Leanne telling Julian, as she bathes him, she wants to move on

A familiar face reappears, and Dorothy plans her final stand against Leanne, who does what she has to in order to keep her family.

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A familiar face reappears, and Dorothy plans her final stand against Leanne, who does what she has to in order to keep her family.

Aired 3/25/2022
Network Apple TV Plus
Directed By Ishana Night Shyamalan
Written By Ryan Scott


Don’t You Want Me To Be Agreeable? – Dorothy, Julian, Sean, Leanne

Dorothy seemingly tapped out between the Trazadone and not having a single ally against Leanne. But, with her apologizing, Julian and Sean raise red flags since that is something Dorothy doesn’t do at all. Yet, Leanne hopes that isn’t true and tries to show Dorothy all that she was missing by being at war with her. She shows her the community she built with the homeless people and even gives her a heads up that the local news station will have space in their morning show.

But, while things on the surface seem like they may finally lead to peace, including Dorothy and Leanne working out together again, with the house decaying like the corpse in the wall, clearly things are on the decline.

Quiet, But Still There – Uncle George, Roscoe

Uncle George talking to Roscoe

Perhaps the prime reason to believe this is that Uncle George is alive with a cane, and Roscoe paints the picture he is keeping tabs on Leanne and her crew for the Church of Lesser Saints. This pushes us to believe they took Milo, but whether they killed him, tortured him, or re-indoctrinated him is anyone’s guess.

I Was Pushed To Do This – Dorothy, Julian, Sean, Leanne

As Sean and Julian predicted, Dorothy was presenting a ruse. She didn’t want to make peace and accept Leanne as a fixture in her life. No. So she gets the family drunk, hoped Leanne was drunk enough too, and it seems she planned to kidnap Jericho and start over.

Unfortunately for her, Leanne woke up, and with Dorothy rejecting her, Leanne woke up the whole house, and once again, Dorothy was put on the defense. And with her making it clear Leanne is nothing more than an employee to her at this point, Leanne has her fall several flights and break her legs, potentially her arm, and make it, so she isn’t going anywhere.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Violence (Controted body)

What Could Happen Next

  1. The Lesser Saints finally appear again, in full force, in season 4
  2. Dorothy potentially being in a full-body cast
  3. Because no one appears to care about Julian’s sobriety, him relapsing beyond however much he drank


On The Fence

Dorothy Isn’t Dead

Dorothy collapsed on the floor, after Leanne had her fall several flights

To me, an Uncle George appearance doesn’t make up for the fact that nothing of note happened this season. Yes, Dorothy went to war with Leanne, and the homeless people moved in. Also, you could say Leanne getting her powers back and them going beyond where they once were could be of note. However, as for a battle or something to end this on an exclamation point? I wouldn’t say George’s appearance was that thing.

Now, you could say Dorothy falling several flights is that big pop moment. I’d disagree because she didn’t die. We still have to deal with her being the placeholder villain of the show, which is a role that has long lost its luster and has pretty much forced the character into a stagnant state. So as shocking as her falling and Leanne likely causing that should be, with no blood and a sign that this is just meant to trap Dorothy in the house, the incident doesn’t feel noteworthy. It just seems like another way Servant is going to continue to drag out a conclusion that is beginning to feel overdue.

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Leanne telling Julian, as she bathes him, she wants to move on
Servant: Season 3/ Episode 10 “Mama” [Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
The end of season 3 makes it, so season 4 better come out swinging. The entire season feels like it was about laying a foundation for war, and with only a minor skirmish, I feel like we need and deserve something major.
Dorothy Isn't Dead

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