Plastic Memories: Season 1/ Episode 1 "The First Partner" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Despite the odd moments here and there, and over the top characters, there is some depth to this little show.

Studio: Dogakobo

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

In the premiere episode we meet Tsukasa, a regular 18-year-old boy who, thanks to a family member, is given a job within SA Corp’s terminal service department. Of which his main duty will be retrieving Giftias, a type of android, from their owners. A job which ranges from easy, when the owners are ready to give up their android to difficult for the android is all they have.

Thankfully, though, Tsukasa isn’t alone. He is partnered with an android named Isla, who maybe near the end of her lifespan; Michiru and Zack, the two who train him; his boss Kazuki, who trained Michiru; and a handful of other people there to guide, and chastise, him along the way.


Amongst the silliness of the characters lies the type of stories which could bring tears to your eyes. For example, in this episode, an old woman utterly refuses to give up her Giftias named Nina. The reason being, Nina is all she has really for any sort of companionship and is the only one who seemingly worries about her. With this, even in a short time span, you see how difficult Tsukasa’s job will be in the future, especially as it seems Isla will likely need to be terminated eventually.


With Plastic Memories, there aren’t any strong issues of note. Just that if you, like me, aren’t much for odd forced comedic situations, they do put a hamper on things. Though even with the forced situations, like Zack so easily getting a Giftias or the many situations in which Michiru is over the top, I don’t think it presents a big enough blemish to not give the show a chance.

Overall: Watch It

Though I’ll admit, I was unsure of this series at first, with the Nina retrieval came a reprieve for somehow, within the time span of 5 minutes, this show had found a way for me to care about an episodic character and get me teary eyed. Which is perhaps the main reason I’m saying to “Watch It” for, like Girl Meets World, while there likely will be a lot of nonsense which makes you roll your eyes, it seems there is a bit more depth than what often will meet the eyes. And those moments, like what we saw with Nina, make up for all the other situations you have to witness up until the gut punch.

Things To Note

  1. Giftia lasts 81,920 hours (9 years and 4 months).
  2. While it is noted that after the above lifespan that Giftia’s memories and personality will deteriorate, we are not informed if they will become dangerous, lame, or just robotic.

Collected Quote(s)

“As long as I’m working, even I have a reason to exist.”

—           “The First Partner.” Plastic Memories

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