Servant: Season 1, Episode 3 “Eel” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Leanne’s past is dug into, and Julian dares to face off against her.

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Leanne's Headstone

Leanne’s past is dug into, and Julian dares to face off against her.

Directed By Daniel Sackheim
Written By Tony Basgallop
Air Date (Apple+) 11/28/2019
Introduced This Episode
Tobe Tony Revolori


Have You Met Tobe?: Tobe, Sean, Dorothy, Leanne

With Sean’s taste buds still off, he calls in his Commis Chef, an assistant, to help him plan for an event. As that happens, Dorothy, naturally, introduces Tobe to Leanne, who enjoys watching him and Sean work. That is until they kill an eel, and we graphically see how that thing refuses to die.

But, later on, at Sean’s request, Tobe stays back and, for a moment, seems like he may get to know Leanne. At least until their dinner gets interrupted.

Meanwhile, In Wisconsin: Julian, Sean, Dorothy

Being that Julian seems to have time on his hands, he heads to Wisconsin with his HR person, who does some PI work on the side. There they find Leanne’s home standing, but burnt up, and also headstones noting she and her parents died in 2007. Which, as you can imagine, has Sean pressing Dorothy over what she has learned about Leanne as they’ve grown closer.

The answer? Nothing really – So they have some more alone time so that she can learn more and strengthen their connection.

Learn To Play The Game: Leanne, Julian, Sean

With Julian onto Leanne, he tries to press her for answers, see if she is trying to blackmail the family, and present himself as an obstacle. However, while Julian may want to come off as a big bad wolf, Leanne proves he is really but a little pig. For with massaging his crotch and whispers in his ears, whatever intimidation he thought he was going to do doesn’t happen. He just ends up getting played, and, to top things off, she pushes him to the point of possibly revealing maybe he played a notable part in Jericho’s death, the first or real Jericho.

And after his failed attempt at trying to humble Leanne, Julian tries to save face with Sean and make it seem Leanne is devious.

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  1. Do you think Leanne was brought to life by someone like she may have brought Jericho to life?
  2. Would Leanne have felt Tobe up like she did Julian, if Julian didn’t slip in?
  3. Considering Julian’s reaction when Leanne accuses him of being around, or there, when Jericho died, anyone else think maybe he accidentally killed him?


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Leanne Sliding Down The Mask

To be honest, the discovery of Leanne being a liar felt weak. Be it the writing, or even acting, if not just a lack of build, things felt flat. Luckily, there is something about actress Nell Tiger Free which more than compensates for the lackluster setup. For as she drops Leanne’s mask for a moment and seduces Julian, she begins to make the accusations and possibilities interesting again.

Almost like the death reveal made it seem this show would begin a slow decline, but then she saved it from itself.

Tobe & Leanne Seemed Cute Together

Tobe (Tony Revolori) in the wine cellar.
Tobe (Tony Revolori)

Fully taking note Leanne could be this femme fatale pretending to be 18, some undead person, or who knows what else, just as much as it was interesting to see her play the game with Julian, it also was with Tobe. Someone who seems like he might be foolish enough to fall for her. But, on the flip side, could help further her ruse. After all, this Midwest 18-year-old, with a bit of a religious background, coming to a big city, what better to maintain this sense of innocence or naivety than her getting with this kid trying to hustle his way into a career? Plus, who doesn’t enjoy Revolori as an actor?

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Leanne Sliding Down The Mask - 86%
Tobe & Leanne Seemed Cute Together - 85%


Trajectory – Upward: Between the beating of that eel and Leanne showing herself to be more than this midwestern girl, who claims to be 18, the creep factor and intrigue has risen.

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