Servant: Season 1, Episode 5 “Cricket” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Leanna holding Jericho, looking into the distance.

As weird things begin happening to and around Leanne, so comes the question if she is really in control as we’re sometimes led to believe.

As weird things begin happening to and around Leanne, so comes the question if she is really in control as we’re sometimes led to believe.

Network Apple TV+
Directed By Nimrod Antal
Written By Tony Basgallop
Air Date 12/13/2019
Introduced This Episode
Wanda SJ Son
Olivia Justyna Perkowski
Roscoe Phillip James Brannon


One Old Friend & Two New Ones: Tobe, Wanda, Olivia, Leanne

Tobe returns for a moment, and once again presents himself as one of the most normal people in Leanne’s life right now. But, for a moment, it seemed that would change with the introduction of Wanda and Olivia, another nanny, and her 6-year-old child. However, what appears to be a friend may not truly be one.

The Scary Black Man: Roscoe, Leanne

Roscoe (Phillip James Brannon) going throughout the house, checking on things.
Roscoe (Phillip James Brannon)

Roscoe, Julian’s HR person at his job, and an okay private investigator, is now tasked with freaking Leanne out, and is doing a decent job at it. Granted, she becomes aware of him, which could lead to his life being in danger in time, but there is some good that comes out of this.

Well, at least for viewers, there is some good for now we’re starting to see how powerful of a role prayer and faith are in Leanne’s life. In fact, it seems her faith is so strong she might be able to bring things. But, whether or not there are consequences, like with voodoo, that isn’t confirmed.

Who Can Truly Be Trusted?: Dorothy, Julian, Wanda, Olivia, Leanne

While Leanne has shown herself to be beyond some midwestern girl in a big city, there remains a part of her that likes the simple life. For example, she likes the concept that people wouldn’t lie and just say how they feel or what they want.

Dorothy sending her off somewhere for a cake? That was unnecessary. Just say you want to have sex with your husband without worrying about being heard. Julian wants Leanne out? Just say it instead of sending people to torture Leanne or, like Wanda, have them pretend to be your friend to get information out of you.

Wanda (SJ Son) and Olivia (Justyna Perkowski) at the stoop.
Wanda (SJ Son) and Olivia (Justyna Perkowski)

In that particular scenario, Leanne shows a bit of her dark side by letting Olivia, who has severe food allergies, nearly die to force a confession out of Wanda. Leaving you to wonder, considering how she is repeatedly lied to or abused, will Leanne retaliate?




Even When Made Vulnerable, Leanne Maintains Control

Leanne seems to have good intentions, right? She brought a baby into the house, which now allows Dorothy to seem stable, she is helping Sean taste test food, and despite how Julian acts, she never said or has done anything against him or his family. But now things may change. Leanne may very well live up to their expectations and considering she was going to let a 6-year-old die, imagine what she’d do to an adult.

On The Fence

The Desire For Explanation Grows

Being that this is the first horror show we’ve committed to and that this isn’t a limited series or anthology, there remains this need to question how is this, if Shyamalan gets his wish, this can last 6 seasons or 60 episodes? Don’t get us wrong, we like this show, but it doesn’t seem built for that kind of longevity.

Heck, just at episode 5, I’m ready for the climax and for things to begin wrapping up. For as much as I enjoy Leanne, Dorothy’s eccentricities, Sean’s callousness, and Julian being a little b****, just because Leanne bested him, I can’t imagine this going beyond two seasons. Yet, who knows? Between introducing different families for Leanne to work with, or diving into her past, maybe they could stretch this out?

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