Natalie (Jerrika Hinton) looking into Jericho's crib.
Natalie (Jerrika Hinton)

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The person who introduced Dorothy to the transition doll is properly met, and she may just blow everything up.

Directed By Alexis Ostrander
Written By Tony Basgallop
Aired (Apple TV Plus) 12/27/2019
Introduced This Episode
Natalie Jerrika Hinton

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Taking Back Control: Dorothy, Natalie

With Dorothy going back to work, she feels that what Natalie once did for her, as a kinesiologist, is no longer needed. For now Dorothy thinks of herself as capable of self-healing. This perhaps is one of the factors leading to Natalie wanting to dig into the whole Jericho situation, alongside hearing about Leanne being hired.

A Dinner Party: Julian, Natalie, Sean, Leanne, Dorothy

Natalie (Jerrika Hinton) telling Leanne she may want to attach herself to more stable people.
Natalie (Jerrika Hinton)

Being that Dorothy wants to be liked and seen as friendly, she invites Natalie to dinner. Hoping that, ultimately, while no longer a client, they can be friends. But what complicates the proposed transition is Natalie making it clear Dorothy has to be confronted since she thinks Dorothy is still using that doll she gave her. This puts a bit of fear into Sean, and later Julian, for they aren’t sure how to convey the situation to Natalie, who happens to be one of their first calls when the original Jericho passed or whatever happened to him.

In fact, Natalie, when speaking to Leanne, who thought she was an intruder when they first met, almost reveals what happened the day Jericho died. However, Julian then pops up and ruins the reveal. Leaving us, ultimately, only knowing Julian remains haunted by what happened, and it has caused him multiple issues. The kind he, sarcastically, says should have led to him getting his own doll.

Sealed With a D**k: Julian, Natalie, Leanne

But, the issue remains of Natalie provoking Dorothy to recognize Jericho is dead, and so it seems Julian uses whatever latent feelings Natalie has for him to shut her up. However, while shutting up about Jericho is easy, shutting up about a dog she saw Julian bash in the head come back to life is a whole different thing.

Leaving you to wonder, will Leanne ever reveal her part in bringing things back to life?

Episode Synopsis

  1. Natalie is the one who introduced Dorothy to transitory object therapy after something happened to Jericho – which is hinted at but not revealed in this episode.
  2. It is strongly hinted, despite her use of the bible, Leanne might practice the dark arts and may soon pay the price for reviving the dead.
  3. Natalie is a kinesiologist
  4. Roscoe couldn’t find anything on George Grayson
  5. Since whatever happened to Jericho, insomnia and impotence has plagued Julian, but Natalie may have solved the issue of impotence.


On The Fence

Still Being Strung Along & Now Wondering If The Line May Snap?

Leanne reading her bible.

While the introduction of Natalie is welcomed, and further hints to what happened the day Jericho died, it is hard not to feel strung along and like we’re waiting for this big reveal that may never happen. For as much as you have to appreciate the hints and things of that nature, “Servant” continues to feel like a mini-series that is being dragged out. Especially due to it barely wanting to answer questions and more so presenting additional things you want to ask.

Still Being Tugged Along & Now Wondering If The Line May Snap? - 75%


Trajectory – Plateau: “Servant” continues to feel like it needs a notable reveal, rather than additional characters. Leaving you to wonder what is the long term future of a show that, short term, is creepy, but is consistently losing its luster?

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