TV Series Servant: Season 1, Episode 2 “Wood” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Servant: Season 1, Episode 2 “Wood” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Julian’s birthday sets up him meeting Leanne, and the baby, as Sean seems to suffer not going along with the reborn child.

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Directed ByDaniel Sackheim
Written ByTony Basgallop
Air Date (Apple+)11/28/2019
Introduced This Episode
JulianRupert Grint
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Discovering Leanne: Sean, Dorothy

How did Dorothy find Leanne? Well, the answer is through an extended network. It started with a Twitter post, then a makeup artist recommending someone, and then that someone helping them find Leanne. Which all is a bit suspicious to Sean since, with a human baby now in his household, why wouldn’t multiple red flags be raised, right?

Do You See It?: Sean, Julian, Dorothy, Leanne

Julian (Rupert Grint) taking a drink.
Julian (Rupert Grint)

There is something weird going on, and it isn’t just Jericho. Splinters are appearing everywhere in and on Sean’s body. He pulls them from his foot, from his behind, and even one out of his throat during dinner – though, strangely, no blood. However, just to make sure he isn’t going crazy, before his birthday, Sean invited Julian over to see human baby Jericho.

Why? Well, maybe to make sure he isn’t crazy or Leanne put a spell on them or the house. Perhaps so, if the show ever drops with Dorothy, Sean isn’t alone, and Julian isn’t shocked by the possibility his wife or their nanny stole someone’s child. Something that Julian looks into for the often-homebound Sean, and he comes up with nothing. Two Black children were recently kidnapped but no reports of a white child.

Yet, with all this intrigue comes Julian wanting to meet Leanne, which he does, and while he doesn’t seem overly impressed, he does take note of her.

A Glitch In The System: Sean, Julian, Dorothy

Twice we see Dorothy just stare off into space. The first time on her way home in the cab and the second time during Julian’s birthday dinner, in her home, just spacing out. It isn’t made clear what causes this, but Sean catches her and even brings Julian in as a witness. Leaving them both to wonder if something is wrong?

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  1. Could Leanne be an alien?



The Questions Expand

From the idea Leanne may not be of this world, to maybe even a good person, alongside the need to question where are all these splinters coming from, more and more questions need to be asked. All of which don’t yet paint the picture this show is too out there, so there isn’t a need to suspend disbelief just yet. Instead, you are slowly being lured in, with the strangeness of the situation being revealed little by little.

Julian Being An Asset

While we met Julian in the first episode, there is always this need to wonder, as additional people are brought into the mix, will they add something or take away? With Julian, currently, he seems like an asset. Mostly in the form of helping Sean feel less crazy and being a middleman between Sean’s concerns and Dorothy’s happiness.

Making you wonder, if Julian and Dorothy’s dad ever find out about the baby, will he have the same decorum to go along with this, or will he point out Jericho died?


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Trajectory – Plateau: Servant is holding steady as Julian is properly brought into the fold and while Leanne makes side-eye worthy moves, she doesn’t necessarily come off as a threat.

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Julian Being An Asset
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