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Community Rating: 3% (2 votes)

Though it had a rough start, The Good Place learned how to balance out a bunch of quirky and eccentric characters and craft a plot which fits the usual NBC factory of making programs which are unique and against the norm.


After wrongfully being assigned to what it assumed to be some version of heaven, Eleanor is trying her best to hide the fact she doesn’t belong. Then, as time goes on, she asks her would-be soul mate Chidi to try to teach her how to become the type of person who would belong in The Good Place. Problem is, Eleanor is a hard person to teach. However, she wasn’t the only one Michael let slip in. Jianyu, real name Jason, is another one who despite seemingly not qualifying for the Good Place, he got in. Leading to the clock ticking down as various incidents happen and the Good Place seems to be falling apart due to these two mistakes made. Thus driving Michael nuts and everyone alongside him. That is until it is judgment day for everyone it becomes time to determine the fate of not just Eleanor and Jason, but also Chidi and Tahani. Someone who starts off like being nails on a chalkboard annoying, but grows on you.


The Cast Grows On You

When it comes to NBC, pretty much you have to stick around past the first episode for rarely will the characters sell you on episode 1. If only because they usually, especially when it is a comedy, seem like the weirdest SNL characters, or skit(s) given their own show. With that, you see both the highs and lows a bit too much a bit too fast and it usually leads to mixed results.

The high being Kristen Bell back on network TV, but then she was paired with a bunch of characters who seemed like the type who not only wouldn’t make the broadcast of SNL but wouldn’t even get seen on their YouTube channel. However, once we got to know the overly anxious Chidi or got to understand Tahani’s superiority complex came from feeling inferior in her family, you learned to love them. Their quirks and eccentricities no longer seemed shallow or like some sad and cheap caricature, but people with flaws that they tried to cover up the best they could.

Low Points

It Never Really Becomes Funny

NBC comedies have a similar niche style to what indie movies have. They aren’t like the shows and specials we see on Comedy Central or the premium channels. Not just because they can’t curse and are limited in how vulgar they can be, but because they are heavily reliant on awkward moments and almost Marx Brothers styled comedy. However, while the Marx Brothers had style and originality, 60 years later their style has been watered down and what was edgy then is basic now. Making it where, as noted, things seem so forced when you first are introduced to a new universe and its characters that it could turn you off from really giving the show a chance.

On The Fence

The Twist Was Excellent, Though Will Be A Hard Act To Follow

I won’t ruin the twist but will say that it was a real good one. The type of twist where, if this was a mini-series, it would end on a high note. However, with there being a possibility of another season, and with the kind of twist that is presented, so comes the problem of maintaining the high the twist set. Much less, eventually topping it.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

The rating maintains. It gets better but still has its flaws which keep it from seeming like a niche type of show. However, if you allow it to, it’ll grow on you.

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Community Rating: 3% (2 votes)

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