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Servant: Season 2/ Episode 6 “Espresso” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

As Uncle George dances around what he and Leanne are capable of, we’re reminded of Sean’s part in Jericho’s death.

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Director(s)Isabella Eklof
Writer(s)Tony Basgallop, Nina Braddock
Aired (Apple TV+)2/19/2021

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The Absent Father – Sean, Dorothy, Jericho

While Dorothy is often seen as the reason Jericho is dead, let’s not discount Sean’s role in this. As a father, Sean was less active and placed a lot of the burden of child-rearing on Dorothy. Hence why we’re reminded of him wanting to join “Gourmet Gauntlet,” despite signs Dorothy couldn’t handle raising a child alone.

Yet, what can we say? Sean was selfish, and it wasn’t until his wife experienced a psychotic break he realized it. Thus causing some form of an awakening, but it might be too late.

There Is More Than You Acknowledge – Uncle George, Leanne, Dorothy, Sean, Julian

Uncle George, being a man of faith, born again, perhaps beyond the way those words are traditionally used, pushes the idea Leanne, as he, are guided to be with certain people. However, Leanne has exhibited free will, and with her going rogue, bad things happen. Dorothy doesn’t give a damn about anything Uncle George says but Sean? He listens. He takes not of his hands, the sewer issue, and while he doesn’t outright believe, it does tempt him to listen.

Dorothy arguing with Uncle George

Thus he begins to make a plan to get Leanne out of the house, Dorothy be damned. For even if it isn’t Uncle George’s words, at the very least, Sean’s conscious is kicking into the next gear, and he realizes he can’t keep her hostage in good faith. Mind you, his perspective on Leanne differs from everyone else but considering how Dorothy and Julian treated Leanne, do you think they don’t deserve hell?

Tragedy Strikes – Uncle George, Leanne, Dorothy, Sean

As Sean is escorting Leanne out, we learn a tragedy struck Leanne’s former home, and Uncle George is ready to blame the Turner family. However, whether or not we should see the shooting as their fault is hard to say. After all, what could Leanne really have done to stop it?



Uncle George Bringing Back Servant’s Supernatural Element

It isn’t clear if Leanne called Uncle George, if Uncle George and Leanne have powers or not, and whether they are truly good or only good in the eyes of the cult they share. Either way, the supernatural element has been played down, despite the lights and odd moments we have seen. So to finally get some kind of explanation is quite the treat. Even if it is bits and pieces rather than outright answers so we can finally learn if guilt is what causes Sean to lose his taste, a curse from Leanne, or the power of her presence?

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