Uncle George poking the bear and making Sean wonder who he has invited into his home.
Uncle George: Do you know who you welcomed into your home, Sean?

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After learning the truth about Jericho in the last episode, we learn the truth about Leanne, Uncle George, and the infamous Aunt May.

Directed By John Dane
Written By Tony Basgallop
Aired (Apple TV+) 1/17/2020
Introduced This Episode
Aunt May Alison Elliott

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

It Was Such a Nice Day: Dororthy, Sean, Leanne, Tobe

While a storm was on its way in, the baptism went fine, and while Jericho cried when the water hit him, people laughed. Dorothy was ecstatic with all her friends and family around, Sean was being the supportive husband, and while a little uncomfortable with Tobe’s kindness, Leanne enjoyed herself as well.

Then Uncle George Showed Up: Uncle George, Sean

However, then her uncle appears and begins stirring something in Sean. Mostly in the form of pushing him to ask who Leanne is. This leads to him bringing up things that Sean associates with Leanne’s arrival, like him losing his sense of taste, now his sense of touch, and this snowballs to the point where Sean is in a stupor. Mind you, not one like we’ve seen Dorothy in, but he does see if he can stand to burn his hand.

And We Learned The Truth About Aunt May: Aunt May, Uncle George, Leanne, Sean, Dorothy

But, as much as George is being his usual weird self and is stirring the pot, the guest of honor is Aunt May. Someone who Dorothy swears she knows from somewhere, but it isn’t from that pageant she did that led to Leanne falling in love with her. Rather, it was when ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) raided a cult compound, that of the Church of the Lesser Saints, which was run by Aunt May, and Dorothy was reporting it for the news.

Unfortunately for Leanne, Dorothy, and Jericho, the realization doesn’t come until a combination of Uncle George and Aunt May pushing out this idea that Leanne is far too special to stay with Dorothy and will go home with them. After all, post the fire that killed Leanne’s family, they took her in and raised her. And while it isn’t 100% clear if Aunt May and Uncle George have powers, Leanne does and that makes her an unreplaceable asset.

So, with Aunt May believing Dorothy isn’t worthy of Leanne, as Uncle George said, she says a few things Leanne can’t refuse, and next thing we know Leanne is packed. But to really make it clear something is up and Leanne, Aunt May, maybe the whole cult has powers, as Leanne leaves and heads into the street, at least a dozen people form a tight hug. One that a cop notices and thinks is suspicious, so they roll back real quick and within seconds, all of those people are gone!

Review/ Commentary


Now I Want A Season 2

Aunt May (Alison Elliott) looking at Leanne while holding Jericho.
Aunt May (Alison Elliott)

Talking about burying your lead. Leanne being some sort of holy woman and Aunt May either having magic or using her to run a cult that faced off with the government! Add on, the way it seems, between the cult, Aunt May, and/or Uncle George, they likely killed Leanne’s parents?! All I can say is, they saved the best for last.

However, in terms of a second season, you have to wonder what’s next? Will Dorothy go after them using her money and her journalism skills/connections? If Sean recovers his senses, will he try to push Dorothy to let it go? I mean he did, when speaking to Julian, after speaking to Uncle George, seem to come to the belief the Jericho that Leanne held was his son. So, would he be willing to chase after them, or would he let it go?

We’re left with so many questions that need answers and I can’t wait for them.

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Now I Want A Season 2 - 90%


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