Servant: Season 1, Episode 6 “Rain” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

A letter to Leanne from her uncle, with no return address.

With the introduction of Leanne’s creepy uncle, so comes the question of not only what is she trying to hide, but what is she trying to escape?

With the introduction of Leanne’s creepy uncle, so comes the question of not only what is she trying to hide, but what is she trying to escape?

Directed By Alexis Ostrander
Written By Tony Basgallop
Air Date (Apple TV+) 12/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Uncle George Boris McGiver


Who Is Leanne’s Uncle George?: Uncle George, Leanne, Dorothy, Sean, Julian

With Julian’s investigation making it appear the real Leanne and her family is dead, it makes her receiving a letter saying “Found You” strange, but no stranger than the person who sent it. A man who is older, comes off cultish and has this look that he has risen from the grave. Said man is Uncle George who, of course, inspires a multitude of questions.

However, with Sean away, cooking for the Philadelphia Eagles, Julian is forced to step in. Leading to us learning nothing more than Uncle George’s arrival deals with retrieving Leanne, who he makes seem like she abandoned some duty she had.

What Is Leanne Running From?: Uncle George, Leanne, Dorothy, Sean, Julian

Uncle George (Boris McGiver) at Dorothy's dining table.
Uncle George (Boris McGiver)

Now, what is said duty? That is rather hard to say. For, again, Uncle George is a man of few words, and no matter how kind Dorothy is or prodding Julian is, no words are spoken on the subject. Heck, Uncle George talking about himself, beyond his connection to Leanne, is minimal. Even though, when Uncle George stays the night, he inspires even more questions.

For example, he puts Jericho out of his crib so he can sleep in it. Why? That isn’t talked about. All that does is further inspire Dorothy to lock in Leanne who doesn’t want to leave, nor does Dorothy want her to. However, Uncle George is pretty adamant, and, honestly, Sean and Julian give no f***s about Leanne and do not care if she goes or not.

Will Uncle George Be Back?: Uncle George, Leanne, Dorothy, Julian

However, Dorothy feels different, so she gives Leanne a proper contract, with a pay bump, and encourages her to stand up to her uncle – which she does. But, in response to being disobeyed, when he says to give her goodbyes to Dorothy and Julian, he says he will return with Aunt May. Someone who, apparently, Leanne isn’t likely to say no to.



Uncle George Puts A New Twist Into Leanne’s Backstory

Uncle George's letter noting he found Leanne.

Between the shoes, which makes it look like he just walked out of a pauper’s grave, to him curling up in Jericho’s bed, the red flags rising up are creating a crimson sea. One that leads you to wonder if Leanne prayed him into existence, to solder Dorothy’s loyalty, or if this is a legit person, who may actually be her uncle?

For with Leanne so private, for what we know, “Uncle George” could actually be Jericho’s father. Well, at least if you believe Leanne is the mother and is taking advantage of Dorothy. On the flip side, Uncle George could be a cult leader who might have taught Leanne how to raise the dead? Truly, the possibilities are endless.

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