Leanne doesn’t fight Dorothy trying to kick her out. She does appreciate Sean and Julian saying something on her behalf, however. So, one by one, she hugs them, kisses Jericho on the head, hugs Dorothy, closes her eyes while hugging her, and steps on the porch, where Tobe is waiting to take her to the train station.

Leanne standing outside in the rain

But no sooner than Leanne steps outside, Jericho is back to being a doll, and Dorothy is flipping out. As this happens, Leanne just stands in the rain, and it isn’t until Veera has had enough of Julian and his family’s madness does she leave, and that is the sign for Leanne to go back in and Tobe to go home. Thus leading to Sean putting his foot down and saying Leanne can stay as long as she wants and Jericho reappearing like nothing happened.

Which leaves Dorothy feeling utterly unsupported, outnumbered, conned, and very much of the mindset that makes you wonder if she might do something desperate?

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Sexual Content (Minor Nudity – In Art)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Tobe not understand that if Dorothy or Sean call him about something dealing with Leanne, and she isn’t on that call, he should raise red flags?
  2. So, should we assume that Jericho is trapped to be within Leanne’s vicinity for the rest of her life? That he could turn into a doll because he decides to go off to college against Leanne’s wishes? I know the show won’t last that long, but I think it is a valid question.
  3. At what point will Dorothy realize Leanne has magic?
  4. Are we really supposed to believe the police or members of the community are doing nothing about a homeless population taking over the park and growing?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Dorothy and Leanne going to war and Leanne humbling Dorothy
  2. Sean talking to Dorothy about long term plans, especially if he is going back to work outside the home on a regular basis
  3. The potential of Julian and Leanne getting back together

Collected Quote(s)

Shame is a gateway to relapse.
— Veera



Leanne Reminding Everyone Who Has the Power Here

Leanne thanking Dorothy for her offering to get her into a dance program

Because Dorothy is married to a man who doesn’t often wish to fight, she seems to have this idea that she runs things in her household. However, as shown by Sean interacting with the homeless, despite her protest, and Leanne’s actions, it seems Dorothy came to the realization, at last, she is placated and not in control. Yet, it seems Leanne, who often humors Dorothy, but has lately treated her like a stubborn child, had to remind Dorothy that being the oldest in the house doesn’t mean she is the de facto leader. For who knows how long, Leanne has been building relationships with everyone Dorothy loves, and they understand her and her logic far more than Dorothy now.

And it seems with the Jericho stunt, Leanne decided Dorothy needed to be humbled since she was starting to get too big for her britches.

On The Fence

The Long Term Goals For The Homeless Population

While we finally got one of their names, it still remains unclear what the homeless people are going to do and what is their purpose? Aunt May and the Lesser Saints were mentioned in this episode and attacked fairly recently, but should we expect a battle or not?

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